Summary: Finding out that his parents abandoned him in favor for his younger brother, Harry wants revenge. And goes down a path only a few would follow. Look out Dumbledore for there is a new player in town and would do everything in his power to get what he wants. This story is inspired by Harry Potter and the Dark's Rise written by Marshall Angmar.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Overlord. I don't even own the OC that belongs to Marshall Angmar I think.

A/N: Harry is three years older than in cannon and then his brother. Miranda is two years older than Harry. Harry has two sisters. The first is his twin, Violet. She has the same hair and eye color as Harry. His second sister is Aiden's twin Ivey. She is the mirror image of their mother, with fiery red hair and green eyes.

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Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark One

Chapter 02: Darkness is Here

The day after Harry came into his power as the Overlord Gnarl came to them and said that Harry had to go on the trails of the Overlord in order for him to claim the alliance of the Dark Tower. The trails were two tasks that the Overlord had to complete. The first task was the task of life-force gathering, or simple put the killing of many creatures or people. The second task was finding a new spell-stone. Harry knew what to do for both tasks. The first task would take place in Little Whining and the second task would take him to the wastelands were he would search the ruins of the old tower. At the moment Harry could control 10 minions, but that would change when he found the minion-stones of the old tower.

Fay had also truly revealed herself to Miranda with the promise that if Harry did the tasks right Miranda's problems were solved. Harry had asked Fay if Miranda could join him for the first task, after having created a new neckless. Now the dragon was holding a gem that had the same function as the one in the Overlord's gauntlet Harry had. Fay had a good idea as to why Harry wanted Miranda with him during the first task. Harry had had confided in her that he would destroy Little Whining and wiping it from the face of the earth. So when Fay look at Gnarl for confirmation and saw him smiling evilly she agreed. And so Harry was off to the armory and getting the Infernal armor and helmet. The helmet gave Harry control over 5 more minions, making it a total of 15 minions under his command. After Harry returned, Miranda was informed of what he was planning. And the evil smile she displayed said that Miranda agreed fully. And so they were of and so began the rise of another Overlord.

When they stepped out of the Netherworld gate, Miranda and Harry summoned their respective minions. Harry had 15 and Miranda had 10 (Harry's helmet gave Miranda an additional 5, since her gem could hold 5 minions less than Harry.) Harry had 5 red, 5 brown and 5 green minions while Miranda had 3 brown and 2 red minions under her command. They started with the orphanage since it stood at the edge of town. Harry casted a wandless silencing ward around the building, something he would do for each building (it was around 6 pm.) When the ward stood, Harry sent his minions at the front door and they started bashing and cutting. After about 15 seconds the door broke down and Harry marched in, closely followed by Miranda and their minions.

Directly they went to the dining room and Harry smiled when he saw that everyone was there. With his hand that was covered by the gauntlet pointing at the people, the minions launched their attack. It was brutal and bloody, but short. It was then that the fun part started, namely pillaging and finding useful objects for the minions like large kitchen knives and wood axes and money for Harry. In total they found 300 pounds (money) that could be converted to 500 galleons. They also found gold jewelry and precious stones. To finish their business, Harry conjured barrels of gunpowder in each room and a trail of gunpowder leading to the gate. This process was repeated until at 7 am. The next day only two houses were left, nr. 4 and nr. 14 Private Drive, the home of the Dursley family (nr. 4) and the home of Miranda's aunt and uncle (nr. 14).


At nr. 4 Private Drive.

