Author's Note: Okay, guys. Here is another story for you. I am still new to this whole "fanfiction' writing and my confidence is not high, therefore, I'm a little nervous about sharing this one. I'm not sure that some Covert Affairs fans will like it, but I'm taking the plunge (after much encouragement from some fellow fans). With that being said, please let me know if you like/don't like the story as I go along. I need feedback for this one. I crave criticism and welcome praise.

It's the decisions we make that take us down one pathway or another. What happens if after their respective breakups, Annie and Auggie had made different decisions?

**Auggie was furious with the agency. How could they deny him love? Why did it matter what country she came from? It did not matter to him. It shouldn't matter to his employer. The way he saw it, he had three options: 1. Quit the agency and go be with Natasha. 2. Join a mission far away from Langley to help him forget Natasha. 3. Take some vacation time and go to Russia to be with Natasha secretly until he knew for sure what life they could have.

**Annie had just been abandoned after a three-week whirlwind romance in Sri Lanka. How could he leave her that way? What was so complicated about the truth? One way or another she had to find peace with what had happened. Heartbroken she decided she now had three options. 1. Continue her travel plans without Ben. 2. Hunt Ben down and demand answers. 3. Join a charity group and do something meaningful with her life, something she doubted Ben knew anything about.