Summary- When the team is called in for a school shooting, what could possibly go wrong? What does fate have in store for them? This is a One-Shot.

A/N- I suggest listening to the song Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne. This is a one-shot for the word of the week on Facebook; the word is 'Fate'.

Nobody's Home.


"There are good people who are dealt a bad hand by fate, and bad people who live long, comfortable, privileged lives. A small twist of fate can save or end a life; random chance is a permanent, powerful player in each of our lives, and in human history as well."-Jeff Greenfield

Emily Prentiss was having a bad day, no not a bad day a horrific day. When she woke up she saw that she was late for work, rushing to get ready she tripped and fell. Then on her way into work her car broke down, causing her to have to catch a taxi to get there.

"You're late." Aaron Hotchner says as soon as she rushes through the conference room door.

"I know. I'm so sorry sir; it's been a rough morning." The brunette says before quickly sitting down, avoiding looking at the blonde media liaison at the front of the room.

David Rossi looks toward the brunette sitting next to him, "What happened?"

"It's nothing. So we have a case?" Emily asks finally looking up toward Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau.

JJ tries to show Emily how sorry she is with her eyes; they had broken up two weeks before. JJ had been seeing both Will and Emily and was having trouble deciding who she loved, both knew about the other and it often caused issues with dates. Emily knew instantly when she opened her door to find JJ outside with an apologetic smile that she had chosen Will.

"No we don't have a case, just briefing the case from last week." JJ says softly, her heart breaking when Emily immediately looks away.

Nodding her head Emily looks toward Derek Morgan, "What have we gone over so far?"

"We are at your part Princess, where Cyrus found out." He says softly looking at the still healing brunette.

Before Emily can say anything Anderson walks into the room, "You guys are being called away, school shooting. Strauss says it's at Bloomington High School, three shooters." He says before walking off.

The team quickly jumps up and grabs their gear, heading to their SUV's. On the way over they find out the names of the shooters; Alexander Perez, Braden Grayez, and Naomi Detroit. Their tech analyst Penelope Garcia was already looking up information on them.

"You sure you're okay Princess?" Morgan asks looking at the brunette sitting in the passenger seat.

"I'm fine." She replies looking out the window.

Spencer Reid sits in the back seat quietly for a few minutes before speaking. "Almost all school shootings are cause by bullying, one-fifth is caused by angry strangers walking in unnoticed."

"How did they get all of these guns inside of the school without being detected?" Emily asks just as Derek's phone rings.

"What ya got for me baby girl?" The darker man asks putting the phone on speaker.

"Well my sexy chocolate Adonis, I found out that all three shooters were bullied but were also popular. I also found out that Naomi's dad Colonel Marcus Detroit is an army ranger and keeps his guns locked away in a huge safe in his garage, Braden is adopted and lives with a rich family who go to a shooting range on the weekends, and Alexander's dad Richard Perez was put on death row for manslaughter." Garcia says in her usual cheery voice.

"Is that all Garcia?" Emily asks her gaze still out the window as they get closer to the school, she can see a crowd of students, teachers, and other staff members that got out of the school when the shooting started.

"There is one more thing, Naomi's older sister Ashley was killed after joining the FBI. You guys she was killed by Ian Doyle." Garcia says slowly her voice fading out towards the end.

Emily's entire body tenses at the mention of the man who almost succeeded in killing her. Morgan casts her a worried glance, while Reid sits in the backseat quietly.

"Thanks baby girl. I will let you know how this all goes down." Morgan says before hanging up just as they pull into the school parking lot.

The team quickly meets up and Morgan tells them the information Garcia was able to give them. All of them cast a worried glace towards Emily as she stands off to the side talking with an officer.

"Do you think she's okay?" JJ asks softly as she looks at the woman she loves.

Morgan shakes his head, "She just found out that the man who tried and almost succeeded in killing her, killed another woman whose sister is now shooting up a school."

Rossi suddenly goes to step forward, "What is she doing?" he asks as he catches sight of Emily taking off her bullet proof vest and handing her gun to an officer.

Everyone turns to where he is looking and stops, staring in shock as Emily heads for the school.

"EMILY!" JJ yells moving to run after the brunette.

"PRENTISS GET BACK HERE!" Hotch yells after one of his finest agents.

Emily just ignores him and slowly opens the door to the school, slipping inside.


As she quietly walks through the school, she touches the gun hidden under her shirt. Reaching the first classroom she knocks softly. "I'm an FBI agent let me in." she whispers loud enough for whoever is in the room to let her in.

The door opens slowly and she shows her badge to the teacher, when she is let in she quickly looks for an exit.

"I'm Agent Emily Prentiss, I was sent to get you out of here." Emily whispers quietly as she heads to the window and spots a ledge. "I'm going to send you all out the window one at a time, there is a ledge for you to step on." She finishes as she manages to open the window.

