Corellian Detour

By Dark Leia


Chased by pirates and forced to land, Han ends up staring at business end of some harsh realities of his past. Is Leia ready to say goodbye permanently so she can complete their impending mission to Ord Mantell? Loosely follows Strategic Maneuvers, but meant as a stand-alone.

- It all belongs to the House of Mouse. BUT if I ever personally come across Han Solo, I say possession is nine-tenths of any galactic law anywhere and good luck to MM or even Alderaanian royalty at that point -

Chapter 1: Shoot me now or wait until you get home

Sweat beaded down Solo's head. Things hadn't been this desperate in a long time. Pirates had pulled his ship from hyperspace. Superior skills and past experience gave him the edge and he had been able to maneuver the Falcon at the last possible second to make a break for it. Thankfully, the damage inflicted by the attacking pirates had not been to his power thrusters. It was those thrusters that gave the Falcon that extra boost of speed needed to outrun them and head for more populated space where Solo knew they would not want to follow him.

Unfortunately, Han shared in the pirates' aversion to being in this sector of the known galaxy albeit for different reasons. The pirates didn't mind picking out weak targets on the fringes, but they knew the repercussions that waited for them here would be swift and without mercy. Han had his own reasons for wanting to avoid this system.

Chewie growled a warning about their location and heading.

"I know!" Han growled back. "The stabilizers aren't responding. They must have been damaged more than I thought."

Leia had been sitting stone-faced behind the captain. He saw the Princess out of the corner of his eye as he checked a control in the middle console. Obviously, she was still trying to gather her wits after his last display of flying maneuvers. As a more than decent pilot herself, she fully understood what they had just lived through had been death-defying. The Captain's fingers continued to blur over the controls as Chewie again barked something that sounded worried.

"No!" Han shouted again. "Don't even think about it!"

"Think about what!?" Leia blurted, her voice hovering between angry and frazzled.

Han knew when she used that tone, she was scared, but he ignored her. He was not going there. He couldn't go there. There had to be another way. Something he hadn't thought of. Something he missed. He methodically checked down his mental list once again as if he were reciting an alphabet. Zero response from several major systems and the associated minor ones as well.

His choice was being narrowed down to start procedural descent now and land there with minimal control or crash there with no control and hope to die in the blaze on entry. Fully knowing his choice, he looked to Chewie for support.

Understanding Solo's dilemma, Chewie looked anxious for his friend, but stated his opinion clearly. Solo cringed at his co-pilot's succinct answer as it shot through his heart: 'We could, she can't.' Damn noble Wookiee.

Han looked at him hard. That would not have been his first choice. "Initiate landing," was all he said.

There was cold silence in the cockpit until a few moments later, Han flipped on the comlink and punched in a code before hailing the landing control.

"Control? This is the Millennium Falcon of the 12th. We are in distress and need a corridor cleared for landing right now. We're gonna be coming in hot."

"Millennium Falcon you are clear on current course. Platform 839. Emergency services enroute."

Han turned back towards the Princess and grabbed her safety harness straps pulling them tighter against her, "Double check those straps. This is gonna get a little rough, Sweetheart."

"Han?" Leia looked at him with openness in her eyes he never recalled seeing before.

"You'll be alright, Princess," Han focused on her spellbinding eyes for one last second before turning back around and gripping the yoke. Yes, she would be alright. He knew he could get them and the ship down in one piece at least. It was what came after that was going to be the end of him. His famous Corellian luck had finally run out.