After saying good bye to Miranda as she went to her relatives house, Harry went to work and repeated the process with the ward. After the ward was done, Harry sent his 15 minions into the front door. After the front door was down Harry marched into the house. Since his relatives were so terribly lazy they had Dudley making breakfast. While he was supposed to be making breakfast he was eating like a pig. This thought brought a truly evil smile on Harry's face. And so he marched into the kitchen all the while casting wandless silencing and notice-me-not charms at the kitchen doors. Harry would finally get his revenge on Dudley for the time Dudley burned his (Harry's) entire arm. So it was for good reason that Dudley jumped almost out of his skin when out of nowhere a fireplace with two metal poles that were supposed to carry a third pole appeared. When the door was closed Harry said to his cousin "Don't worry Dudley this is not going to hurt a bit, this is going to hurt a lot." After this was said, Harry conjured a third metal pole. The minions forced Dudley to the ground and Harry bound him to the pole (like with roasting a pig).

After about 2 hours the roasting was done and the minions placed Dudley on a silver platter and closed it. Harry opened the door and the minions placed the platter on the table. When he saw that he had the attention of his former relatives Harry said "Lady and Gentlemen, I present to you breakfast. Roast Dudley." Petunia and Vernon were horrified when they lifted the top off the platter and saw their roasted son. They were pulled from their shock by the evil laughter that was coming from the 10 year old boy. As one their eyes widened when they realized who stood before them. Of course Vernon had to make it worse and started to say something along the lines of "Wait until I get my hands on you boy." When he was cut off by a small whisper of "Crusio." For Vernon it felt as if he was stabbed by hot knives time after time. Fifteen minutes of brutal torture later both Dursleys lay dead at his feet. After grabbing the jewelry and money and conjuring the barrels and tail of gunpowder, Harry left the house and met up with Miranda. When they both walked to the Netherworld gate, Harry asked "And how did it go?"

Miranda smiled and answered "I just conjured the barrels and trail of gunpowder, bound them to the barrels and told them that they would see their death approaching and then we had a talk that was long overdue."

When they both stood in front of the gate, Harry ordered the Red minions to fire at the gun powder trail and watched as it caught fire. They both watched as the first houses exploded and slowly, but surely Little Whining disappeared in and gigantic fireball. When the massive explosion was over, Harry and Miranda smiled as they saw that the only thing left was a massive crater in the ground were once Little Whining stood. With the first task done Harry and Miranda returned to the Netherworld.


When they appeared in the throne room, Gnarl walked over to them, bowed before Harry and said "That sire was the most evil and brilliant first task I've ever seen. The way you roasted your cousin and served him as breakfast. Too bad you hadn't brought him here. Oh before I forget master, what do you want us to do with the girls the Minions brought here?"

Miranda looked at Harry and asked "Did you really roast your own cousin?" Harry answered her with a simple nod and with a snap of his fingers the platter with a roasted Dudley appeared in the throne room.

Gnarl looked at Harry and said boy said "Go ahead Gnarl call the other minions for your lunch. Oh and let the girls be trained as maids. Someone must keep the tower clean."

After lunch Harry used the gate in the wastelands for his search. Once in the Wastelands, Harry transformed into his Kaltenzhan form and took to the air. Once he arrived at the ruins of the old tower, Harry quickly found two minion-stones and the Inferno spell-stone. Once he returned to his tower Fay approached him and asked to talk to him in private. Once they were in a more private setting Fay said "You have done well Harry, now that the Dark Tower has accepted you as the Overlord, I wanted to ask you something. I wish to formerly blood-adopt you this of course goes hand in hand with an inheritance test and an emancipation." Fay almost had to laugh at the look on Harry's face. For his part Harry looked shocked. He knew that he saw Fay as his mother, although she wasn't, but it was the fact that Fay wanted to make him her legal son that hit him hard.

Never had Harry known what it felt like to have a loving parent. First there were his birth parents who neglected and eventually abandoned him with his abusive relatives who hated him. Then his relatives dumped him at that orphanage where he was hated by everyone except one, and now that person wanted him as her own son.

Fay took the long silence for Harry thinking about it and so she said "And since I'm also Miranda's legal guardian I could draw up a marriage contract between the two of you." Harry who choose the moment before to drink some water, did at that moment a spit take. He blinked at Fay and asked "Wh.. what? Why would you do that? I'm not ready to get married yet."

