A/N: This is one of the daily drabbles I wrote for Femslash February; meant to post each one everywhere at once, but that obviously didn't happen. I actually mean to write this for femslash100's drabbletag, but, uh... kinda forgot. Figured there was no point wasting the idea, though, so this happened.


"Anywhere you wanna go, Princess, I can get you there in five seconds. Just grab your bag."

"It's not about the destination," Kate scolds as she slams the trunk shut, "it's about the journey. The adventure, out on the open road."

"We've had adventures out in open space," America reminds her.

"Not the point, America," Kate insists, marching for the driver's door.

America holds her ground, arms crossed and one eyebrow quirked. "Then what is the point?"

Kate is quiet a moment before offering, "Being together?"

America's eyes roll, but her lips quirk and she finally goes for her door.