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Chapter 40: What Am I To You?

Good byes and well wishes behind them. Solo, Chewie and Leia shut the main hatch and headed to the cockpit.

"We can still make the mission to Ord Mantell," Leia stated out loud as if it needed to be said.

Han rolled his eyes. Some things never changed with her. Then again, he was grateful to still have the chance to know things about her like that. With a snort, he flopped into his pilot's chair.

"Whaddya say, Chewie? Are we back in business?"

Chewie barked affirmatively and began warming up the engines.

"Ok, Princess. Since you tried so hard to keep me around …" Han turned around to her and flashed a scandalous smile, "… we might as well make it count." Not waiting to see her reaction, he faced the cockpit windows again. "Chewie, contact Control and request clearance to liftoff. Princess, prepare a course to Kashyyyk so we can drop him off on the way to Ord Mantell."

Several minutes later they were safely in hyperspace on the way to Kashyyyk. Leia unstrapped from the navigator's chair behind Solo and quietly made her way out of the cockpit. She knew Han would bring up the inevitable at some point in the trip and she still needed to figure out how to handle it. The more she thought about it, she hoped he would do it while Chewie was still there with them.

Their time on Corellia had really helped focus her feelings for the handsome Captain. What she came to understand was that she couldn't deny to herself that she possessed deep feelings for him and more than likely, he returned at least some of those feelings in earnest. What to do about those feelings, she had no better idea now than before. Before they left for this mission, he said he was staying. She had been overjoyed enough to hug him happily. Other than that, she was completely unsure what to do with it. Maybe she should lighten up her tight grip on her feelings. After all, wasn't she the one who proselytized about holding on to tightly was a sure way to lose control?

As if on cue, the sound his bootsteps on the deck told her that Solo was headed her way. Leia quickly buried her eyes into a datapad, pretending to be going over the mission parameters.

"Forget it, Sweetheart," Han warned as he sat down across from her. "You wrote those parameters. You don't need to go over them again any more than you need a class on braiding your hair."

She turned off the screen, placed the pad on the gametable and braced herself.

"What do you want, Han?"

"You still owe me some answers."

The lounge suddenly felt too big and open and Leia felt exposed and uncomfortable. It was as anything she was about to say would be better spoken in an intimate setting. Then she looked up into his eyes and saw the vulnerability there was even more open than the room felt.

"I suppose that's fair." She nodded warily.

"You took a pretty big risk," his tone was matter-of-fact, but his voice stayed just above a whisper.

"No more than you have done for me in the past." She countered with grateful sincerity. "Several times."

"None of those were the same."

Impulsively, she reached out and placed her hand on top of his and squeezed it gently. "I would argue that."

He turned his hand over and clasped hers. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't think you would agree to it." She looked at her hand being held by his, but didn't remove it.

"What if it didn't work?"

"Then we would be having a different conversation right now."

"I'm being serious, Princess."

"So am I."

"Fine." It figures she was going to force him to spell it out. He felt like he had nothing to lose at this point. Not even her. She could've walked away easily and yet she stayed for him. There had to be something there. "If the Council forced your hand, would you have gone through with it like you told the Council or left me to bond with Kat?"

"Kat never wanted to bond with you. She loves Jorik," Leia said matter-of-factly.

"That's not what I asked you."

"Yet, you have an answer nonetheless, Captain." With that, Leia reclaimed her hand and picked up the datapad as she stood. "There are some details I need to reconsider before we begin the mission."

He watched her as she headed off to his cabin without waiting for his response. He quickly replayed the what she had just said and, indeed, it was all the answer he needed.

"I suppose I do, Sweetheart," he said to himself with an elated grin lighting up his entire face.

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