Some of ya'll might be a bit upset with this new story but I wrote this like 3 years ago and am deciding to post it up now. Beginning rushed sorta. Hope you enjoy R&R


Where the F* am I Now?!

Nineve POV!

Today was not my day. I am always bad on my luck. But today… today was ridiculous!

And this is what happened in a rushed monologue sort of thing:

I woke up late because my alarm didn't awaken me 'cus my phone died. That pisses anyone off. Being late to school meant no shower. Being late meant I missed the bus. Missing the bus meant I had to walk to school. I'm fourteen and emancipated from my bastard parents (technically my uncle is supposed to be living with me but he is in another state) so they weren't gonna drop what they were doing to help a sister out. Fuck them, they hate me.

Anyways, I get to school twenty minutes late so I missed homeroom. Dashing to the office I literally run into the desk attendant. Coffee is spilt. Fucking awesome! This is just what I needed. Well, I had mentioned that I didn't take a shower…

The desk attendant scrambles in a ditsy way muttering apologies. Being the bitch that I am, I drop the woman's papers on the floor and walk off.

I make it to the office and the secretary ran out of late slips. I wait five -freaking- minutes for her to return with some more. The damn woman comes back and she still has none. So she writes it on a sticky note. So now I'm rushing to second period, seeing as I'm at the end of first.

This school is run electronically so my second period teacher has to enter into the system that I was tardy. So I dash into the science lab and I'm the third person there. My wrinkly, leathery, old teacher, Mr. Skinnard, is sitting behind his desk, sipping on his black as ash coffee. So, here I go and walk up to him and hand him the sticky note and know what he says? He says he can't accept this because it could be a plagiarized excuse note. I stand there thinking, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! He tells me to go back to the office and get a new note, is he serious? I swear steam was shooting from my ears as I stomped back towards the office. Really?!

As I'm ranting inwardly about stupid old people some of the school's preppy bitches spot me. Oh joy, their company is always welcomed. They strut up to me with their ugly long hair bouncing around, their overly make-uped faces smirking and their impossibly tight, short clothing not leaving much to the imagination.

Well, I have nowhere to talk when it comes to clothing; I was basically a scanty hippie. I was wearing short jean shorts with a roped, leather belt with a rainbow peace sign buckle; a mid-drift, light brown shirt with my belly piercing showing. I had on my worn leather boots and knee high white socks. Eyeliner around my doe-like brown eyes. My sandy brown hair was in a loose pony tail and I had on a few head bands; red, blue, and yellow.

The favorite of my features had to be my tattoos. I had four doves flying from my valley. You know, that dip in the hips just below one's stomach. Well I was wearing waist high shorts so it was only showing half of the top two doves. I will admit that I also have a tramp stamp; three red roses above my ass. They were completely hidden by my shorts. Ha!... And I had a tattoo on my left breast. It was the Japanese kanji for love in black.

Okay so here I was fuming my way back to the office when Miss Bitch Queen and her Incredibly Stupid Posy of Three step in my way. So being me and in the best mood ever I say, "Move it hoe bags or make up isn't going to be the only thing coloring your faces." Yeah, they didn't like that.

"What did you say Fish?" At the time (And always) they were pissing me off. SO, I replied with a well versed, ya heard me bitches. "You're a nobody Fish, no one will ever want a loser like you."

I was pretty mad so I just say to her, "Good, I'm asexual bitch so move before I wipe your make up off on the wall."

The head bitch was irate and about to take out her earrings. Seriously, I wouldn't rip out those ear rings; I would rip out her hair! She stopped when her little sheep spoke up, "No way Ally, you just got your nails did." That made her gasp and look at her manicured nails. I sighed with disappointment in the human race.

I finally just push her out of the way and push the rest of my way pass the ocean of school goers in the hallway. Now I was back at the office and I see the same desk lady. She seems mad to see me back. Fuck her. I lifted up the sticky note she wrote and told her Mr. Skinnard wouldn't accept it. She sighed and took the note and wrote it on a white piece of paper. I gave the woman the 'are you serious?' look and turned on my heels and walked out of the school. Fuck them, I was not about to run all over the building like an idiot.

I stalk out of Booker High, my grip on my leather nap sack making my knuckles white. My stomach growls at me as if demanding to know the reason to why it still has not been fed. I groaned as I continued walking home again, back to my shoddy apartment. I then picture myself eating left over mac and cheese from the refrigerator. Yum.

I'm at least ten minutes away from my shitty little nitch and Mother freaking Nature decides that I haven't had enough today and it starts to pour. Absolutely no warning just, 'okay I think I'll drop all my water at once.' Just awesome. A flipping cloudburst...

So as I'm walking I'm being pelted with rain packing the force of a paintball gun and the winds throwing me around like a rag doll in a hurricane simulator or a God forsaken NASA wind tunnel. Okay, so what if I'm over exaggerating. Come on, I'm having a bad day. Well, apparently not bad enough in karma's eyes because a truck then drove by and through a puddle causing the water to spray and hit me. REALLY?! What God did I piss off this time?!

At the time I didn't know but I was about to find out because my apartment complex finally came into view.

I practically skip across the parking lot and dash up the stairs two at a time and nearly slip and plummet to my death. That would have been embarrassing. I can see it now in the headlines, Girl Meets Maker: Accidental Death by Stairs.

