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(In the morning)





In an apartment, a yawning 17 year old with black trident like hair, dark skin and brown eyes woke up from bed after slapping the top of his alarm clock. Sitting up, he looks out his bedroom window and sees the sunlight entering inside.

"I guess this is a good time to start the day!" The teen hopped out of bed and got ready for school, showering, picking out his clothing which was his Kuoh Academy Uniform with a red shirt, his jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black jeans, blue shoes with white accents and a pair of goggles with a white scarf.

"Alright! Time for breakfast!" The teen roared with a grin as he rushed out of his room and through his dusty hallway to enter his messy kitchen which barely had any food to begin with, "Let's see what we have today."

The teen rummaged through his fridge to bring out a piece of bread, "Toast it is!"

The teen popped the toast in the toaster and waited for it to get ready as he puts on his shoes and school bag.


As the toast popped up in the air, the boy grabbed it and headed for the door before swiftly turning back and bowing to the empty space inside his empty home, "I'm leaving now!"

Upon rushing out, the teen sees that the pathway to school was clear as ever with no one blocking his path. This young man's name is Michael Hanamura, a resident of Kuoh Town and a 2nd year student of the town's very own academy, which used to be an all girl's school which is now co-ed.

"Alright, now that's what I'm talking about!" The teen grinned to himself then said, "Hehe! Those suckers must still be sleeping in! What dumbasses!"

Feeling a buzzing in his pocket, Michael pulls out his phone and sees a Phone call under one of the few contacts he has, Genshirou Saji.

"Yo! Saji, my man, what's up?" Michael chuckled.

[Michael, where the hell are you!?]

"Heh! Sorry, pal, but I don't think I have the time to answer that because I'm on my way to school, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job at it, too." Michael smirked, "So if you wanna ask me any more questions you'll have to catch up pal!"


"And just yesterday, I set my alarm clock for two hours late, so I could be one of the first to get into class." Michael rubbed his chin while gloating.


"But guess what. My ingenious plan worked, so I guess I deserve a word of praise, my friend." Michael chuckled.

[Mike...just listen...]

"Oh, just you wait and see. The people at school will be in awe to see me as the kid whose hunger for knowledge drove him to be he earliest student to be present in class!" Michael laughed to himself.

[Mike, you do realize that school started 2 hours ago, right?]

"Guh!" Michael froze in place like a statue as he kept his smile.


"I'll talk to you later." Michael hung up his phone then cried, "DAMMIT!"

(Later in school)

"Ngh!" Michael struggled to hold his desk over his head as punishment for being late as class went on inside as he was in the hallway.

"This is just cruel and unusual punishment!" Michael growled as his arms began to tremble with fatigue, "Stupid teacher, he can't take pity on someone like me!? I'll pay him back with a pin to his seat next time." Michael grinned as he sets the prank up in his mind along with the ol' bucket trick with some chicken guts some cooking oil and other unmentionables which will be explained later.

"Hey, look at that." A few senior female students walked by while giggling at Michael.

"Its that kid in the 2nd years class from yesterday it seems he was late for school again!" The girls giggled as Michael looked up with a red face filled with embarrassment.

"Man, this is so not cool..." Michael grunts.

"You brought this upon yourself, you know." A familiar voice sighed.

"You know, I would shoot you a downright dirty glare right about now but as you can see; I'm pretty much about to collapse." Michael grunts as a teen with short blonde hair and grey eyes walked up to Michael's range of view, he wore the same male school uniform as Michael, albeit without the blazer and with his sleeves rolled up.

"Thank you, and now...GRRR!" Michael growled at the fellow student.

"Idiot, you brought this on yourself." Saji shrugged.

"Hey, my plan was full-proof, okay!" Michael cried.

"Yeah, because setting your alarm clock just two hours ahead instead of two hours back is real "full-proof", Mike." Saji said with half-lidded eyes.

"Look, just what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be nerding it up in class right about now?" Michael sets down his desk to sit on top of it.

"Well, if you must know, I am currently doing my first duties as a member of the student council." Saji crossed his arms and grinned.

"Lame..." Michael booed, but composed himself once Saji glared at him.

