Here is another X-over idea I have not yet seen: Harry Potter X Darksiders


Harry is Master of Death,

At the very least a Darksiders 2 crossover.

Preferred, not necessary:
Darksiders 1 & 2 happen simultaneously, so if you could do that I will give you lots of cookies(:-P)

Slightly abusive!Dursley's (they don't try to kill him),

Maybe Death cares for Harry?,

Despair and Dust adore Harry and play with him,

If Harry comes across War, Ruin also likes Harry.

Some creatures, including some Demonic and Angelic creatures, Despair, Dust, and War (you don't have to use all of them) like Harry enough to fight for him when he asks, or needs help

Gap fillers (ideas for what you could use):
Harry has a few nightmares about the Dursley's,
Harry's personality, and the story's rating can be your Plaything,

Death and War act brotherly to Harry.

*Due to some errors on Fanfiction, I have decided to remove all stylized text*

Um... yeah, that is about it, I just have been looking for MoD!Harry in Darksiders... I have yet to find one, so decided to make a challenge for one. Yes, I do kinda like Harry with mean Dursley's, it makes me realize how nice and forgiving Harry can be.