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Anyway, I wanted to talk about sponsoring our lovely anime characters! Here's an example that my lil sis sent to Stein:

Show: Soul Eater
Tribute: Stein
Item: Stein's chair
Note: I thought you would want this, you could also hit someone on the head with it

Also no OP or useless items ex: helicopter, FLEIJA, toilet. And if you would like an item hidden inside of another, you know, like the nail file hidden in the cake trick, just let me know! Enjoy!

Asuna had been wandering around aimlessly since the games began. She had a bag with medical items in it, but no food or water. She knew it was a bad idea to shout and ask if anyone was there, someone would definitely kill her. She walked around the corner and, quite literally, ran into two people. It was a blonde girl and a raven haired boy. Asuna fell on the ground and began gripping the handle of a sword.

"Hello there~!" The blonde girl said. She helped Asuna get up.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Shemi?" The raven haired boy asked.

"It'll be fine, she doesn't look like the kind of person to kill someone. What's your name? Mine's Shemi."

"I'm Asuna, who are you?"

"My name's Rin. You can stay with us as long as you don't try to kill us, deal?" Rin said.



Hitomi and Kyubey were going to leave their little shelter and try to find more allies. Before they left, Hitomi transformed.

A green light consumed her and a new outfit replaced her dirty and torn school uniform. A white blouse with a green collar and sleeve tips, a white and green skirt with evergreen beads hanging from the belt loops, white lacey gloves and tights, green flats, and a daisy chain headband and necklace all appeared. She summoned a green scythe with a daisy print on it and they left. Unfortunately, the bright light had attracted some unwanted attention, and someone was now watching them.

The question was,


A bit before that…

Stein watched as a big box appeared right before him. It had his name on it, so he walked up to it and read the note taped to it.

I thought you would want this, you could also hit someone on the head with it.


He put the note in his lab coat and opened the box.

"A chair?" He mumbled to himself. Sure enough, someone had gifted him his chair. Although, something was different about it. He took the bottom cushion and it revealed a scalpel that had been sharpened to a fine point. He put the cushion back on and began rolling away from the now empty crate when he saw a bright green light emanating from a nearby building. He rolled closer and saw the newest magical girl and Kyubey. He looked at the small animal.

What a perfect specimen…I just have to know what's inside it…

He thought before throwing his scalpel and pinning one of the cat thing's ears to the ground.

"Kyubey!" Hitomi said.

"You should run." Was all the animal said before Stein walked up to him.

"My, what a perfect specimen, I wish I had the time to give you a proper dissection, it's such a shame. Oh well, I can still cut you open and take a quick peek." He said before picking Kyubey up by one of his ear things and slicing his stomach open. The incubator began bleeding everywhere while Hitomi ran. A cannon shot was heard throughout the arena and everyone began to wonder who among them had fallen.

Hitomi was trying to get as far away from Stein as possible. As a magical girl, she could run further than a normal human, but she was still getting tired. When running, she ran past Light. He looked at her and pulled out his handgun. He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger. What he didn't expect was her to deflect the bullet with her scythe. She closed her eyes tightly and threw the scythe in his direction. A sickening sound echoed off of the buildings and a canon was fired. She ran off before she saw anything.


All Asuna joining up with Rin and Shemi did was made their meaningless walking around less lonely. Although, it wasn't so meaningless when they returned to the center of the arena. They had decided to make their camp there for the night when Rin saw a familiar red case poking out of the cornucopia. He grabbed it.

"What is that?" Asuna asked.

"A last resort." Rin said before swinging the sword on his shoulder as the sun went down. The trio watched the names and faces of the fallen appear in the sky.

The Anime Games

Day 2 Fatalities


Killed by: Stein


Killed by: Hitomi

9 lie dead.

15 are going to live to see another day.

Only one question remains.

Who caused the games?

I hope this was worth the wait! And about the why are they happening question, I wasn't originally going to have anything beyond the games, but a review changed my mind. So, who, or what, caused the games? Who shall emerge victorious? Will I update this next week? Probably not because that's spring break, but I'll be back after that.

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