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It was a lovely morning as Shiro gazed out the window of his hospital room, watching the sun rise high up towards the skies as the breeze caressed his face. It was a calm day, if you ignored the fact that he did try to escape the building earlier, only to be man-handled back embarrassingly by Reborn who hunted and dragged him effortlessly by the collar of his hospital gown. The fact made his face burn a vibrant shade of red as he practically steamed from remembering the incidence. Shiro shuddered at the thought of Reborn, his eyes looking sinisterly as he clicked his gun at him, what a scary man.

The 2nd year sighed, leaning back on his pillows as he lifted his arm over his head, inspecting his bandaged appendage. Shiro pursed his lips at the sight of the faint red stain over white, a contemplative look on his face before a voice echoed to him.

You're the same as me.

Amber eyes lowered as his arm followed, hand turned towards him as he remembered those words. Mukuro's words. Those words called out to him, resonated with him as he recalled the feeling of fear he felt when he heard those words, not to mention…understanding them too. If they had ever met under any other circumstances, Shiro thought to himself, I wouldn't have minded if they did become-

"Fubuki Shiro!" A shrill cry sounded as the door slammed open with an earth shattering bang, startling the teen inside.

Shiro snapped his head up towards the door, only to see Shiratori rushing in with a rather worrisome look, shutting her parasol with a frantic click. Her black hair bounced with each step she took towards him, blue eyes sweeping over him quickly before she sighed in relief at the lack of injuries, and proceeded to scream his ear off.

"You idiot slug!" She yelled, pointing the tip of her parasol at him in dangerous swings, and Shiro pressed his back further into the pillows in fear of getting struck.

"Now, now, Shirato-" Shiro laughed nervously when Shiratori sent him a vicious glare.

"Don't you dare speak! What would happen if you died! You're the heir, Fubuki, you can't just rush in without thinking about the consequences into a mindless fight! You should have at least gotten more help, like, I don't know, me?" Shiratori pouted her lips as she sent him a stern look.

Shiro didn't seem to know how to react as he stared at her, and finally settled with a reply of, "I'm fine, Shiratori, I can protect myself."

He blinked when Shiratori muttered quietly to herself in reply, forcing himself to strain his ears to listen more closely.


"What?" Shiro questioned at the sudden words.

"I said," She began while crossing her arms, looking to the side. "If you can't even defend yourself from that tonfa-armed…monster, then it's hopeless for you to even think about protecting yourself."

Shiro blushed, finally remembering that incident as he stuttered, "That's got nothing to do with protecting myself!"

Shiratori scrunched her brow as she opened her mouth to reprimand him when a voice sounded from the door.

"Oh? What's this news I hear?" The two cousins looked towards the newcomer and Shiratori visibly brightened.

"Satoshi-sama!" She greeted cheerfully, bowing respectfully towards the smiling grandfather who patted her head in reply.

"Yuki-chan, cute as always." Satoshi spoke, settling comfortable in the chair next to the bed as Shiratori practically beamed at the man.

Shiro twitched his eye at the spray of admiration and love practically oozing from his cousin, insulted that this range of respect wasn't given to him when he was the older one between them. He pouted sullenly, Emi was way cuter.

"So, what's this conversation about? A love interest perhaps?" The current leader teased, sending a sly grin towards the ever growing cherry that was Shiro.

Shiratori puffed her cheeks as she frowned, "More like a molester."

Shiro couldn't help but snort as he imagined Kyoya as a molester, it was actually hilarious and scary to think about. Who knows when Kyoya might accidentally walk into the room and hear those exact words by mistake, it would be like fighting a demon from hell, even worse, satan. Satoshi hummed as he shuffled closer to the bed and Shiro watched as the man place both his hands on his shoulder. The smile never left Satoshi's face as brown eyes flashed blue as the degree of the room dropped drastically, "Who am I killing, Shiro?"

Shiro paled at the thought that Satoshi actually took that seriously, "What- no! Shiratori's only being dramatic, Kyoya's only my childhood friend!"

That seemed to cause some recognition to enter the man's eyes as he leaned back in thought, "Ah, that boy you mentioned."

The white haired teen breathed, eyeing his grandfather suspiciously, "Are you sure mom isn't the one you raised?"