As the students and teacher climb out the window, Emily opens the door and sneaks out. Shutting and locking the door behind her, she continues freeing students and teachers, checking the bathrooms she leaves with the only four students that were in either bathroom rushing them into the gym and out the exit door. Slowly she begins walking up the stairs, reaching the hallway she looks around at all of the blood and dead laying on the floor. She continues walking hearing the gunshots on the third floor, suddenly she stops and stares at the young girl that is in front of her and holding a gun.

"Naomi Detroit, I am Agent Emily Prentiss. I know the man who killed your sister-" She is cut off by a loud bang and then suddenly there is a pain in her side.


"Hotch, man we have to go in!" Morgan yells looking at his boss.

JJ stands off to the side being held back by Reid and Rossi as she continues trying to run in after Emily. "Let me go!" she yells tears streaming down her face.

Hotch goes to say something only to be cut off by an officer rushing over to the team. "People are climbing out of the first floor windows. The teacher of the first group says your agent opened a window and told them to climb out, then when she turned back around your agent was gone and the door was locked and shut." He says quickly. "Most of the teachers and students are saying the exact same thing."

JJ sighs in relief; she knew Emily was safe now. "How many rooms are on the first floor?" she asks calmly.

"There were eight classrooms, three bathrooms, and the office." The officer says, "She cleared all of them."

Morgan can't fight the proud smile which is suddenly wiped off of his face at the sound of a loud gunshot coming from the second floor and the rapid fire on the third floor.

Hotch turns to the officer quickly, "Tell your men we are all going in now!" he yells before him and the team take off towards the front doors of the school.

When the officer appears with more officers, Hotch turns to them. "Group one you will follow Agents Rossi and Jareau, Group two you will follow me, Group three follow agents Morgan and Reid." He says signaling that they only had three floors to check since Emily cleared the first official floor concerning classrooms.

"My group will take the third floor." Rossi says hearing looking at JJ.

JJ nods and they head in taking the back staircase for the third floor.

"Reid and I will take the fourth floor with our group." Morgan says before they head off for the staircase.

Hotch turns to his group, "We are to take the second floor and find my other agent." With that said Hotch and his group take the stairs to the second floor.


Groaning in pain, Emily holds a hand to the wound in her stomach. "Naomi, the man who killed your sister tried and almost succeeded in killing me." She says through a deep breath.

The young teen glares at Emily, "You know nothing!" she yells.

"I know that Ian Doyle the man who killed your sister is dead. I watched as he died. I know that you don't really want to do any of this, that Alexander and Braden used your sister's death to get you to help them." Emily says leaning against a locker to try and stand up.

"You're lying! I wanted to do this; the people in this school are so terrible!" Naomi yells tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

Emily bites her lip as she finally stands up, placing one hand on her wound while the other stays on the locker. "Naomi, if you put the gun down I can help you out of this." When she sees Naomi faltering even more at the sound of footsteps she gets the brunette to look at her. "Naomi look at me, put the gun down. Don't let them take you down with them, I know you are a bright girl and I know you have your whole life ahead of you. Let me help you." Emily says taking a pained step forward when she sees Hotch.

Naomi slowly puts the gun on the ground, "I didn't want to do this." She says through her tears walking slowly towards Emily.

"It's okay I know sweetie. Fear makes us do things we never wanted to do." The brunette agent says as the teen reaches her, pulling Naomi into a hug she nods at Hotch.

"Naomi Detroit, I am Agent Aaron Hotchner. I will do whatever I can to help you out of this." Hotch says slowly walking up behind Naomi.

Pulling away from Emily the young teen nods and holds her arms out to Hotch. "I'm sorry I did all of this." She whispers.

"It's okay Naomi. We are going to help you now." Emily says smiling softly before the blood loss finally catches up to her and she falls to the ground.

Quickly passing Naomi to an officer, Hotch lifts Emily into his arms and begins running her down the stairs. The officer cuffs Naomi and leads her down the stairs followed by the rest of Hotch's group.

"Stay awake Emily." Hotch says shaking the woman in his arms a bit.

Emily opens her eyes looking up at Hotch, "I'm pregnant." She whispers before losing consciousness.

Hotch runs even faster at those words.


When JJ and the other's walk out with the boys handcuffed her eyes quickly scan for Emily, only to land on Hotch who is now wearing a bloody white shirt.

"Hotch?! What happened?!" The blonde yells running over to him followed by Reid, Rossi, and Morgan.

Running a hand through his hair, Hotch looks to his team. "Emily has been shot, we need to get to the hospital now."

JJ's heart stops when she hears those words, her eyes immediately filling with tears. She doesn't even notice Morgan pushing her towards his SUV or that Rossi and Hotch are getting in the other followed by Reid. All she can think of is Emily, the woman she loved.