"I mean go on with your riveting story, my dear friend." Michael said elegantly but then rolled his eyes out of boredom once Saji continued to talk.

"As you can see, I've been nominated to be apart of their rankings and I want to prove that I can be one of them." Saji explained.

"Well, now that sounds interesting. Maybe I should look into joining."

"What?" Saji raised his eyebrow in question.

Michael stood up and grinned, "I mean, I have been polishing up with my super awesome charismatic skills if you hadn't noticed."

At that moment, Michael looks at a nearby male student walking towards the bathroom and grins, "Hello and salutations my fellow dude!"

The student simply shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"Oh, okay then! I see how it is! You're not going to say hi back? No, I get it! Well, then you better hope you don't see me on the streets after school you turkey!" Michael raised his arms up in anger before taking off his shoe in an attempt to chuck it.

"Mike, stop...!" Saji quietly hissed at the teen and stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

"Okay, okay, that one doesn't count, but hey... I guess practice will make up for that am I, right?" Michael chuckled.

"Yeah...no you can't join." Saji shook his head while showing a look of regret.

"What, why!?" Michael asked.

"Look, Mike, don't take this the wrong way and all, but I think we should focus on doing more separate activities this year." Saji rubbed the back of his head, "Instead of being Saji and Michael. How about we become Saji...then Michael."

"But dude this year was supposed to be our time to shine as the unbreakable duo." Michael jumped out his seat then approached Saji with a sad expression.

"Look just because we're best friends doesn't mean that we have to do everything together, and another thing we're pretty much breakable. I was hoping what happened 3 years ago would slip into your mind after we attempted to Parkour from the top of my house to the trampoline."


A young Michael and Saji were on the roof of a house with a trampoline at the bottom of it, which was the cause of a young Saji holding a small video camera.

"Okay, world! Prepare to be amazed." Michael grinned.

"Come on, dude. You can do it!" Saji cheered, "I believe in you!"

"Okay, first, I'll jump off the roof, then spin and land on my feet on the trampoline, before I bounce off it and dismount!" Michael explained to the camera, then clapped his hands, "Let's do this!" Michael jumped off the roof only to fall straight through the trampoline in the process and smack straight into the concrete bellow. Suddenly the cries of the kid were heard out loud.

"Michael!" Saji called out.

"Call your mom!" Michael cried as gripped onto his bleeding arm.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" Saji ran through the window leading into the house.

"You didn't believe hard enough!" Michael cried out, "Waaaaah!"


"Yeah, I'm still trying to pay off that trampoline to this day." Michael looked down and scratched his head, "Hey, I still have the scar, you wanna see?" Michael tried to roll up his sleeves.

"No, I don't actually, but you see? This is what I'm talking about." Saji said.

"But then who'll hang out with me!?" Michael questioned.

"I don't know, why not Aika Kiryuu-san?" Saji suggested.

"No way, I can't." Michael looked away uncomfortably.

"Why?" Saji asked.

"Because...she took advantage of me." Michael held in a breaking voice.

"Really?" Saji's eyes widened.

"Yeah, one time, I asked her out and she said yes, but during the whole date she was observing my crotch area." Michael looked away.

"So she-?" Saji asked.

"Yes." Michael nodded.

"And she analyzed-?" Saji asked.

"The entire length, dude!" Michael covered his face.

"Wow, man, I feel bad for you..." Saji solemnly closed his eyes, but in a whiplash of emotions, he quickly walked away, "Well, see you later."

"Wait, where are you-?" Michael tripped over his foot and crashed into his desk.

"Sorry, but I'm still checking the whole school out! Just try and figure out who to hang with." Saji said.

"But I can't think of anyone." Michael sighed as the class bell rang.

Walking out the doors were the students about to leave for their second class of the day and in those students, Michael saw a pair with lecherous grins on their faces.

"Damn you, Saji..." Michael clenched his fist as he picked himself up.

(During lunch)

"So you want to peek in on the girls with us now do ya?" Matsuda puts his hands to his hips while shaking his head.

"Well, no, I actually wanted to hang out with you guys." Michael quirked an eyebrow as he sat on the grass field.