Satoshi quirked a brow at this, "Heaven's no, we just have a lot in common that's all, Ryuu is without doubt my one and only blood son."

Shiro nodded hesitantly, moving to grab his cup of water by his table that was brought by one of the nurses, and took a sip when Satoshi spoke.

"So, anything going on with you and that boy?"

Shiro promptly spat his drink out.










Satoshi hummed as he stood up from his chair, leaving a terrible embarrassed grandson by his bed as Shiratori stayed, nagging him.

"As your protector, I must defend your pureness!" Shiratori declared with determination.

The last sight Satoshi saw before he closed the door was Shiro groaning, hand covering his face in exhaustion as he used his other hand to run it through Shiratori's hair, ruffling the raven locks. The old man smiled at the precious sight, shutting the door as he tucked his hands into his yukata sleeves, turning to leave the building to report to Ryuu and Manako about Shiro's state when he halted.

A young man stalked down the hall, short black hair and a cold glare on his storm grey eyes, blazer fluttering from behind as his head was wrapped with bandages. His strides were confident, calculated, and slow as the teen stopped as well at the sight of him. They stared at each other, one vacant and the other suspicious as they both judged each other. The first one that reacted was Satoshi as he smiled at him, taking a couple of strides closer as the younger could only narrow his eyes, hand moving to grab his obvious weapons from his sleeves.

On the other hand, the teen didn't stand a chance as Satoshi stood next to him in quicksilver speed, back lowered to speak close to his ear. The exchange was quick, and grey eyes looked on ahead before they swiped towards the older, only to be faced with predatory blue ones devoid of a smile as they seemed to burn with ice. The raven head lowered his chin at the look, and Satoshi's blues disappeared behind lidded eyes, an enigmatic smile reaching his lips once more. The old man continued forwards as he waved his lone hand at the younger.

"It was a pleasure, Hibari Kyoya." Satoshi called out, leaving the silenced prefect to stare at his head.

Not long after, Satoshi heard the sound of slow steps continuing before advancing, a door opening, and a shout of 'Kyoya' echoing from the room. It was later changed to a panicked one when the sound of a growl and Shiratori's shriek followed right after, and disgruntled yells of 'Kyoya, don't chuck that chair at her' not long after.

The old man chuckled as he continued forwards, pleased to have his message delivered.

It was a sweet dream, Shiro cooed. His back leaning on the park bench as his monotoned world surrounded him, laughter filling the area as he gazed at the two people playing by the swings. Emi giggled as she soared high in the air, telling him to push her higher as he complied, and his former self joined in on her laughter. He rushed to stand in front of her swing, throwing his hands out in a catch, and Emi didn't even hesitate. She threw herself off the swing, and the older caught her swiftly in a tight hug, twirling for the heck of it as it caused Emi to squeal in delight.

Shiro chuckled at the sight, remembering how he nearly had a heart attack when she did that for the first time, and he nearly dropped her unexpectedly. She never stopped, despite warning her to stop doing that considering it was dangerous, and kept jumping anyways till it became a habit to just stand in front of the swings and wait for her to come. Maybe he should have been more stern back then, and maybe then she would have stopped risking injuries.

Amber eyes drifted shut as he let his head dangle, letting his memories to play out, and after awhile of peace, he opened his eyes to stare straight ahead in mild annoyance.

"Stop prying, Mukuro." Shiro called out aloud, which didn't seem to faze the two memory playing in front of him as the air behind him fluctuated.

"Kufufu, seems like I'm caught once again." Mukuro called out sardonically, walking to stand next to him on the bench as mismatched eyes glanced at him.

Shiro rolled his eyes as he ignored the other in favour of watching Emi. The illusionist only chuckled slowly as he joined him in his silent observation, and it always amazes Shiro at how quiet the man could be in situations like these.

He appeared two days ago. Every night when he slept and every dream he's had so far, and it freaked him the fuck out the first time when he saw Mukuro playing with the image of him and Emi in the background, phasing his hand through their forms as he wiggled it suggestively. Shiro nearly had a seizure before he surprisingly managed to land a hit on the pineapple head, causing the man to complain about a headache that formed from the strike, and Shiro purred in absolute delight at the fact.

