This is an idea that I've had for a long time now but hadn't seen enough shows to do it. Now that I have, welcome to the Anime Games! It's where a male and female character from 12 different animes shall fight to the death! There's a catch, though. I've hidden their various powers/ weapons throughout the arena and they'll have to find them to use them. Each character has one power/ weapon and only that character can use said power/ weapon. This fic will use the following characters/ shows:

Blue Exorcist (M: Rin, F: Shemi)

Code Geass (M: Lelouch, F: Kallen)

Angel Beats (M: Kanade/ Angel, F: Otonashi)

Steins; Gate (M: Okabe, F: Suzuha)

Death Note (M: Light, F: Misa)

Future Diary (M: Yuki, F: Yuno)

Sword Art Online (M: Kirito, F: Asuna)

Fate/ Stay Night (M: Shiro, F: Saber)

Soul Eater/ Not (M: Stein, F: Tsugumi)

Fullmetal Alchemist/ Brotherhood (M: Roy, F: Winry)

Madoka Magica (M: Kyubey, F: Hitomi)

Sailor Moon/ Crystal (M: Mamoru, F: Usagi)

There may be spoilers so read this at your own risk!


"Welcome to the Anime Games!" A loud voice blared in the speakers. The tributes rose from holes in the ground. The looked around to find the ruins of a city. "The rules are simple. Twenty-four enter, one leaves. You must kill each other until only one remains! And for the immortals among you, you can die here." Kyubey was shocked by this. "You'll also notice that you don't have your weapons and can't use any abilities you normally can! If you could, this wouldn't be fun~!" Yuki reached into his pocket for his diary, but found nothing. The same happened to Yuno. Lelouch failed to activate his geass and Misa couldn't see anyone's names. "I wish all of you luck~!" The voice said.

"Ten" Some of the people noticed the glowing number that appeared above the cornucopia. The abandoned city lit up.

"Nine" Kyubey saw the golden rings that were formerly around his ears in the middle of the platform.

"Eight" Saber prepared to run and grab her armor.

"Seven" Yuno saw an axe and fixed her eyes on the blade.

"Six" Rin couldn't see his sword so he prepared to run into the ruined building behind him.

"Five" Kanade looked at Otonashi and then he pointed behind himself and she nodded.

"Four" Suzuha saw a belt of grenades and was prepared to fight for it.

"Three" Kirito saw a black sword in a leather sheath.

"Two" Misa saw a contact case labeled 'shinigami'.

"One" Stein turned his screw and pushed his glasses a bit further up on his face.

"Let the games begin!" Was the last thing everyone heard before the bloodbath began. Yuno ran up to the axe and dashed towards Mamoru and Usagi as they were about to run off. In one swift motion Usagi's throat was slit and blood splattered everywhere like rose petals.

"M-mamo…chan…" She said before falling over and bleeding out. Yuno looked at him as he began to mourn the loss of his lover.

Your pain won't last much longer…

Yuno thought before planting the axe in his chest. He fell next to Usagi and died instantaneously. Yuki ran up to Yuno holding two bags.

"Ready to go Yuki?" She asked while wiping blood off her weapon. He nodded and they ran into the city. Meanwhile, in the cornucopia, Kyubey grabbed the rings and a hand purse sized bag before running after Hitomi who ran off when the game began. Roy grabbed a backpack and a cigarette lighter before running. Both Winry and Suzuha were going after the grenade belt, Winry grabbed it but dropped it. Suzuha picked it up.

"I'm sorry." She whispered before pulling the pin out of one and throwing it in the other girl's direction. Blood splattered the nearby ground but Suzuha was already gone and didn't stop to see if her victim had died. Saber grabbed her armor and Shiro grabbed a sleeping bag and water bottle before they ran. Misa grabbed the contact lenses and shoved them in her pocket.

"Light~!" She called to him. He was holding a loaded handgun and small bag. He never made it to her. Lelouch ran up behind Misa with a sword and sliced her back open. Light stopped walking over to her and ran. Lelouch looked to see who else was around. He saw Stein running and Tsugumi a few blocks to the right of him. He saw Kallen and ran up to her.

"Team?" She asked him.

"Just don't kill me in my sleep." He said. The only remaining people were Kirito and Asuna, who were just standing there.

They think they're alone…

Lelouch thought while getting ready to attack. Kallen picked up a dagger and whispered a plan.

"I'll take the girl and you take the guy?" She said and he nodded. Kirito looked at Asuna.

He never saw it coming.

Lelouch stabbed his sword right through him.

