Hello all! So this is my first Attack on Titan FanFic(yay!). I've had this idea for a good amount of time and just couldn't figure out how to make it into a story, but i managed to do that. So this first chapter will be a prologue for the story, and i hope that it somewhat gives you an idea on my OC. So i hope you guys enjoy this story :) and i kinda set it a few months or so before Levi meets Erwin, and since Levi's age isn't conformed i decided to make him a little younger like teenager wise. I really hope you guys like this story and sorry this one is so short! -author


Under the Capital, there was the Underground City. Many people lived under there despite the harsh conditions. The people there would often get sick easily and die. It was hard to not get sick if you didn't take care of your hygiene. Though despite the many people that lived down there, there was a group of thugs that would do anything to survive. That group of thugs was run by a man named Levi Ackerman. In his group, was Farland Church and Isabel Magnolia. They were like a family. But there was another person they loved who was a part of their little family. And that person was Levi's only little sister, Miya Ackerman. She was exactly ten years younger than Levi. He was only ten years old when she was born, and she is currently only 6 years old. She had the same black hair as her brother and it reached down to her shoulders. She had the same grey eyes as Levi. Even though they were siblings, Miya's personality is the exact opposite from Levi's. Miya is more cheerful and outgoing then her brother. And despite of his cold eyes and timid personality, Isabel and Farland know that deep down all Levi wants to do is protect his little sister, along with them.