Summary: Our story begins when an eight year old Harry Potter meets an ten year old Miranda Rookwood. Their friendship is formed when they find out they both are abused by the once that are supposed to raise them. Harry also learns that his parents aren't dead, but instead they abandoned him in favor of his younger brother who is the supposed

Boy-Who-Lived. This story is inspired by Harry Potter and the Dark's Rise written by Marshall Angmar.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Overlord. I don't even own the OC that belongs to Marshall Angmar I think.

A/N: Harry is three years older than in cannon and then his brother. Miranda is two years older than Harry. Harry has two sisters. The first is his twin, Violet. She has the same hair and eye color as Harry. His second sister is Aiden's twin Ivey. She is the mirror image of their mother, with fiery red hair and green eyes.

Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark One.

Chapter 01: Darkness on the Horizon.

Pain. This was the only thing that an eight year old knew for sure. It has been four years since he was brought to this orphanage by his relatives. This was a year after he landed on their doorstep. There were four woman running the orphanage.

The first was also the owner, a woman who owned that place for almost sixty years. Most of the time she would confuse him with a boy named Tom Marvolo Riddle. She and two other would also hit him when something strange happened. It was the fourth woman that helped Harry and supported him. Her name Morgana LeFay, but liked to be called Morgana Fay or Mistress Fay. Fay had pale grey eyes, dark red hair and a pale skin. Most of the time she would wear a red with purple dress. What no-one knew at that time was that Fay was the former fairy queen and the former first mistress of the fourth Overlord. The people who knew the history of Arthur Pendragon, referred to her as Morgana LeFay, Arthur's half-sister.

Fay knew what the other children did to Harry and sometimes she could and would interfere, but most of the times the other woman would ask for her assistance. The minions of the Netherworld may refer to her as Dark Fay or First Mistress, but she still had some protective feelings from her time as Queen Fay. Fay still despised humans in general and that didn't got better when she found out about Harry's treatment by his relatives and parents. Fay could sense a great darkness in the boy and hoped that one day Harry would take up the mantel of the Overlord.

When Gnarl said that the evil that men does couldn't compare to the evil that the Overlord did he was right. Fay knew about the so called Dark Lord Voldemort and thought of him as nothing more than a mass murderer. Fay also knew about his followers and knew that one had a daughter that also lived in Surrey. So now Fay had to go and plan their meeting. The boy needed someone by his side besides herself, and of course every Overlord in history had at least one mistress. Of course she didn't know that Harry's twin would also play a big part in this.

Fay knew about the soul fragment in Harry's scar and changed it so that it would be part of Harry instead of linking him to Voldemort. The knowledge from the scar would slowly bleed over into Harry. So after a week of planning for Harry and Miranda to meet, Fay gave Harry the grocery list knowing that Miranda would be there as well. It was only a week after they first met that they found out about the abuse the other had suffered. Miranda knew who Harry Potter was, but to find out that the heir of the Potter family was abandoned by his parents and was abused by his relatives it was hard to think about.

Her aunt and uncle abused her because her aunt knew what Miranda's father did and was. In the year leading up to Miranda's first year at Hogwarts, Miranda taught Harry a bit about the wizarding world. During her first and second year Harry and Miranda communicate through letters. During the Christmas break of her first year Miranda send Harry a book about occlumency and legelemency and a book about how to become an animagus. That same Christmas Fay reveals to Harry her magical abilities and helps him developing his mental shields and with the first stage of the animagus process. The first stage was finding and connecting with his animal.

As it turned out that animal was a Kaltenzhan. A sub-species of the race High Dragon. It was second to the High Land Ravager in power and brute force. The Kaltenzhan was an ice type High-Dragon, the Vinsomer was an electric type High-Dragon and the High Land Ravager was an fire type High-Dragon. Since Harry's form was the ice type High-Dragon harry gained ice elemental abilities and resistance to cold. Harry spent a lot of time practicing his ice powers.

