Chapter 2

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"You aren't armed!" Ti – sorry – Robin's face displayed complete and utter puzzlement. Before I could explain Viper took out two of her trademarked snake tooth daggers and assaulted Robin. They were locked in intense combat and I knew since tonight I was on the side of the Devils I could not help him. I turned my head over my shoulder and saw Viper pinning Robin against the wall, then I jumped into battle.

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Nightwing pov

I glanced up at the roof to see if Tim was doing alright and who do I see? Gray. Gray, the assassin I go on patrol,with who Tim and admittedly me thought is attractive. I am angry. But I knew t would not last. She was raised this way and-wait a minute-she doesn't have her knife belt, why?

My thoughts are cut off in the heat of the battle. I duck to avoid one guys fist then sweep his legs out from under him. Someone try's to tackle me but I roll backwards and boom they're on the ground. I see Cadeias come after me (AN: Cadeias is pronounced Kay-dee-us ) I frown.

Cadeias gets on my last nerve. Basically because he practically sexually assaults Gray like every time he sees her. Tim gets really mad when this happens, not because he is jealous, but because he believes she should be treated right. In the midst of our battle I wheeze because Cadeias gays a lucky punch in. Stop daydreaming God damn it Nightwing!


Gray's pov

My ear tingles as my communicator buzzes to life.'

" the mission is going as planned and the bats have shown up. Now complete the mission's purpose and eliminate the bird. He has sunk his talons to far in my organization"

I gasp. I-I can't do this. I can't kill Tim. I close my eyes and I am aware of the battle around me. I can hear Viper's muffled complaints and her fiddling with the restraints. I hear Nightwing and Cadeias locked into battle mostly because of Cadeias' grunts. Nightwing is the better fighter.

The dynamic duo has won do I could fake a few injuries and let him get away. Possible get a lecture and more intense training but it was worth it. I did not want to kill Tim.

Something cold slid down my cheek and I realized I was crying and I had not even fought in the battle. I turned around to face Tim and ran into him sobbing. One arm slipped around my waist and the other lay around my back. Tim was whispering in my ear, "it's going to be ok, everything is ok". But he is lying. It's not ok.

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