I got this idea when I watched the last episode of Legends of Chima; It made me think, what happened to the hunters' icy coverings or selves after they were purified when Flinx did the illumination and became the 9th Phoenix. I was thinking somehow they were transported to Remnant and became their exact clones of them ended up in the status as they first awoke.

I was also thinking why is Remnant called Remnant? I was thinking in some AU story, that Remnant was once part of Chima, but was separated during the Great Illumination, and before the Great Illumination, there were humans, but lived in the part of Chima dubbed "Remnant" by the Phoenix. Where Remnant is at it's present time, it is now sealed off from Chima and now a different world. The Great Illumination was also the cause of the origin of the Faunus and the Dust (This had happened long before the creatures of Grimm first appeared, they appeared 100 years after the Great illumination.

For the AU stuff, I was thinking of another group of antagonists to go with the Hunters. They will be called the Huntresses. I got this idea for the AU stuff from seeing that there is a female member of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe named Sibress that I've seen as a lego figure. I was thinking of having her personality a little like Sir Fangar's. She will be the leader of the Huntresses (who look like Gender-swapped versions of the rest of the Hunters, but their (no there not related to each other).

There will be another character (not seen in the show) and her male version who is a member of the Vulture Tribe: Vultrix (any of you can think of Vultrix's opposite's name and the other huntresses' names). The Ice Bears will also be with the ice tribes who invade Remnant. How will they and of course their own huntresses opposites listen follow the orders of Sir Fangar and Sibress (since I heard that the Ice Bears are most the berserk, mad, and uncontrollable of the Ice Tribes), because Sibress will be able to calm them and convince them to co-operate because she is the only one of the Ice Tribes who can use aura (which is what I think the Lion Beast told Laval to use instead of that last chi orb)(the original Sibress, who is in Chima, can also use aura, she'll teach a few animals there how to use aura). Sibress's semblance is to speak into the minds of some beings and also to repair the Ice Tribes' vehicles if there where the clones in Remnant awaken, they will awaken in a deep gorge on that island called the Menagerie (its where the faunus were once held before the Faunus Civil Rights Act).