Until one morning Harry could fully control it. On that morning Harry created a neckless made of ice that only Harry could melt. The neckless was also charmed to be unbreakable. Since this neckless was made with the powers of the Kaltenzhan, the neckless gave the wielder resistance to cold. Harry smiled when he pictured the look on Miranda's face. Harry place the neckless in an envelope and wrote a letter.

Dear Miranda,

I hope this letter finds you well. Sorry that it took me a while to reply, but I have been busy. For you see I learned that my animagus form is that of a High-Dragon that is called a Kaltenzhan.

Since the Kaltenzhan is a magical creature I gained some of its abilities, like being an ice elemental and having a higher resistance to cold. It turns out that only I can melt the ice I made. With this letter you will find a late Christmas gift. The gift is charmed to be unbreakable and it will give you also a higher resistance to cold.

Yours faithfully,

Harry James Potter.

P.S. Could you try and find some information about one Mistress Fay. I know you would be busy, but I think it is important.

When Miranda received the neckless, she was impressed by it. When she learned about her friend's full name she decided to write a letter in return to inform him that his parents were alive and were actually teaching at Hogwarts. Harry was well and truly pissed, it was also the first time that Fay saw what Harry would become, the fifth Overlord. Fay also knew that Harry would become the most powerful and terrifying Overlord in history. Because as Gnarl like to say "Evil always finds a way."

Fay decided that it was time to reveal who she truly was. Harry was impressed that his guardian was the infamous Morgana LeFay, but when she revealed that she was the first mistress of the fourth Overlord and the former queen of the fairies, well Harry's jaw hit the floor. It was also a week after this revelation that Fay began to teach him her favorite spell of the former Overlord, the Evil Presence Spell. She explained to Harry that to learn the spell he had to have the will to dominate others. It was also around this time that Harry connected to his other two animagus forms, the Vinsomer and the High Land Ravager.

Harry's second form gave him the ability to become invisible and the third gave him a higher fire resistance. Harry then got the idea to make two more ice crafted jewelry with invisibility and the fire resistance. It was a week before Miranda got back that Harry succeeded in making them. Harry made two red ice hairclips with the fire resistance and a purple bracelet with the invisibility.

It was in this same week that the aunt of Miranda signed the guardianship over to Fay. Man were Fay and Harry pissed when they heard that the reason for this was Miranda's father. So when the Hogwarts Express arrived at platform 9 ¾ both Fay and Harry stood there waiting for Miranda to arrive. When they saw Miranda show up, both Harry and Fay knew that something happened.

As it turned out Miranda's aunt became head of the Noble House of Rookwood when Miranda's father was imprisoned. Her aunt had also sent an howler to let Miranda know that she was disowned from the Rookwood family. Later that same evening she was invited to the Headmaster's office to discuss the situation. It was there that Dumbledore confiscated the neckless saying that it was for the Greater Good. When that didn't help he said that it was very dark magic that was in the neckless. It was when Miranda returned to the Slytherin Common room that things got even worse as it turned out, Slytherin house feared the name Rookwood almost as much as the Malfoy name. so when Miranda was disowned in public they thought to let Miranda learn a lesson. In other words they tried to rape her. The only reason this didn't happen was because she cursed them.

When asked what happened after that. Miranda told them that the headmaster threatened with expulsion if she was involved in another incident. That was the last straw for Harry. His magic burst out. It felt full of malice and killing intend, jet there was also something that wanted to dominate everyone that stood in his way. The entire tower was humming with magic, in Little Whining the Blood-Wards flashed red and actually shattered. Every magical creature on the British isles felt the magical pulse deep down in the earth. And while the centaurs were sharpening their weapons to fight this new evil, the goblins of Gringgotts readied their weapons and armor in favor of this new evil. Deep below the surface the goblin king Ragnok opened his eyes when he felt the Potter vault combine with the vault of The Overlord. He smirked that showed his sharp pointed teeth and he said to himself "As you always said father. Evil always find a way." A cruel and horrible laughter was heard when the doors of Gringgotts slammed shut for the rest of the day. The laughter promised pain and suffering to those who dared to oppose their master.

A/N: Yes Ragnok, the king of goblin kind is the son of Gnarl. And so begins the rise of the Fifth Overlord.

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