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I'm normal.

That's what Mikage Shiro has always thought while peering out the window of the bus. Clouds darkened as white small fuzz descended softly down outside the chilled window. A normal boy, with normal looks, with a normal life. He had parents that love him with a steady job. Not to mention he had an adorable little sister that was always giving him hugs and smiles in the most needed moments. Shiro smiled fondly at the thought of his little sister, Emi. However, that smile soon turned into a scowl as he remembered a certain boy at the same age as her who confessed his dying love for her.

If he remembers correctly, Shiro thought dryly, that boy confessed to her last week, right? A blare of annoyance and rage flickered through his eyes as he gripped the bus handle tighter, grinding it painfully. His darkened mood suffocated the people around him who flinched at the pissed off teen as they paled.

'Like hell I'll ever accept that!' Shiro screamed in his mind.

He schemed a plan to somehow get rid of the boy without getting noticed. A sinister smile grew on his face as he thought of the many useful types of poisons he could use. If anyone was wondering where he found out this type of information, then Internet's the answer. If anyone was wondering why he searched it up in the first place, it's forever a mystery. The teen sighed soon after he gave up thinking about murdering the kid and relaxed. Much to the relief of the passenger who slumped in their seats watching the calmed teen.

Shiro glanced to the side as he spotted a girl, couple of years younger than him, reading. His eyes lit up in recognition at the cover that brought back slight memories. It wasn't like she was reading a book or anything, it's more specifically she was reading a Manga. Or better yet, she was reading 'Katekyo Hitman Reborn'. It was a pretty famous series that even he had the time to read, and to his amusement, he enjoyed it. This came as a shocker to him as he wasn't the type of person that enjoyed many Manga series. Which usually surprises people since he looked like the type to get into stuff like that.

Shiro looked up contemplating, 'Now that I thought about it, I don't think I've ever finished reading the complete version of the Manga. Oh, whatever, I might as well look into it when I get home.' He shrugged carelessly.

Anyways, as he was saying, he's normal. He was an 18 year-old teenager, ready to graduate in a couple of months. He had friends that hang out with him, which makes up his social life. A sister that he absolutely adores, with some people insisting he had a sister-complex. Which might be true, but what's bad about that? Everything marked him as a normal person with a normal life. Not like anything dreadful has ever happened in his life to create a freaking sob story.

He was normal.

A scream besides him made him jump at the unexpected shout with his ears ringing. Shiro whirled around to see the teenage girl he observed stare out the window of the bus, horrified. It wasn't long before everyone looked towards what she saw before they panicked. Shiro's once passive face turned pale with dread as he saw the incoming truck heading. Right. Towards. Them. The passenger's screamed as they tried to get off the bus in a hurry while pushing people out of the way. Shiro turned around to get off the bus too before the crazed crowd pushed him back. He looked back at the truck as he cursed.


Black and white, that's all he saw as his head spun painfully. He groaned as he looked at the shattered windows of the bus. Shiro wheezed painfully as he touched his head to feel the wetness of his blood from his wound. He flinched before pulling his hand back when his arms weakened and fell limply at his side. His vision flickered on and off as he cursed to himself, he's dying. Soon. His eyes grew hazy through the tears that threatened to fall. He didn't want to die yet!

A bitter laugh escaped him as he thought how cliché that sounded, but he regretted it when he whimpered in pain instead. His gaze wavered before he turned to look to the side, to tired to face upwards as he saw a teen crawl hastily forwards. Her panicked expression was evident before he felt he was placed gently in her arms. Shiro cuddled into to the warmth of the other since he was just so cold, so very cold. His weak gaze trailed upwards to see her shouting something, maybe to stay awake? He didn't know, he couldn't hear anything at the moment. He was too tired to listen anyways, at least he can give the girl one final smile for her kindness. Then everything disappeared the moment he closed his eyes.


Shiro felt oddly at peace as he floated around a dark abyss. However, it wasn't long before he felt a horrible disturbance when he felt something cold hit him. And it freaked him even more when big arms wrapped him around a blanket as they carried him. A shriek escaped his lips before he could stop himself, was he crying? Oh my god, he was.

Why the hell does he feel so small? With this thought he looked around slightly to look for a mirror till he saw one in a corner. What he saw shocked him into another cry of horror that sounded like pitiful cries of a baby.

What the hell happened to me! He screamed to himself as he stared at his baby like body.

He was quickly brought out of his jumbled thoughts as loving arms held him. Shiro sniffled as he clung to the clothes of the woman feeling the warmth radiating from her. Looking up, he saw a woman smiling with her amber eyes twinkling with happiness. Her long raven hair looked dissolved with her face gleaming with sweet.

"Hi there, sweetie… From now on, your name is Fubuki Shiro. Welcome to the world, Shiro-chan!" She said gently as she hugged her son and kissed his forehead.

Despite this gorgeous woman saying this so warmly and sweet. Shiro stayed frozen before he began trembling. The woman blinked as she held her son up to her face. A chuckled escaped her lips at what she saw.

"How adorable!~" She cooed.

Shiro was biting his lips as he tried not to cry. He still had his pride as a man, godammit, and he wasn't going to break that even after being reincarnated. His lower lips quivered as tears prickled his eyes making his new mother squeal in delight.

"Why aren't I dead yet! Did I just come out of the…dammit…'

I'm normal, he repeated finally.

Or at least before I got reincarnated to god knows where.