Finally, making it relatively safely to the third floor I stop at apartment 414B. The door is a rusty brown with a crusty door knob. I fumbled with my key in my cold, shaking hands and finally put it in the key hole. I swing the door nearly off its hinges and am welcomed with an unwavering heat. Finally I am grateful for my little shit hole to be the equivalent to a sauna. My humble adobe is a studio apartment, the only door belonging to the bathroom, a kitchen off to the side and a couch across from it.

My first step inside is immediately met with me tripping over a pair of shoes. I finally lost it and screamed in frustration. I slammed my door and threw my shoes across the room and into the wall. I then proceeded to curse every god I could wrap my mind around and vowed to kill any small and adorable creature that crossed my path; even my old lady neighbor's new tiny kitten who was barely able to walk as of yet.

I stop mid rant when I hear a deep, dark chuckling voice. What the fuck?! I turn my head to see a shadow of a man sitting at my couch. This man was staring at me with glowing magenta eyes. FML for not turning on the lights. Holy shit, I'm gonna die.

End shitty monologue!

Now right here is where my epic story begins. You know the generic, love and hate; pain and joy; good and bad (with some of the gray area we all love). You know, the usually fairy tale crap.

I trace the wall with my hand searching for the elusive light switch as I hold my breath. My eyes never once left the outline and glowing orbs of the very male figure on my ripped up couch not even ten feet from me. Fucking finally, my hand finds its target and I flip the switch... Low and behold, NO POWER. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" I seethe through my teeth and the man laughs deep in his throat, the action causing chills to run up and down my spine. Well, at least someone can find some humor in this because I know I sure as hell can't. Finally catching up to my voice that has been running from me I ask in a cautious voice, "Who the hell are you?"

There the man goes and chuckles that sinister chuckle again. I really can't see what's so funny right now. Do I have something on my face? In my teeth? In my hair? Am I naked? Your mind is a strange place when you're scared. I grumble and watch his outline, his unnerving eyes watching me back.

"Hello, Nineve-chan," Okay, WTF?! This stranger on my couch, in the dark, uninvited into my shit hole home, knows my name! Before I can have a full out panic attack at the highest degree, full force, he continues, "I have been watching you." Okay this is getting worse. I mutter a 'what the fuck' under my breath as he continues further on, "And I am now convinced that you will bring me much needed and welcomed entertainment."

Before I can even stop myself I pick up the vase from the table next to my right side and throw it at him, "You sick fuck!"

He laughs and throws his head back into the cushion causing the foggy glass to shatter against the puke green wall. He snaps his head back up and as the lightning clashes outside; the brief light illuminates the man's features. He has long black hair that looks like moving oil on top of water. It wasn't dirty; it was so colorful, yet so dark at the same time; just captivating. He had a pointed face and high cheek bones. But, that smile of his was so wicked it terrified me, inwardly anyways. I wasn't about to give him the satisfaction of seeing me scared.

I was about to speak when his next statement has me stopped dead in my tracts, "The temper of a true Jashinist." I glance into his eyes and I am captivated once more.

Jashinist? Like Hidan from Naruto? "Oh-okay, um what?"

He just continues to stare. There is a silence that lasted an eternity... okay, it was only like two minutes, maybe not even that but it sure as hell felt like forever.

"You want an explanation?" I just nod dumbly. "Okay, I am Jashin."

Okay, hold the phone, "No freaking way!" He then sent me a bone chilling, withering glare, "Okay, okay, I'll be quiet." I spit out quickly in my nervousness. Inching my way to the kitchen counter, my eyes never leaving his.

"I am Lord Jashin. I am from another dimension. For clarification, that man Kishimoto has the ability to see into my domain. His whole series is from his ability to see into the most probable future of my world. I have been hunting for someone to bring back and destroy the current time line. Someone with knowledge of its future. You see I can't meddle with the inhabitants of the other world, so I have resorted to someone of this world. And I like you, Nineve-chan."

The lightning flashes again and I spot a wicked grin threatening to split his face in two. "After all, I am a God of death and destruction."

I just stand there, stunned against the wall. A few moments later I finally come to my senses and push off the drywall and slowly walk towards him; Lord Jashin. "So, let me get this straight. You want me to create the ultimate destruction by destroying the time line... simply to entertain you?" He nods his head with a chuckle.

"And just how am I supposed to do that? I'm just an average girl. Yeah, I'm a gymnast in both the gym and on the streets and I can kick some petty ass, but that's all I've got going for me. Are ya gonna train me or something? Whip me into some ninja bad ass, Lord Jashin?"

The God nods his head and I see that amused and wicked smile once more and he speaks, "Of course, of course. I wouldn't just throw my new priestess into a ninja world with immortality alone."

My jaw then unhinges and drops. I start to sputter in excitement, "I'm gonna be immortal?! Just like Hidan?! He's so cool! "

He barks laughter and I smirk to myself. It soon turns into a line as I quirk a sandy brown eyebrow, "So, what do I do for you in return for immortality?"

He leans back into the worn out cushions of my old couch and stretches out his arms, "Just a sacrifice a month and prayer every day, at least one time."

That was it? That seemed easy enough. I've never sacrificed before but I'm guessing Lord Jashin will teach me. "Okay so when do we start?" Before I can ask more -or ponder any reason to stay in my own world- I am being sucked into this black ass void.

...That's the moment I remember...

My mac and cheese... Damn it!

Hope y'all liked it. Next chapter posted soon R&R