My name is Haley and I am an assassin. Not anymore though. I join a team of superheroes and become Flicker because I can teleport. This is how my story starts:

I was starving. I hadn't ate lunch and it was around 11:00 pm, because of my stupid job I had to

guard our drug cartel since Dick and Tim – oops – Nightwing and Robin were on to us. Yes I

unmasked a bat, two bats actually(but who is counting), I knocked 'em out and voila! I got to

see Tim's cute face. Crap. I am crushing on a bat. I am a freaking assassin for God's sake! To be

honest I see them every night on patrol and we talk and stuff mostly because there is

competition in town for the drug ring and I want to " help out". Basically eliminating the

compitish and gathering intel on Nightwing and Timmy. But I have babbled enough, back to the mission. I wince as my stomach rumbles and decides to inconvenience me at the absolutely perfect time. Why does this happen to me? I glance at Viper, someone else on patrol with me. Her suit is a green and black body suit and she has a belt with assorted pointy things laced with viper venom. Who could hlave guessed. On her face she has a green and black snake mask and has snake teeth braided in her black hair.. She usually makes rude comments on how unstealthy I am. Here it goes...

" Cadeias, this is the third time tonight she has almost blown our cover. She needs to control herself!" Cadeias merely shrugged as Viper huffed in annoyance.

" I can't be mad at you babe" Cadias whispers flirtatiously in my ear. Ick! I hate Cadeias. If looks could kill Cadeias would be dead as he trailed a finger down my spine. I am about to bite his head off but I am interrupted by the sound of gunfire. Unfortunately Cadeias' hand is still on my back, his face close to my ear. I curse myself for the positioning my group is in. We are on a rooftop but we do not have a clear line of sight. I figure that we should get in the fight but before I do a familiar voice interrupts.

"I see you are back in business with your crew" he was glaring at Cadeias and his voice which was usually comforting is bitter and laced with, jealousy? My blue masked eyes met with his and he looked at my form. I was wearing a gray v-neck top that cut off at my midriff with short sleeves. On my legs were short shorts and my feet had gray heels. His eyes stopped at my waist in realization that I was not wearing my knife belt, I wasn't even armed.

I hope I did ok guys. I have to clarify that all the sidekicks are the same age and that Haley and Tim like each other. Please don't flame and know that constructive criticism is appreciated. I will try to update every Saturday or Sunday. I will tell you if I can't. Reviews are welcome and poof that's my cue bye!