"JJ? Jayje? Jennifer?!" Morgan yells before finally getting her attention. "Talk to me Mama, what was going on with you and Princess?" he asks softly glancing at her before looking back at the road.

"What do you mean?" The blonde asks pretending to be clueless.

Sighing Morgan turns down the next street. "You know what I mean Jayje."

Biting her lip JJ looks towards the darker man, "We were together. I mean I was dating her and Will because I didn't know who I loved more. I love them both equally but I knew someone was going to get hurt. So I broke it off with Emily, and she hates me for it."

"She doesn't hate you JJ. I knew about your relationship, I also knew about her and Will's relationship." Morgan says before his eyes widen at what he had just told the blonde.

"Wait." The blonde stops her eyes wide in shock. "Her and Will were seeing each other?"

Morgan nods his head as they pull into the hospital parking lot followed by Hotch. "Yes, I'm sorry I thought you knew."

JJ shakes her head letting out a humorless laugh, "I broke up with her when I could have just brought her and Will together."

"You should call Will and let him know what happened. Then when our Princess wakes up you both need to tell her you lover her." The darker man says before climbing out of the car.

JJ quickly pulls out her phone and calls Will.


It was several hours later when a doctor came out to inform them of how Emily was doing, he walked straight up to Morgan instead of Hotch.

"Derek, she lost one of the twins. She is fine however but the little guy isn't." The doctor says looking at his old friend sadly.

Derek runs a hand over his head before he looks towards JJ and Will the latter having arrived a few hours prior. "Can I go back and see her now Jackson?" he asks looking back at his friend.

"Yes, everyone can go back now. She should be waking up soon." Jackson says smiling at his friend and telling him the room number before walking away.

As soon as they enter the room everyone's hearts break at how small Emily seems to be in the bed. Derek walks over and sits in the chair on the left side of the bed, taking her hand gently in his own. JJ and Will stand off to the side whispering back and forth, the blonde upset that she hadn't known about him and Emily. Hotch stands by the door with Rossi both keeping a watchful eye on Emily, while Garcia and Reid stand closer to the bed fighting back tears.

"Ugn." Emily mumbles as she opens her eyes.

Smiling Derek leans over her and kisses her forehead. "Hey there Princess." He whispers looking into her chocolate brown eyes.

"Derek?" The brunette whispers before her eyes widen in fear, her hand touching gently at her stomach.

The darker man smiles sadly when he sees where her hand is resting, "Baby girl survived, but her baby brother didn't make it Em. I'm so sorry."

Emily closes her eyes as she fights the tears that fill her eyes.

"Em'ly." Will says walking over to the bed. "Why didn't you tell me?"

The rest of the room minus Derek and JJ look on in shock.

Opening her eyes Emily looks into Will's eyes. "Because you both chose each other. I couldn't ruin that by telling you I'm pregnant."

"How far along?" Will asks softly running a hand through Emily's hair.

"Eight months." She whispers causing the entire room to gasp in shock.

Garcia steps forward quickly. "Oh gumdrop! Why didn't you tell me?! I could have gone shopping and spoiled my god baby."

Emily laughs softly before shaking her head. "Derek only knows because he found me puking my guts out at a crime scene. So I didn't think to tell anyone else." Looking around the room she notices JJ looking at her in shock. "Um guys can I talk with Will and JJ alone?"

Everyone nods giving her hugs or in Garcia's case kissing her cheek before leaving the room.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you JJ. I wanted to tell you that I was with Will and you but I didn't think you would like that." Emily whispers as the blonde walks up to the bed.

JJ laughs sadly, "Emily I would have been ecstatic to know that the two people I love, loved each other back."

"I love both of you. I really wanted you both in my life, but Jayje when you broke up with me I had a feeling you both had chosen so I just gave up." Emily whispers closing her eyes once again.

Will leans down and kisses her softly before pulling back, JJ doing the exact same thing causing Emily to smile and open her eyes.

"We're having a baby." She says softly.


Three years later, Serenity Paige Lamontagne was at home being watched by her favorite uncle Derek while her father Will Lamontagne and both of her mother's Emily and JJ Lamontagne were at the hospital.

"Imma be a big sister!" She says excitedly while cuddling up to Derek.

"That you are princess." Derek says.

Five hours later Derek gets a text from Emily.

'Jayje had him; here is your god son. Henry Michael Lamontagne, 5lbs and 8 ounces.18 inches. He was born at 12:04 am.'

Beneath was a picture of his godson, this cause Derek to smile and look down at his goddaughter who was sleeping on his chest.

"When the will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate, when honor scorns to compromise with death - that is heroism."-Robert Green Ingersoll