Good Girl

Gone Bad

Disclaimer: Listening to the Heavy Metal channel on my Aunt's cable got me to thinking this up where E-1 Laurel is concerned.

Summary: Laurel Lance goes from good to bad after the downing of the Queen's Gambit.

For Laurel 'Don't Call Me Dinah' Lance, life had essentially began to fall apart on her when not only her boyfriend, but her sister as well had died when the 'Queen's Gambit' sank in the North China Sea. It hurt even more when she realized Oliver had cheated on her with Sara, her own damned sister on that boat. Things only worsened when her father fell into a bottle of booze, leading to her mother splitting town and basically abandoned them. Said boozing showed Laurel that her father basically wouldn't have minded if it'd been her who'd gone down on that boat instead of Sara. Leading to a furthered sense of pain and anger inside of her and discovering that parties and fights were about the only ways for her to deal with those two feelings. Sure, she could have started downing the booze like her father but that wouldn't have helped anything and nor would have drugs and she liked to think she had more steel in her. Though she would end up doing Weed every once in awhile.

It'd taken a fellow Law School Student with a penchant for Heavy Metal and going to clubs for that sort of thing that Laurel would start to take on something of a Goth look and looking out for herself. Letting her father deal with his own crap instead of bothering to help since all it'd get her was insults and the like. This path would lead to her discovering she had a pretty good singing voice and would occasionally add her voice to bands that Janet, the Heavy Metal lover and fellow Law School Student, had introduced her too. Leading to her gaining the nickname of the 'Black Siren' because her voice had a haunting quality to it that felt like one was being led to their doom. Something she got a laugh out of when she was told about it. Her fighting, which would see her in cage matches from time to time, would get the notice of some individuals who thought she'd be a great asset for them and since by that point in time, she was already pretty far from the girl she used to be, agreed to work for them. Earning herself a good amount of pay in the process thanks to now working for those individuals.

Now, yes, there was those who saw what was going on and tried to talk to her about it and get her off the path she was on, but Laurel wouldn't budge. Even playing on Tommy's concern from time to time to get her own personal satisfaction until he finally figured out what she was doing and being none too happy about it.

Author's Notes: I started this a couple months ago, right around the time that snow storm hit Texas but ended up stalling on this. So I decided to just go ahead and post it up even though its unfinished.