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He didn't go to dance clubs, too much jumping, music blaring loud, lights flashing much to bright, sweat dripping off bodies. Honestly it just was not good for his enhanced senses.

Yet somehow a certain blue haired mage had convinced to be in attendance. He'd been promised a night he'd never forget although that did not nessesarily make it a good thing.

So here he was, green haired and brunette companions not looking particularly happy to be here either. He figured if he had to suffer through it so did they, although it wasn't for his benefit they came. Bixlow had made this request and although he would usually deny it, today he did not have that option. Damn guilt trips.

His team made their way into the dancing establishment with no wait. Barely through the doors they were greeted with a familiar face. Though they were not greeted so much as she approached Bixlow.

"Happy birthday Bixy!" The blue eyes platinum shouted over the noise attaching heraelf to his side. Lifting to her toes she kissed the seith mage on the cheek.

"Find me later?" She question waving as she let go and ran toward her blue haired female companions.

Freed and Evergreen stood wearing matching comical expressions eyes wide at the scene that had taken place before them.

That was Lissana.

Laxus though surprised kept on a cool mask of indifference.

"Didn't see that coming." The blonde stated a grin slowly forming in his face. Maybe tonight wouldn't be so bad after all.

He had no clue they were so close but she had pressed herself quite firmly to his friends side. Damn that was a site to see, and the smile on Bixlows face. Laxus might even admit it made him happy to his friend in such a state.

Freed soon-after gained some composure as he looked toward the blue haired mage. The green haired man smiled a rare smile over his friends fortune.

"I for one am glad you are having such a good day my friend."

"Happy birthday Bixlow! Smile more often and you might actually pull off that look of yours."

The seith mage smiled wide tounge dangling out of his mouth.

"And put that tounge away Bixlow!" Her tone disapproving while her lips tilted upward into a smile.

"Drinks?" The seith mage questioned still smiling.

"Absolutely." The brunette responded as they gravitated toward the bar.

The bartenders silver hair was pulled up into a tight high pony her bangs held up by a simple black elastic. When she turned around they were met by the large blue eyes of yet another Strauss sibling.

"Mira-Jane" the rune mage greeted bowing his head slightly as a blush appeared on his cheeks.

Instead of her usual pink attire the take over magewas wearing an off the shoulder purple crop top leaving her middrift bare legs clad in tight black leather. It was no wonder Freed's face maintained a dusty pink shade.

"Mira." Laxus gave a brief nod recognizing her presence.

"Hey guys. Happy birthday Bixlow! Lissana told me you'd be in today I see you convinced the team to join you."

Bixlow's smile seemed to grow at her comment his eyes holding a misheavous glint.

Oh what had they gotten themselves into.

"Can we get some whiskey shots?" The blue haired mage asked politely which seemed to surprise his teammates yet again.

"Of course! First ones are on the house tonight Bix." She stated cheerfully smiling as she grabbed the bottle of whiskey and four shot glasses. Pouring them in quick concession she gestured to the glasses in front of them.

"Down the hatch guys." Bixlow instructed handing his friends their shots.

Head tilted back to chug the spicy liquid.

Evergreen shook her head as if to disperse the taste, her brown hair flipping around her. Today she was wearing contacts unwilling to risk losing her glasses in this environment. She wore a green shirt with a sweetheart neckline thick lace strapes holding it in place, a pair of light blue skinny jeans molded to her legs her outfit finished off with black sparkly flats adorning her feet.

"Another?" The seith mage asked catching site of another guildmate from the corner of his eye.

"No thank you. I'll take a red rooster if you could please Mira-Jane." The fairy mage replied

"Beer" stated Laxus

"Electric lemonaide please Miss Mira."

"I'll take another whiskey shot and a whiskey sour than" the blue haired mage requested still grinning.

"Coming right up" smiling brightly as she got to work behind the bar.

By the time they were receiving drinks the mage Bixlow had spotted just arrived.

He nodded at Bixlow "Happy birthday Bixlow. Dance clubs are MANLY!" The last of the Strauss siblings stated staring at Evergreen, her cheeks already flushed pink.

Damn his whole team seemed to be lovestruck fools, by siblings no less. Great this was going to get old real fast.

"I'm gonna find Lissana, wanna come?" The seith mage questioned the group.

Freed was sitting by Mira at the bar slowly drinking his mixed drink and staring at the woman in front of him.

