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After being trapped in a prison on cell for so long, since she was first brought here, Naomi was having a hard time adjusting to Vanitas's spacious bedroom. The bed was much bigger and softer than what she was used to down in the dungeon, there was a luxury bathroom and huge walk-in closet at her disposal and a large amount of reading material was available to her.

The blonde released a groan as her unborn child kicked again. It seemed that with each day that passed, her baby kicked and moved much more frequently. She knew the day of birth was quickly approaching and Naomi was dreading it. She wasn't completely blind, she knew what Vanitas planned for their child. She couldn't stand the thought of her baby becoming a servant of darkness and serving Xehanort like the father.

Deciding she needed to stretch her legs a bit, Naomi moved to get off the bed with some difficulty thanks to her large baby bump. It still seemed like so long ago that she was fighting alongside her friends to try and stop Xehanort. These last few months just took its toll on her, it was a wonder she still even remembered her past life.

Releasing a hiss of pain and cradling her large belly, Naomi began to wander around the grand suite of a room. Black and red were everywhere; in the carpet, rug, bedding and the walls. There was a towering bookcase containing piles of books about dark magic, the history of Xehanort and the darkness as a whole. Nothing was written in there that she didn't already learn from her time with the resistance.

There was a small fireplace and lounging area, if she wasn't a prisoner here she may have enjoyed it. Beside the king-size bed she had been laying on before, was a dark cradle meant for her unborn child. Just looking at it sent chills down her spine.

Lastly, Naomi took a look at the bathroom. It looked just the same as it did back when Aqua had cleaned her up on her birthday before her "dinner date" with Vanitas.

Despite the luxury, Naomi could never find it in herself to relax in the comfort of her new quarters. She would almost prefer being back in the dungeon where Vanitas would only visit her for an hour a day at most. Here, in his own room, he was by her side all night long and only left her alone for a few hours to participate in his dark deeds.

Every night, she was forced to sleep alongside him with the dark boy often wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up to his chest in the middle of the night. He'd sometimes subconsciously stroke her hair or stomach in his sleep, leaving Naomi restless and forcing her to take naps during the day when he was gone. Mornings weren't much better; she didn't have much morning sickness anymore but that didn't stop Vanitas from trying to "comforted" comfort her in his own creepy way as though she still had it.

Just then, Naomi was pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of the bedroom door opening. Time seemed to slow down as Vanitas entered and closed the door behind him, that dark, spine-chilling look upon his face.

For some reason, looking at him seemed to make her feel more nervous than usual. His eyes seemed darker and crueler than normal and he had an angry snarl on his lips. Naomi found herself shivering in fear; she knew the reason for his anger.

It was just last week, she'd managed to escape her prison with the help of him. She'd felt so helpless after Vanitas had ben particularly cruel to her that morning by taunting her about plans for the baby and their wedding. After he'd left her, Naomi had spend hours crying on the bed feeling so lost and helpless. Of course, she couldn't leave Vanitas's room thanks to the door only being able to lock from the outside via Keyblade. She just wished there was some way to escape from her nightmare.

Then, as though Kingdom Hearts itself had awnsered her prayers, the door had burst open and it wasn't Vanitas. It was a boy a year older than her with silver hair dressed in torn clothes and his body covered in scrapes and bruises, suggesting he'd been through a nightmare of his own. In his hand was a Keyblade decorated with angel and bat wings.

He'd introduced himself as Riku and just as she suspected, he was a prisoner too. He and his missing friend Sora were abducted by Ansem and Xemnas when their island world fell. And that day when he was about to be taken out of his cell to be experimented on, the mystical weapon had suddenly appeared in his hand, then used it to make his escape. He'd been running aimlessly through the castle halls when he'd came across Vanitas's room and unlocked the door with his Keyblade.

She escaped the Castle that Never was with him and together they hid in the ruined city below the castle. They managed to hide together for some time and got to know each other well and even became friends over time. Unfortunately, their freedom couldn't last. It wasn't long before Vanitas found them and dragged them back to their separate castle prisons kicking and screaming. The dark boy was anything but gentle with Riku and even assaulted him when he found their hiding place. She'd only been a prisoner again for since the night before and she was scared of Vanitas now more than ever.