Turns out, Mukuro left some of his mist flames inside him so he could keep in contact when he stabbed his arm, all for the sake of 'solving the mystery of his barriers'. Which is annoying in itself as each pry seemed to cause a heavy headache to surface, so he gives one to Mukuro too in the form of punching his head, which works splendidly considering his flames keeps the link between them. Shiro grumbled when Mukuro chucked a stone lazily at the memory, only to phase through much to the disappointment of the Vindice convict.

"How interesting," Mukuro spoke suddenly, causing Shiro to turn his head towards him with questioning eyes.


A smirk stretched the illusionists lips, "I never knew you had a sister complex."

Shiro sputtered, "Wha- It's not a sister complex!"

Mukuro gave him a look that suggested otherwise before scoffing, "How distasteful."

The acrobat sighed in faintness, "If you don't like it, why don't you leave then?"

Something about that question made Mukuro frown, mismatched eyes drifting as they continued to stare ahead with a somber air, and Shiro noticed these changes. He observed the nostalgia in those old eyes, and couldn't help but remember that this man has lived six lives and was currently held in the most guarded prison in all of history, deep underground in a cask of water with no hope of ever seeing the sun for a long time. Shiro turned away.

"Sorry, stupid question." He replied instead, causing the illusionist to raise a brow at him.

"Oya? How so? I am the one who invaded your privacy first, I don't see a reason for you to not feel offended."

"I don't mind keeping you company, if that's what you want," Shiro glanced at Mukuro. "After all, you must be lonely in that tank of yours."

Mukuro narrowed his eyes, "I'm not lonely."

Shiro hummed, "Sure you aren't."

The illusionist furrowed his brows as his frown deepened, a smirk gracing his lips once more. Shiro jerked when he felt the prying again, and he gritted his teeth at the headache before pinching the other, twisting it for a good measure. Mukuro grunted, face contorting to a similar look of pain as he grabbed his arm, and Shiro huffed.

"Besides, I don't think you can ever harm me." At that, Mukuro stilled. "You can't really attack me when you're practically powerless under the Vindice's guard, a fact considering you've only been prying my barriers with what you have left of your abilities so far."

Shiro stood up to stretch as he continued, "And the fact that you're not fighting me at all is because it puts too much strain between my connection and yours. Your headaches a prime example of the physical strain, and I'm quite sure if we ever did fight in here, you would be quick lose the concentration needed to stay connected to me and my dreamscape to ever find out about my barriers."

The acrobat turned with clear eyes and an easy smile on his lips, "Am I wrong?"

Mukuro pursed his lips as he nodded hesitantly, an amused smile reaching him, "Kufufu, you're rather defenceless aren't you, allowing a convict to roam your mind as freely as this."

For a good condescending moment, the illusionist leaned close to his face, holding a tense stare between them.

"Mark my words, Fubuki Shiro," Mukuro stated. "I will figure out the secrets of your barriers, even if it'll take years from now before I'm free from the Vindice's clutches, I will succeed."

Shiro grinned in challenge, "I would like to see you try, Mukuro."

The mismatched chuckled at that, straightening his back to look towards the bleak skies. "Kufufu, how interesting. It's a deal."

His reply reverberated around the room as his form spazzed, and Mukuro shot him a last thoughtful smirk, "In till next time, Shiro-chan."

The illusionist disappeared from where he stood as he left the groaning acrobat with a smug laugh.

"Stop with the nicknames! Good lord, every single one of them!"








The gun was placed in front of the sleeping Fubuki, hovering point blank over the middle of his head as a finger tapped the trigger, fedora shadowing cold calculating eyes. Reborn observed the younger, the darkness of the room dominating except for the stray moonlight illuminating the dark hospital room. He stood there, not moving as his grip on the handle of his gun didn't change, a frown on his lips. It was ages before he moved, lowering the gun as it passed the heart in worrying fashion and finally rested the firearm by his side, trigger left forgotten.

Reborn held out his hand when Leon slithered forwards, eyeing the cursed man with disapproval that the baby didn't seem to care as he turned, giving a last glance at the sleeping figure. The chameleon pouted, and Reborn only tapped it's head, "Don't look at me like that. He's suspicious."

