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I pry my eyes open with much effort and I groggily lift me head. I know I should get up but my leg throbs and I clench my teeth. I force myself out of bed and wearily put on my new uniform.

I hated my old one. This one offers more protection and coverage and has a slightly different color scheme. It is a black bodysuit with gray stripes running up the sides, fingerless gray gloves, gray boots a gray mask and the area above my chest is gray.

I slip on my belt which carries my twin daggers with black handles. I like this costume way better than my old one mostly because it is modest. The only reason I wore my old one is because they pressured me into it.

I smile with satisfaction and glance in the mirror at my reflection, and frown. I wonder what my family would think of this life. Would they be upset I chose this path? Would they be happy for me because I am happy? But then I ask myself, am I really, truly happy with this life? I know I should be content. The league of shadows took me in when my mom died and my dad turned his back on me and my grandma, who died shortly after of a heart attack.

They helped me and took me in and they offered me a place better than the abusive foster homes I have been through and better than the many cold nights I had spent on the streets desperate for food. I can picture the day my mom died and my dad abandoned me like it was only yesterday. I know it wasn't though. It had been six years from when I was that scared little ten year old who everybody left.

I was stronger now and better and I promised myself that I would be worthy and that no one would leave me again. This is a promise that I must keep with me always. I must strive to be the best so no one will reject me. I must be worthy.

That is what they told me. But right now, as I stare at myself in the mirror, I wonder, is it worth it? To cause pain and suffering and misery to others so that I am not filled with pain and misery? My promise makes me sound selfish.

I myself am an orphan, yet I orphan others so that I have a family. The doubts cloud my mind and I think of my purpose, to help the league of shadows. But what are their motives?

They could have chosen anyone to hire so why me? Is it because they thought that I was desperate and had no options? Did they think I was an easy target?

I was someone who was hardened by my time on the streets and tough to survive the beatings from past foster homes. I was quick and resourceful and that is why they chose me I tell myself. But I know I am lying to myself. They did not know this.

They saw a girl on the streets. They were the cat and I the mouse except they had an offer I could not refuse.

My thoughts jump out of my head head as I hear a sharp knock on the door. I know it is time for breakfast and I have dwelled to long. I am probably late.

I open the door and expect a lecture on punctuality but none comes. I feel relieved but it is soon replaced with fear and curiosity when I notice everyone's eyes are on me.

Whoever knocked on the door is long gone and I take a deep breath in to calm my nerves. I walk past the wondering eyes and gulp. Why are they staring at me? I already know the answer. I am a failure. I am to valuable to let go of and they hate my guts because I get to walk away unharmed without following orders.

I can feel their gazes of me, some of pity, some of recognition, but the most common are hate and anger. They despise me. I walk past Uriah, and refuse to meet his fixed look. But he speaks up.

"We all know what you did. Your just a sad orphan girl that we don't kill because of your genes."

My genes? As in genetics? How are my genes important? My thoughts are once again cut short as Uriah notices the confusion written on my face.

"You really don't know?" His voice is bitter and he laughs. " they keep you around so they can see your genes develop. They killed your family to see if your genes would activate under pressure. Guess you are heartless" Uriah smiles cruelty as people around me chant heartless.

My friends, coworkers, teammates, Viper, Cadeias, everyone joins in and I realize I have no friends here. Now just thinking of that word leaves a bitter taste on my tongue. There are no friends in the league of shadows. They don't exist. I exit out of the room wordlessly. Madam Sheen will be waiting for our training to begin and I am worried it will be about my genes .

Today, madam Sheen wants me to have more practice with my weapons. She says that I should round myself out and get into poison needles and things instead of the twin knives I always have strapped to my belt. I can tell by the way madam Sheen says "practice" that my Tuesday will be no better than Monday.

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