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A Walk Through The Gardens

It was a fine Autumn day at the Phantomhive manor. Ciel was working frequently behind his desk with his Butler, Sebastian standing in a corner close by him. A few moments of silence have past before Sebastian broke it.

"Lady Elizabeth has arrived at the manor, My lord. Shall I escort her here to see you?" The demon asked his young master.

The dark-haired boy looked up at his red-eyed Butler with his uncovered eye, a deep cerulean blue while the other remained hidden under a black eye-patch to hide the contract he had made with his Butler years ago after the death of his parents.

"Might as well, before she throws a fit." Ciel replied rolling his eyes before returning back to his paperwork. Not that he didn't love his fiancee. In fact, he loved her very much and cared deeply about her,however sometimes she could be quite a pest and really push his buttons.

Sebastian smiled and performed a small bow. "Yes, My lord."

Ciel watched his Butler leave his office to retrieve his fiancee for a few moments before returning back to his work. However, Ciel didn't get much farther from where he was when he heard the high-pitched giggling and squealing that belonged to no other than his wife-to-be.


Ciel sighed inwardly.

"Here it comes..." He thought to himself just as he was tackled into the arms of his fiancee squealing and giggling happily.

Sebastian was standing back in the corner that he was before and watched the young couple silently with a small smile on his face.

"CIEL YOU LOOK SOOOO CUUUTTEEE! EVERY TIME I SEE YOU, YOU GET CUTER!" The young blonde chirped as she squeezed her fiancee into a tight hug and nuzzling his cheek gently with her nose.

She was dressed in a frilly velvet colored dressed with a matching headband with a bow sewed onto it almost the size of her head. Elizabeth always wanted to look her finest for Ciel.

"What is it, Lady Elizabeth?" Ciel asked, not taking his eyes off from his paperwork.

Elizabeth giggled and released him to twist a finger in her blonde locks.

"Well! I came to visit my lovely husband to be!" She replied and pinched his cheeks squealing happily. She just couldn't help herself.

Sebastian couldn't help smiling at the two as he remained standing in his corner near Ciel, in case he had an order for him.

Ciel frowned and swatted Elizabeth's hands away from his cheeks. "Well you can visit, just let me do my work, okay?"

Elizabeth giggles as she stands close by him.

"OKAY! You're so sweet! Do you like my new dress?" She asked and started spinning around the room happily and giggling. She thought that she looked very cute today and hoped that Ciel would think that too and shower her in complements that she always looked forward to but rarely got.

Ciel looked up from his work to look her up and down before nodding slightly in approval. She did look lovely, he thought, but he couldn't stop working.

"It looks very nice on you, Lizzie." Ciel replied, sounding monotone like always.

Elizabeth's heart soared at his nickname for her and stopped her crazy twirling to look at him, a small hue of pink rising to her cheeks.

"OH! You're so sweet, thank you!" She cried out, running over to her large pink bag made of satin and started to pull out decorative ribbons that glimmered and large stuffed animals of every animal you could think of.

Ciel's eyes widen as he felt something soft and heavy being shoved over his head. He was afraid to look up from his work but hesitantly did to shoot a death glare at Sebastian who was chuckling quietly into one of his gloved hands.

"PERFECT! You're even cuter!" Lizzie squealed, sighing happily and placing her hands over her heart as she gazed at him with admiration.

Ciel messaged his temples and closed his eyes, trying to keep his cool. "Lizzie, why is this monstrosity on my head?"

"What is what?" The blonde giggled. "Oh! You mean this?" She gently tugged at the fluffy pink bonnet that she threw on his head. "Why, its a bonnet! It fits you! I just knew it would!"

"Yes, I'm talking about this." Ciel replied, a bit crossly. "It's meant for a lady, not the head of a house hold." He added, grumpily taking the bonnet off his head.

"If you say so!" Lizzie chirped, sitting down in his lap and planting a chaste kiss on his cheek. "But you look so cute, no matter what!"

"Whatever you say..." Ciel sighed and fought the urge to roll his eyes, before looking over at Sebastian for help.

"Can I get you anything, my lord?" Sebastian asked, trying his best to fight of a smile from forming upon his lips.

Ciel forced a sweet smile to Lizzie before his gaze shifted back over to his butler. "A crowbar, perhaps?" His hand was fidgeting and fumbling with his pen, trying to get a decent hold on it, though it was impossible with Lizzie hanging onto him.