The sound of Vanitas angrily slamming the door behind him ripped her out of her thoughts. Naomi gulped in fear as Vanitas slowly approached the bed, his golden eyes looking angrier and angrier with every step he took.

"You know, Naomi. I'm really hurt. To think after everything I'd done for you you'd just go behind my back and cheat on me." Growled Vanitas as he sauntered over to her and stopped once he reached the edge of the bed.

Naomi shivered at the tone in his voice but she still had to ask; "W-what do you mean?"

"Oh don't you play dumb with me you bitch." Snarled Vanitas as he climbed onto the bed and pushed her down, his claw-like fingers roughly digging into her shoulders. "You left me for that boy! You have no idea how much that hurts me. You're meant to be mine and no one else's." Vanitas released another snarl as he removed a hand from her shoulder and ran a claw-like finger down her cheek, causing thin droplets of blood to trickle down and her to release a hiss of pain. "I expect you to be my obedient wife and mother to our child. Seems you still need to learn your lessons the hard way. This is what you get for betraying me."

Naomi could feel her heart pounding loudly in her chest in fear as Vanitas inched closer and closer towards her. No matter how much she wanted to pinch herself and tell herself this was all a nightmare, it just wasn't possible. This was real, this was her horrible reality. She truly was terrified, not just for her own future, but for her unborn child. Would they really grow up to be as terrifying as their father?

Meanwhile, down in the castles darkest cell, Riku lay on the stone floor, his breathing slow and raspy. His entire body was covered in deep red scratches, welts, scabs and bruises. His clothes were ripped, torn and bloodstained in various places and the floor around him had a few blood splatters. His wrusts and ankles were bound with thick, long iron chains. Beneath the thick cuffs on his wrists were red scapes and bruises from his struggles. There was no way to describe the pain ammount of pain he was in.

He was thrown back into his cell the moment he was brought back to the castle, he was thrown back into his cell without any questions asked. Once Vanitas had locked Naomi away in his room, he'd returned to the dungeon cell and ruthlessly tortured Riku for countless hours. There was no sign of any mercy from Vanitas as he beat and slashed at Riku's body repeatedly. Even after Riku cried out in pain and begged for the pain to stop, Vanitas just wouldn't let up for even a second.

For hours that felt like days, Vanitas just kept relentlessly torturning the silver-haired teenager, pouring all of his anger into it. The whole time, screaming angrily about trying to steal Naomi and his child from him but Riku's pained protests were ignored.

After who knows how long, Vanitas finally left him alone, locking the cell door behind him. But the pain still lingered and he could barely move without feeling sick to his stomach or in pain. But this was nothing compared to what his mind imagined Naomi would be facing when Vanitas got to her.

Even though he and Naomi had only been together for a short time, he couldn't help but worry and care about her. He couldn't imagine what she suffered through and he hated himself for failing to keep her away from this hellhole.

"Naomi... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." Riku murmured quietly, his throat dry. "Please, just stay safe... Be careful..."

Naomi was shaking in fear under the covers of Vanitas's bed, the monster's arms wrapped tightly around her as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Her arms were coated in small bruises and scratches inflicted by Vanitas in a stage of jealous anger. There were also a few small bruises and scratches on her legs and cheek. She was just relieved that even in his state of fury, he hadn't been too rough with her or touched her stomach so as not to harm the child.

It made her sick to think about it, but the way he'd punished her tonight made her believe he'd already gotten most of his anger out before he came to see her. It must have been Riku. No, Vanitas had taken his anger out on her friend, the boy who only wanted freedom himself and to help her and it was all her fault.

Naomi shivered as small tears began to well up in her eyes. Riku... I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. If only you hadn't met me. You would have been free without me to slow you down.

One thing was for sure, even if she tried to run again, Vanitas would never willingly let her leave. He would keep her and their child trapped in this dark hell for the rest of their lives.

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