Fay sighed and said "Harry think about it. If that contract is signed, Miranda would be protected since she would be the betrothed of Lord LeFay. And the two of you could only get married when Miranda becomes of age."

Harry began thinking about that. 'If we do this, Miranda will get the protection not only against the students and housemates, but also the teachers. And I will gain my first mistress.' Harry looked at Fay and said "Alright let's do this. And I also know my new name. Valkorion… Valkorion Corypheus LeFay." In one of those moments were she was overwhelmed by her emotions, Fay enveloped Harry in a hug. The next day found Fay, Harry and Miranda standing before Lord Ragnok. They had just done an Blood-adoption ritual and Harry was now known as Valkorion Corypheus LeFay. They were about to sign the marriage contract and do the inheritance test when the Potters along with Dumbledore walked in.

Ragnok raised an eyebrow at the interruption and asked with bared teeth "What can I do for you on this wonderful day." Of course this sentence was followed by the standard goblin smile filled with sharp teeth.

Dumbledore smiled and said "We are here so that young Aiden can do his inheritance test."

This of course irritated the goblin king just a bit and he said as much. This of course resulted in a counter argument from Dumbledore which resulted in a full on argument between the two.

While Dumbledore and the goblin king were at it the now renamed Valkorion had only eyes for his former family. Aiden and his twin Ivey looked as arrogant as he had imagined. Both being complete copies of James and Lily. His eyes then fell on his former twin sister Violet. Her eyes were bloodshot as if she had been crying before they came to Gringgotts, her hair looked like it hadn't been cared for in weeks, but most importantly she was as thin as he had been when he lived in the orphanage. He made a mental note to inform Fay about this fact. Next his eyes went to Lily Potter. Valkorion mentally scoffed at how elegant she looked. His eyes widened however when he saw something blue glistering as ice did when light shone on it. Valkorion used his ice magic and targeted his neckless to make it so cold that it would cause instant frostbite on any who toughed it.

Almost instantly, Lily cried out in pain and tore the neckless off. The neckless however had other ideas and took the skin it toughed with it. And since it touched Lily's entire neck and since it was nestled between her breasts it took a lot of skin with it. Lily cried out in even more pain as she felt the skin being ripped from her neck and from between her breasts. The extreme cold made sure that no blood would escape, but Lily would for the rest of her life be scared. After the Potters and Dumbledore left, Valkorion signed the contract along with Miranda and Fay. When they had returned Valkorion quickly made a bracelet with the same effects as Miranda's old neckless.

Saturday, August 27th 1987, Wizengamot chambers, Ministry of Magic, London

A giant chamber was filled… well almost filled with people who represented the families of Wizarding Britain. This chamber was only in use during trails, when new laws were made or like now the last meeting before the new schoolyear at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Albus Dumbledore was taking the rounds since these meetings were mandatory. And so Dumbledore stopped when he reached Beatrice Rookwood (Miranda's aunt) and found out that she was not present. Everyone decided to wait fifteen minutes before they would sent someone to pick her up.

So when after fifteen minutes Beatrice hadn't shown up Dumbledore decided to send one of his pawn.. erm friends to pick up Lady Rookwood. So imagine their surprise when that same person returns not five minutes later returned only to shout for everyone to hear "LADY ROOKWOOD IS DEAD, LITTLE WHINING IS DESTROYED WITH ONLY A SMOLDERING CRATER LEFT." The poor bastard then fainted.

Sunday, August 28th 1987, Dining room, Netherworld Tower

As Valkorion opened the Daily Prophet and looked at the frontpage he let out a laugh that seemed to make even the evil tower shake with fear. As the First Mistress of the Fifth Overlord walked over and looked at the frontpage, Miranda Rookwood let out a laugh that would remind those who fought against her of Bellatrix Lestrange's insane laugh. For on the frontpage was the result of Valkorion's Task of Life=force Gathering.

