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Even if you took away the moon and stars, the night couldn't seem darker than it already was.


It had been at least one week since the last attack of the Kremling Army. The battle was more brutal than normal. More punches thrown, more claws bared, more blood shed. DK had his work cut out for him this time for he wouldn't have won this battle if it was just him. Hell, he was barely winning with seven Kongs on his side. It wasn't because of any plans of revenge from the Kremlings or practice that made this battle hard. It was the fact that they were actually trying to kill us.

These almost weren't the Kremlings we knew.

The Kremlings we knew would only steal our banana hoard and try to keep us from taking it back. This time..they only wanted our blood. This scared me because the closest they have ever came to killing us was when they came with their blast-o-matic years ago. I thought they were done with fighting us...but i was wrong. They were just waiting for the right moment to try and kill us.

I remember trying my best to fight off the Kremlings as they came at me, each of the Kong's having their own little group of them to fight. Everyone was able to hold their own, but i was having trouble. It had been a long time since i had fought a Kremling so i was really out of sorts. While everyone else was holding their ground, i kept finding myself on the ground. I almost couldn't take these guys and i was getting extremely fatigued very easily. I was silently cursing myself over and over for not keeping up with my practice like the others.

And then it happened.

One of the larger Kremlings managed to knock me down good. I wasn't able to find the strength to get back up though i kept trying. It wasn't until he had pressed his scaly foot against my back that i finally stopped trying. Even my body knew before my brain that i was a goner. I saw him send his sharp and ready claws down at me as i began to clench my eyes shut, excepting what fate was about to hand over to me.

I heard his claws make contact with flesh, but yet i felt nothing. No pain, no dripping blood, no nothing. I was still breathing and besides the previous cuts and bruises, i felt no pain. I couldn't even feel his foot on my back anymore. And i felt a warm mass leaning against me. I almost didn't want to assume that someone had jumped to my rescue, but my slightly opened eyes proved my assumption to be right.

My older sister had jumped ahead to push the Kremling off of me and protect me from his blow. But also in the process, she took the blow in my place. She had giant gash on her side, dripping blood onto the forest floor. Her breathing was sharp, indicating that besides her previous battles, she was already reaching her limit of how much more she could take. I could see pain in her face as she hovered over me to protect me. I could only look at her in disbelief. Though it had happened right there, i couldn't believe she did that for my sake.

"Dixie...why did you do that?" i choked out as i turned completely to my front and looked at her pained expression.

She opened one of her bright green eyes and smirked painfully at me, her breathing getting sharper as she began to speak.

"You really think i'm gonna let him take away my little sister?" was what she was able to mutter out before she fell against me, unconscious.

The rest of the fighting around me came to a halt as King K. Rool called a retreat without me being aware for i had began to panic. I held my sister close to me, tears beginning to prick the corners of my eyes.

"Dixie! Dixie, please wake up! Please don't die on me!"

I was really terrified, i couldn't even let the fact that she was still breathing hit my mind before i had assumed the worst. It took the rest of the Kongs running over to me and separating us for me to acknowledged my surroundings.

"Tiny, calm down! She isn't dead!" i heard Cranky shout, Dixie now being carried by him and Funky. I looked to see that Diddy and Chunky were there holding me still for i had began to go into full panic when they took her from me. As I calmed down, i could see that she was still sharply breathing, which brought me a little relief though i was still very much panicking.

Cranky looked over her wounds, a grim look on his face.

"This doesn't look good. We need to get her to my cabin so I can help her properly. You guys need to come, too. You all look like you were tossed around a bit." He told us as he had Funky lift her up and follow him.

At that moment, i was help up by Chunky, who had a gentle worried expression on his face as he helped me walk. I knew he was worried about me. Besides Dixie, i looked the most banged up. I didn't even know what i looked like at that moment, but i knew it was true. Everyone else was able to hold their own, but i was being punched and kick like a punching bag. I felt so powerless and stupid. If only i had more practice. I wouldn't had been face first in the forest floor, waiting to be killed. Then Dixie wouldn't have had to come to rescue.

I'm such an idiot...


A week has passed since then. Everyone was treated for their wounds and was almost back to normal. They were walking around, almost being able to forget that night even happened.

Except for Dixie.

Dixie has been in that same unconscious state since that night. She was patched up and doctored up, but she wasn't recovering. Her gash was still opened and still seemed to ooze blood. Her other bruises also didn't seem to heal. And it didn't just amaze me and the rest of the DK Crew. It baffled the peeled bananas out of Cranky. The entire week, he had been neck deep in his books, looking for something that may help.

Me, on the other hand, never left her side. Not even once.

Even when I knew I needed to eat or sleep, I could move away. The others would bring bananas for me and i would curl up in my chair for a very short nap. But not once did I leave from beside her.

I just sat there, feeling powerless.

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