"Actually being our third wing man means you have to be careful and alert at all times." Motohama nodded.

"Okay, I guess I can do that." Michael shrugged pretty much kosher with anything so far.

"Seriously?" The pair asked surprised that someone was cooperating.

"Yeah, because no matter what the others may have said, you guys seem cool and I think this will turn into a beautiful friendsh-!" Michael began.


"Get them!" the girls from the kendo club chased down the 3 idiots with their shinai.

"Michael, you idiot!" Motohama and Matsuda ran by both sides of Michael and slapped the back of his head.

"Sorry, I guess it was my fault for sneezing on the job." Michael smiled and sweatdropped.

"You did more than that! You got greedy while peeking and actually shoved us out the way when curious." Motohama growled.

"Allegedly." Michael rolled his eyes.

"Then you got too excited and screamed!" Matsuda spat.

"Alle...gedly." Michael didn't sound sure.

"Then you screamed 'So they definitely can't notice us' as they finished changing!" Motohama growled.

"Okay, I'm not gonna lie. It was partially my fault." Michael sighed.

"PARTIALLY!?" The pair shouted, missing their chance to spy on the girls.

From afar the three, well, more specifically Michael was being watched by the Two Great Ladies of the Academy, Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima.

"Interesting." Rias views the boy intently.

"Ara Ara, it seems you've gotten your eyes on something haven't you?" Akeno gave her usual smile.

"Maybe..." Rias said as Michael suddenly grabbed Motohama and Matsuda by the collar of their jackets and dashed with all his might leaving the girls in the dust.

"Kiss my ass!" Michael laughed.

"Hmm? Akeno, do you know his name?" Rias asked.

"Yes, he is Michael Hanamura, our second year kouhai, and a bit of a reckless one." Akeno explained.

"Hanamura, Michael...hm, a name I surely will look into." Rias said to herself.

'Something about him seems strange.' Rias thought to herself as she and Akeno continued their stroll across the campus.

(After school)

"Man, I can't believe I got caught on my first peeping attempt." Michael sighed to himself as the sunset filled the outside view, "But those guys were nice even if I did get caught with them in the process."

-"Hey, don't worry about it. We get caught all the time."- Matsuda grinned.

-"Yeah, and even if we did. Your speed was incredible with that we could get away whenever we're noticed."- Motohama chuckled.

"They may just think about getting off most of the time, okay, all of the time..." Michael groaned and shook his, "But... those guys, they're okay." Michael smiled then sadly looked down at the ground, "Still sucks that Saj won't be around as much anymore. Now that he has that stupid Student Council thing going on, we're gonna hang out even less than usual..."

Continuing his walk from school, Michael could hear the footsteps of a rushing person coming towards him.

"E-Excuse me." A girl's voice called out.

"Huh?" Michael stopped and turned back to be face to face with a beautiful young schoolgirl with long black hair down to her hips with violet eyes as she wore a dark red jacket with green skirt with a white strip on the lower end, a red bow and a white undershirt.

"Um...hello..." The girl blushed while fidgeting.

"Hi." Michael greeted back unaware on how to approach.


'Great, now this chick's gone and made the atmosphere awkward. I wonder what she wants.' Michael sighed.

"Err...Are you Michael Hanamura?" The girl asked.

"Haha! So you've heard of me, huh!?" Michael grinned, "I guess I am pretty famous if you know, and heck you're in another school, so am I the talk of everyone? Are they regaling of my awesome tales of action!?"

"Well, no, actually." The girl shook her head, "I barely believe anyone knows your name where I'm from, let alone know you even exist."

"*SNIFF!* B-Bye..."

Michael froze in place, then turned on his heel hoping to put this embarrassment behind him and just walk away.

"Wait, please don't go!" The girl cried out.

"Yeah..." Michael groaned but didn't stop taking his first step.

"Well, Hanamura-kun, I've been watching you from afar, and have sort of liked you..." The girl blushed as Michael stopped taking his first step.

"What?" Michael stopped turning his head back.

"I'm Yuuma Amano a-and if you could... W-Would you please go out with me!?" Yuuma proclaimed.

And from that day onward, everything began to change...

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