Miranda's second year at Hogwarts was different to say to least. It started all when she sat down at the Slytherin table during the Welcoming Feast and looked at the head table. As Miranda looked at the teachers the horrible scars around Lily Potter's neck. The First Mistress had to do everything in her power not to laugh out loud. The sixth and seventh years once again tried to rape her only they were shocked as they all received 50.000 volt through their bodies curtesy to the betrothal ring of the Ancient and Royal House of LeFay. Because of this Miranda once again found herself in the office of Headmaster Dumbledore. The old man was shocked (pun intended) when he found out that Miranda was betrothed to the next head of House LeFay, which meant that the shocker was totally legal.

As Dumbledore entered the what he thought unprotected mind of Miranda to find out the identity of the next Lord LeFay, he was attacked by the spectral form of The White Dragon who bounded to Morgana LeFay herself. Miranda had to stifle her laugh as she left the office of Dumbledore. If Miranda thought the students were scared of her when she still was a Rookwood, then now it looked like someone had told the rest that Voldemort was inside of Hogwarts. Either way the rest of the year everyone left her in peace. With the End of the Year Exams she scored only Outstandings.

During the Ending Feast Miranda discreetly charmed the clothes of Lily Potter to disappear which they did. When the clothes of Lily Potter disappeared, not a single student said anything as they all stared at her. It was only after Lily noticed the lust filled stares some of the boys sent her way that she looked down and saw that she was completely naked. Embarrassed by what happened, Lily left the Great Hall in tears closely followed by James Potter. As everyone returned their attention back to their food, Miranda couldn't stop the smirk that was forming on her face as she thought 'I cannot wait till Valkorion joins us next year.'

A/N: Well that was it for chapter 02. Sorry for the long wait, but I had a lot of exams these last couple of months. Yes that is correct I said months since we started in January with the exams. To make it up to you all here is a preview of Chapter 03 Darkness has Arrived.

Valkorion Corypheus LeFay formerly known as Harry James Potter waited along with the other first years. Valkorion just knew that the old manipulative fool gave McGonagall the list with his former name on it. Well he had a plan to not only derail the plans of the old man and this feast, but also to cause chaos and mayhem on not even his first full day at Hogwarts. As the Sorting started Valkorion only payed attention to the people who he had traveled with on the train. So when the name "Greengrass, Daphne" was called, he payed closer attention as she was sorted in "SLYTHERIN".

A lot of names were called, before "Malfoy, Anastacia" again Valkorion payed close attention as she was sorted into "SLYTHERIN".

It was not long before "Potter, Harry" was called. No one moved, a couple of students began gossiping about him being the brother of The-Brat-Who-Lived. From the corner of his eye he saw Miranda having trouble holding her laugh, while Daphne and Anastacia were giggling. Twice more his name was called, before they moved on. When "Zabini, Caterina" was called and sorted in "HUFFLEPUFF" everyone was shocked to see one more student that was apparently not on the list.

As Dumbledore stood up everyone waited with bated breath to see what would happen. Dumbledore's eyes were on full twinkly mode as he asked "And who are you my dear boy?"

Valkorion smirked as he held his chin high and said "My name is Valkorion Corypheus LeFay. I am the future Lord of the Ancient and Royal House of LeFay and I am the adopted son of the current Morgana LeFay who is more commonly known as Fay, but you may know me under my former name of Harry James Potter." As he looked around himself Valkorion thought to himself 'que chaos and mayhem.' As he thought this the entire Great-Hall (minus those who knew who Valkorion was) in indeed chaos and mayhem.

As he walked towards his House-table and saw that no-one noticed that he was already sorted, Valkorion thought in the confines of his protected mind 'It feel so good to be evil. Because as Gnarl always says "Evil always finds a way!"'

A/N: And that my dear readers is the preview of Chapter 03. I hope you liked it and again sorry for the delay.

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