Disclaimer: As per usual, I own nothing but the story idea you see within this story. As I'm sure most of you know there's been a big craze lately with that Power/Rangers fan film that got made. That got me to thinking, then thinking about the ending of The Green With Evil saga got me to thuinking even more. And thus, this bit of fun craziness came into life. Enjoy! Also, welcome to the first of many one shots I intend to place all in one area rather then separately!

Summary: Binge watching with Felicity leads to some interesting results for Oliver.

The battle had been long and hard, if a bit brutal at times. But in the end Oliver 'The Arrow' Queen, leader of the Morphin' Arrows was victorious in freeing his beloved sister from the evil spells of Malcolm 'The Magician' Merlyn. Who had sought to use Thea Queen in his evil plans to destroy Oliver and the Morphin' Arrows and finally take over Starling City. From which there he would begin to make attemps to control all of the world in the name of the Merlyn Empire. The same Empire that his own son Thomas had betrayed as he had those blasted things called morals within him. Something the elder Merlyn had been sure of that his mother was responsible for. Bless that woman's soul.

After having managed to knock his sister to the ground, Oliver used a special arrow laser to purify the bow that helped to control his sister. A glow soon surrounded it and then a black mist left the bow and evaporated into the air. Also causing Thea to de-arrow as well, Oliver quickly de-arrowed as well and raced over to his sister to help her get up. Who had been feeling rather dazed after having been freed. Thea looked at her brother as he helped her stand up. "O-Ollie?! I'm so sorry! I didn't want to do any of that!" She cried out, near tears at all of what she had been forced to do thanks to that tyrannical nutjob who claimed to be her true father.

Oliver hugged her to show that it was alright while the team in front of them stood watching in silence in their civilian forms but happy over the turn of events they were witnessing. "Shh Speedy, its okay now. None of that was your fault, it was all on him." Oliver told her consolingly.

"Yeah little sis, its all on that maniac!" Tommy called out with his own words that were meant to re-assure her.

That got a smile from the girl in question. Which made him happier then what he was currently at in succeeding in what he had been aiming for.

Oliver stared at his sister for a moment, considering what he was going to do next. Logically he knew that having her on the team would be good for them due to Merlyn's increasing hostility. But the brotherly side of him didn't want her involved at all. However, he finally made a decision. "Speedy, while I'd rather not have you anywhere near this, would you join us and fight by our side?" Part of him hoped she would say yes while another part hoped she said no.

Thea looked at him in surprise and shock, but inwardly happy he wanted her with him and his team. "You really want me with you guys?"

The team quickly surrounded her and Oliver, all voicing their approval of her joining them. Causing Thea to smile gratefully at them all. "Okay, if anything it'll get dear ol' dad in an uproar!" Her statement received a chorus of happy exclamations with lots of hugging.

"Guys, as the fair Felicity would say. This is simply arrownominal! Called out Ray 'The Atom' Palmer quite happily.

Oliver merely rolled his eyes good naturedly at his team mate. "Alright guys, let's do this." He called out as he stepped in front of them. The others quickly lining up behind him, grins all present on their faces.

"ITS ARROW TIME! ARROW!" Oliver morphed into his Arrow suit with added poses and the like. Finishing off with his bow having an arrow loaded up and pointed at the sky.

"FREELANCER!" John 'Freelancer' Diggle called out, and was soon covered in a light green outfit you might see from SWAT members or Special Forces members. Doing his own fancy moves in the process, followed by crossing his arms to complete it.

"CANARY!" Sara 'Ta-er al-Sahfer' Lance called out. Morphing into her black outfit, complete with domino mask and blonde wig. Bo staff in hand as she did her own poses before finishing it with her staff going behind her back.

"BIG SPENDER!" Tommy 'Party Boy' Merlyn called out with a smirk on his face. His suit merely consisted of a well designed armani suit and money falling down around him with a spotlight from somewhere shining down on him and that smirk still present on his face with his own arms crossed as well.

"THE FLASH!" Barry 'The Fastest Man Alive' Allen called out, spinning in a circle and soon being donned in his red outfit. A red backdrop behind him as he posed in mid speed.

"ARSENAL!" Roy 'Abercrombie' Harper called out, quickly being covered in a red outfit with all sorts of weapons on him. He made a menacing pose by swinging escrema sticks.

"ATOM!" Ray 'The Atom' Palmer called out, red and blue armor flew on to him to complete his morphing sequence. His pose was merely him hovering a few inches off the ground.

Thea taking her cue next, brought her bow out in front of her and yelled out "ARTEMIS!" She was soon covered in her own outfit, but instead of all black it was both black and purple. She fired off an arrow soon after in a random direction, choosing to simply stand where she was with one leg put up to have her knee put outward. Her bow in front of her.

Once this was all done, the whole group posed together as one. Each with their own added uniqueness to it. "Separately, we're strong. But together.. WE'RE UNSTOPPABLE! Oliver called out.

And then as a group, "TEAM ARROW!" And behind them as they posed proudly different colors of smoke went up behind them in an explosion that did nothing to harm them.

From their base of operations underneath Verdant, Felicity 'Lady of Wifi' Smoak and Lyla 'Argus' Diggle watched on. Happy with how things turned out. "Oh yeah! That jerk is in trouble now!" Felicity called out very happily. Lyla smiled at the younger girl's enthusiasm but said nothing.

It was then that Oliver woke up with a yelp on the very couch he and Felicity had been on earlier in the night watching some of her old favorite shows on Netflix. Jesus, remind me to never binge watch with her again!

Author's Notes: And that concludes that random bit of fun! Hope you all will enjoy! And now back to your regularly scheduled programming!