A/N: An old poem I wrote in poetry class! I thought I'd post it! Hope you enjoy! :)

I based this off Eren's POV :)

Disclaimer: Attack On Titan and all it's characters do NOT belong to me! I just write about them! :)

A Change In Humanity

They appeared in the year eight forty-five.

The Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan.

We humans live as cattle.

The Colossal Titan, fifty meters tall.

Peers down at us over the wall.

It's dull blue eyes, decaying skin, mouth like a corpse.

Living peacefully behind three walls.

Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina

They appeared,changing everything.

As the Colossal Titan pushed down on Wall Maria,

it's hands the size of five houses put together

crumples the wall to chunks with a force, no match for a hurricane.

Their footsteps, thunderous roars.

Their screams for hunger deep and darker than the devil himself.

Their wide smiles.

A reminder to us that our nightmares and biggest fears

have only just begun.

Their dark and sinister eyes sparked with delight

soon to satisfy their cravings for our blood, for our flesh, our slick organs.

We were unprepared, we expected this...but not so soon.

If they reach you, get a hold of your squirming body in their fist

they'll make sure to give you a full view of their mouths

and a breeze of their vile breath...their teeth...the exact height of you.

We are left with two options.

Join the battle and fight with your heart to save all humanity!

Or surrender.

Your last moment of your life caged inside the foul mouth of a titan.

Feel the agony of it's teeth pierce through you,hurling you around in its mouth.

It's teeth and and animal of a tongue move

till you're nothing but specks of blood and pebbled bones.