Lizzie gave Ciel a perplexed look. "A crowbar!? What would you need that for?"

Sebastian spoke before Ciel had the chance to lash out or sass Elizabeth.

"Lady Elizabeth, how about you two take a stroll in the garden together?" The butler suggested, giving Ciel a slight smirk.

Ciel growled under his breath and glared at Sebastian before setting his pen down. He wasn't getting any work done other way, so he decided he might as well give in.

"Fine, I will take a break from working for ONE HOUR, then I must need to it. I have important work that must be complete by this evening."

Lizzie gasped and looked at Ciel, a huge smile spreading across her face.

"Y-you mean you'll walk through the Gardens with me!?" She started bouncing up and down in Ciel's lap making him seasick and aggravated. "CIEL YOU'RE SOOOO GOOD TO MEEEE!" She hugged his face gently and kissed the corner of his mouth gently, causing a slight blush to rise at his cheeks.

"Yes, quite." Ciel replied, gently setting Lizzie off of his lap so that he can get up to his feet. He looked over at Sebastian as he grabbed his walking cane. "Sebastian, see to it that the servants don't destroy the manor when I'm out."

"Very well, my lord." Sebastian bowed formally before he left the room, leaving the young couple alone.

Lizzie turned to Ciel and grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly. "OH! A stroll through the garden! How romantic!" She cried out in delight as she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet like a bunny rabbit.

Ciel let go of Lizzie's hand to slip on his jacket, then took it once more to lead her outside instantly shielding his uncovered eye from the blinding light from the sun.

"Ugh, I wish it were cloudier out today..." He grumbled.

"Oh! I just love the sun! It's beautiful! Just as beautiful as you!" Lizzie replied as she rose to her tip toes to kiss his cheek. "You should have kept the bonnet on!"

Ciel turned his head away from her as a blush crossed his cheeks. "There is nothing beautiful about the sun, it's just like any other star. Just not as bright or large."

Lizzie giggled as she lead him over to a bed of red roses, bending over slightly to get a whiff of their earthy scent. "Oh! How lovely! Roses! They're so romantic! Don't you think?"

She turned around to take both his hands in hers and offer him a sweet smile. Her green hues sparkling brightly under the sunlight.

Silently, Ciel picked the perfect rose out from the flower bed. "They are. Red roses have always been my favorite flower." He replied before settling the rose between their hands that were still intertwined, wincing a bit when he feels the stem of the rose prick his hand.

Lizzie beamed up at him. "Oh, Ciel! Me too! I'm so lucky that I'm marrying you! I couldn't imagine a better fiancee!"

Ciel gave in and cracks a smile, the smile that Lizzie has fallen in love with many years ago. "Me too, Lady Elizabeth."

Their moment was interrupted when a figure with long red hair came out of nowhere, knocking Ciel over and to the ground. Startling them both.


It was no other than Grell. A grim reaper who had the biggest crush on Sebastian, and is willing to do anything to have a taste of his lips.

Lizzie shrieked and bends over to help Ciel up to his feet and brush off the dirt from his clothes and face. " OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" She asked him, hugging him tightly looking over at Grell curiously. "And...and who is that?"

Ciel straightens out his coat and sighs. "Just an annoying man Sebastian and I met awhile back. His name is Grell."

Grell spins around to flash a brilliant smile and looks down at the two over his glasses, reviling his sharp and pointed teeth. "Now that introductions are over, I MUST go find my dearest Bassy! Maybe he'll kiss me with tongue!"

The two watched the crazy red-head dash off to the Manor. Lizzie blinked in confusion ans looks up at Ciel.

"Um...um...he seems nice!? Are you sure you're okay!?" She asks her beloved for any scraps and bruises. "Do you need me to kiss where it hurts!?"

Ciel shook his head. "I'm perfectly fine, and that creature is a freak." He stated as he watched Grell race into his mansion.

"Oh...well..I'm just glad you're okay!" Lizzie said, hugging Ciel tightly and smiling up at him.

Ciel smiles a little and runs his fingers through her blonde locks, twisting them through his fingers gently. "Yes, yes,I'm fine...now how about we continue our walk?"

"Oh! But didn't you say you have important work to do!? Are you sure!?"

Ciel starts walking again. "Of course, I did promise you an hour, and I always keep my promises."

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