Evergreen was currently half attached to the large take over Strauss male. Her cheeks dusted pink.

"No thank you Bixlow. I think i will stay here for a bit."

"I'll be out a little later Bixlow." The self proclaimed fairy added quite happily.

The lightening dragon slayer looked over his companions gesturing towards the dance floor. He quickly finished his beer.

"Alright. Come."

Bixlow awarded him with another smile chugging his drink and depositing it on the bar they made their way to the dance floor in search of the youngest Strauss mage.

Finding the the small platnium woman was actually surprisingly easy as she bounded toward him when she caught sight of his advancing form. Leaving her blue haired companions she left into the seith mages arms wrapping her legs around him. He caught her with must only be practiced ease and spun around holding her tightly as she laughed both of them smiling. He put her down after planting a small kiss on her lips his eyes never leaving her.

Shit. How did he become the third wheel?

The song changed it started slow as if to give everyone a break as it began in build.

A flash of gold drew his attention.

Wearing your heart like a stolen dream. Opening skies with your broken keys no one can blind us any longer

Her hips swayed to the beat legs pulled into tight black jeans. Mavis were those painted on? Black and white higtops lifted from the floor as she spun and danced. A dark blue halter top with a pletted bottem and sheer silver material starting at her cleavage clung to her body lifting slightly with her movement showing off her toned stomach.

As her hair flipped about he noticed a very familiar pair of heart earnings dangling from small lobes her voice carrying just enough to hear her singing along.

"We'll run where lights won't chase us, hide, where love can save us, I, will never let you go!"

Hips and arms flew in sync with the beat as she moved with grace he had no knowledge of her possessing. He stared onward completely emersered in the nymp like creature on the dance floor.

She was beautiful, breath-taking actually he had noticed before but damn the way her body moved left him mesmerized. He wanted nothing more than to run his hands down her muscles and memorize every movement she could make.

A chuckle interrupted his internal musings looking to the sound he glared at his blue haired friend.

Bixlow and his babies were openly laughing at him Lisanna grinning happily at his side.

"What?" The blonde but out in a half growl his blue eyes seemly burning into the others present.

"You should dance with her." Lisanna commented gesturing the the dancing blonde woman.

Laxus' eyes trailed over to her again. Why not? She had made it clear in the last that she was not afraid of him and held no grudge over his past actions.

One of Lisanna's female companions spoke out.

"I'm not sure if that's a good idea Lis" The small script mage responded quickly.

"It might be. Love-rival had a bad date.. But.. Juvia would like Gray-sama to stop staring at her." She commented softly trying to hide her insecurity.

Looking around Laxus quickly noted that it was not just Gray staring but half his guild mates and plenty of strangers had eyes glued to her as she gracefully danced around with her eyes half closed.

Oh fuck, that look. His blood heated as a wave of possessiveness filled him. He wanted that look to be for him, not Natsu or Gray, not Warren or Max who seemed to be watching her closely. Even Gajeels eyes followed her every movement with interest. Suddenly he understood Levy and Juvia's distance from Lucy and the displeasure that seemed to roll of them. They were jealous, and how could they not be when she could capitavate people with just a look.

His feet moved forward on their own stopping behind her. Grabbing her by the hips he pulled her close and began dancing in fluid movement lightly touching.

Her eyes wide as she looked over the hulking man bold enough to touch her. All stiffness left her body as her eyes traced over his lightening scar.

"Hi" she said slightly breathless.

His lips turned upward until a full smile covered his face his features taking in a softer look.

She smiled brightly as she continued dancing grabbing her hand he twirled her about as she laughed.

Breathing you in when I want you out. Finding our truth in a hope of doubt lying inside our quiet drama

The song ended as he watched her

Another came on to which she immediately began to dance again pulling his body along with hers.

Mavis what was she doing to him, every move pulled at his desire to be nearer.

"I'm surprised" she stated while dancing her chest heaving upwards with the song her barely consealed skin taunting him.

"Huh" he managed to get out while staring at her.

"Usually no one will join me" her eyes took him in enjoying rbw view of him clad in blue jeans. His torso covered in a black dress shirt a few buttons undone allowing her a peak at how built he really was. She was practically oogling him as she watched his muscles bulge under his shirt. Although he did not seem to mind his eyes trained on her plump lips.

He had no clue what possessed him to do it but before he had time to think about it he found himself pulling her closer. His lips sealing over hers.