"Kirito!" Asuna yelled before turning around and blocking Kallen's attack with Kirito's (still sheathed) sword. She grabbed the closest bag and ran. By the time everyone had ran there was hardly anything left. There were two water bottles and a sleeping bag. Lelouch picked them up and they evacuated into the city.

Let's follow Kyubey and Hitomi for a while…

Kyubey ran after the teenage girl and saw her dart into a two story, apartment style house. She began to look through the cabinets and drawers for food or a weapon. Kyubey laid the small bag on a coffee table and sat next to it.

"Hello there Hitomi." He said and she realized that he was there. She grabbed a rusting knife that she just found and held it up.

"Stay back!" She yelled.

"Calm down. I can give you the power to survive this game! All you have to do is make a contract with me and become a magical girl!" He said, smiling. "The only downside is that the current situation we're in means that you'll have to wish for an infinite amount of grief cubes, but that is, in the end, a good thing!" He said. The girl thought about it.

"What is a magical girl?"

After Kyubey explained it then she made up her mind.

"I'll become your ally and a magical girl." She said and then a green glow began to light up the room. She winced as the cat-like creature pulled her soul out and handed it to her.

"The contract is complete!" He said and she grabbed the evergreen gem. She looked at it as the sun began to go down. She sat on a ripped and stained couch and opened the small pack Kyubey had grabbed. It was a purple and black bag with a plastic buckle in front. She unclipped the buckle and searched through the bag. It had adhesive medical strips, a small package of dried fruit, a pocket knife, and a small metal bottle. Hitomi opened the bottle only to find that it wasn't filled. It was disappointing, but she could work with it.

Let's find out what Rin and Shemi were doing…

Rin and Shemi both ran the second the games started and Rin was beginning to regret not grabbing anything. The two of them wandered in silence while desperately looking for something, anything. It was at least half an hour before they saw anything besides ruins. Shemi saw a mailbox that wasn't completely destroyed and she opened it. It was full of summoning paper.

"We finally found something!" Rin said as she summoned Nii-chan.

"I suppose that it's better than nothing, let's go. We have to get moving." Shemi said and the continued walking.

What happened to Tsugumi?

Tsugumi hadn't managed to get anything and thus she was wandering around aimlessly.

I know that Doctor Stein is in here, but he would probably kill me in my sleep…

She thought before her eyes fell on a shiny piece of metal. She jogged towards it and unburied it.

It was a halberd.

She touched the weapon and a purple light came from it and swirled around her.

She found her weapon abilities.

Unfortunately, her little light show had attracted some unwanted attention. In front of her were two diary users, one of which had just found their diary. Yuki opened the phone.

"It says that she's defenseless, just kill her." He said. Yuno held up her axe and dashed forward, planning to slice Tsugumi's head open, but her attack got blocked by another axe…

…or axe blade.

Tsugumi's hand had transformed into a blade and had blocked Yuno's deathblow. A static sound was heard and Yuki looked frantically at his phone, trying to find out what went wrong. He didn't get the chance to read it. Tsugumi transformed her hand into a spear head and flung the diary out of his hands. Her hands changed back to normal and Yuki grabbed them. But they were changing, so Yuki accidentally put an axe blade in his own chest.

"Y-yuno…" He said as he fell over. The girls stared at each other. Yuno was filled with rage. She started swinging her axe around like a madman and screaming at Tsugumi. The other girl didn't know what to do. Yuno was moving too fast for Tsugumi to dodge any longer, so she simply let it happen. Yuno sank the axe's blade into Tsugumi and then wept the loss of her precious lover. Two cannon shots rang out through the air as the sky faded from purple to black.

A few words appeared in the sky. It read;

The Anime Games

Day 1 Fatalities

Then the pictures appeared, one by one. They showed the people and who killed them. The first one appeared.


Killed by: Yuno

A picture of her appeared above the text and then disappeared forever and was replaced by another.


Killed by: Yuno


Killed by: Suzuha


Killed by: Lelouch


Killed by: Lelouch


Killed by: Tsugumi


Killed by: Yuno

The final face lit up the sky and then it went dark.

The first day was done and seven lie dead.

Many more long days were yet to come.

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Anyway, leave some ideas for ships and/or victors in the description because my school friends either are really pissed off because I killed Usagi (get over it, Avery) or they want a gay ship of Roy/ Light. No. Here are some ship possibilities:

-Lelouch x Kallen

-Kanade x Otonashi

-Rin x Shemi

-My friend wants Roy x Everyone (literally, not even joking)

-Shiro x Saber

So, leave some ideas! I already know who's definitely going to die, but I'm not telling you! Anyway, until we meet again, bye!