Brown eyes flew wide at this action confused as to why be would just kiss her considering he hasn't shown interest since the phantom lord incident. Mavis screw it no way she was going to put a stop to this now.

Her eyes slipped closed as her hands lifted fingers delving into blonde spikes. Her response served to egg him on as he pulled her closer. Her body flush against his, her hand held him in place her mouth opening into his kiss.

She tasted like strawberries the butter taste of alcohol barely present clearly not weighing into her decision to allow him such liberties.

She could faintly taste beer on his tounge but could not find it in herself to care. She allowed his tounge to prode her as she fought it off with hers. The quest for dominance fueling the heat between them as they forgot their location.

Mavis this man knew how to kiss. Liquid heat filled her veins as they tried to get closer. Desperate to remove any space between them he lifted her body, her legs instantly wrapping around his hips.

She was killing him, his blood boiling as his hard body pressed against hers. He couldn't seem to get enough of her he felt like an untried teenager. It was her. He just didn't understand how she could have such an effect on him and he refused to let this go now that he had a taste.

His enhanced hearing picked up his watching guildmates responses.

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Shut up flamethrower"

"Make me icicle!"

"Well I wasn't expecting that" stated the iron slayer now half bored as he grunted his disapproval.

"She's making out with LAXUS!" Warren did not seem to notice he had telepathically informed all guild members present of his distaste toward the situation unfolding in front of him.

The loud declaration caught them off guard causing Much to drop her hand and slowly pull herself from Laxus' grasp her cheeks flaming red.

With her removal from his person he instantly wanted to grab her and pull her back already missing the heat he felt while in her embrace.

"Where are you going?" The lightening dragon slayer questioned the now retreating blonde woman.

"Well, I think I have probably had enough excitement for the day."

He stared at her eyes taking her in once again practically devouring her in their intensity. A shiver ran up her spine sending tingles to her nerve endings. She really hadn't want this to end but everyone was now watching her and it was unsettling.

"You can walk me home? If you want?" Her cheeks regaining a light pink hue in show of her embarassement.

"Yah, let's go." He grabbed her hand and began the trek through the blantant stares and open glares directed at him.

'Who pissed in their cereal' he thought to himself as a full blown smile curved his lips.

"Hey Luce. How about you let me take you home?" Her pink haired friend questioned meeting them at the club entrance.

Laxus eyes narrowed toward the fire dragon slayer

"Natsu I'm a big girl how about you dance with Yukino?"

Lucy guestered to the light haired woman who had been watching him quite openly for awhile.

"But Luce!"

"No Natsu. I'm fine and I only had one drink. Stop worrying. You know I can take care of myself so go have fun!"

"Can I stay over tonight?" The link haired man questioned, eyes pleading.

"No! Stop sneaking into my house and stay out of my bed Natsu! I mean it!" She shouted at her friend and began to walk away pulling the stunned blonde slayer with her.

A growl left his lips after registering exactly what had just gone on. The implications making him angry as he thought of her house reaking of Natsu.

She looked at him surprised by the sound that had left his mouth but the second heir eyes met he pulled her forward into another kiss.

A spark tickled her lips her body molding to his as hey connected like magnets gravatating toward the opposite pole.

He could not seem to get enough and found himself pushing her up against an alleyway wall.

Lips parting as she let out a moan and lifted her legs to wrap around his strong hips once more. His lips trailed slowly from ear to neck sucking and niping at soft flesh. Watching it swell and turn hues as his teeth scraped delicate skin her lips parted as soft moans flew out.

She ground her body against his hard length clothes separating adding to the pleasurable torture. So desperate to touch hey didn't notice the couple who happened upon them.

"Hey Boss. Thought you were taking her home?" A wide grin followed immediately by a stuck out tounge.

"Shame on you Laxus. Take Lucy home." Blue eyes looked on in mock disapproval.

He released her as she dropped her feet to the floor regaining balance. Damn this woman was so distracting he found it hard to focus to force control.

"Ya. We're going... Come on Lucy."

"Be safe Lucy." Lisanna waved with a laugh and pulled Bixlow off in the opposite direction.

The blondes found themselves alone once again. Lucy's face holding a deep shade of pink as she looked to her companion.

"Shall we?"

"Ya. Let's go Blondie." She bit her lip as if to hold back a retort but he knew what she wanted to say.

"I know I'm blonde too." He smiled at her as she silently lead the way back to her place his stride easily matching hers.