"However," Reborn reminded the fussing lizard. "He still has a purpose. A very rare purpose."

When he woke up, Shiro was finally authorised to leave the hospital as he practically launched himself out the window, doing gleeful flips before landing on the entrance roof with a tuck and roll. And just for the hell of it, Shiro threw his hands out in 'ta-dah' as he bowed at an unseeable audience. He refrained himself from snickering at the screaming hospital staff that came from his room and continued on before he found himself walking out the gates of the place, waving happily at the frantic doctor that leaned out the window with his glasses nearly falling from his rush.

"Freedom~" Shiro sang, skipping down the road.

A month has passed, and Shiro was finally starting to realise…that he really liked Kyoya's eyes. It was weird but true as Shiro couldn't help but seem to stare deep into them every time they held eye contact, especially after winter. Gods, don't even bring up the disaster that was winter, it was both confusing and cheek warming to think about. Yet, at this moment, he can't help but gaze into those very grey eyes he admired and seemed fond of, with a look of absolute disbelief.

"Oh my god, what am I going to tell your father?" Shiro whispered in a hushed delirious voice, brushing a nervous hand over his wintry hair.

Kyoya replied with a bemused quirk of his brow as he crossed his arm, "Hn, don't tell him anything."

"That's so not the problem here!" Shiro retorted, ignoring Takeshi who was trying to calm him down.

"Ma, ma, Shiro-chan, I'm sure it'll turn out just fine-"

"Kyoya's delivering a corpse for god's sakes! I have reasons to worry about this disposal! Think about what his dad would do to me when he finds out that Kyoya's committed a crime! A crime I tell you!" And sure enough, the corpse with a beanie was lying dead centre in Tsuna's bedroom. Literally.

Tsuna sweat-dropped, "S-Shiro's freaking out more than I am, which is concerning considering this is my problem…"

Hayato snorted, "Leave him, it's hilarious to watch the window freak 'freak' out."

"Hahi, don't be cruel to Fubuki-senpai, Gokudera!" Haru lectured, giving the bomber the stink eye.


Shiro was muttering prayers as he hoped to god that Hibari Katsuro doesn't find out about the crime that his son was going to commit because holy shit that man had an extreme sense of justice. Kyoya rolled his eye at the younger, grabbing him by the collar and all but dragged the acrobat out the window, and if it wasn't for the branch sticking out he would have been a goner. Though, if Shiro wasn't wrong, Kyoya took heed to that and actually chucked him to the nearest safe spot. How kind.

"I'll dispose of the body, baby." Kyoya reported towards the Acrobaleno who nodded, glancing at the dangling katar user.

Shiro sighed, about to let go when Kyoya landed under him, giving him a wolfish smirk as he held his hands out in invite. The white-haired blushed and paled simultaneously at the look, feeling cornered and flustered at the sudden action as he contemplated his chances, and decided with a resigned sigh. The acrobat let go as he descended… and promptly used Kyoya's face as a stepping stone as he jumped off, a startled grunt coming from the prefect that held his face.

"You-!" Kyoya swirled around angrily, only to see Shiro bolt from his spot with a cackle.

I'm still a man too, Shiro thought to himself with a grin as he brushed his hand over his thumping heart. So don't expect me to always act like your damsel in distress, Kyoya.

As the school prefect dashed after the acrobat, Takeshi laughed at his spot by the window.

"Look at them go!" He chuckled out, turning towards Tsuna who was gaping, clutching the windowsill with trembling hands.

"S-Shiro stepped on H-Hibari's face!" Tsuna reported mortified. "Will he be OK?"

Hayato peeked out the window with a scowl as he ignored the fuming girl of the group, "Tch. He'll survive, Juudaime, he always does."

Maybe he should have expected it, having visited the Sawada house to help Tsuna with his upcoming test while knowing the kids stayed there as a means of sanctuary, and would most likely have the guardianship of Nana herself soon. But, of course, he didn't. So here he was, looking at the mop of browny blond hair in front of him, similar brown eyes gazing up at him in awe as a book was tucked close to his chest, an excited smile on his lips. At the very least, Fuuta de la Stella looked much more healthier than he was back in Kokuyo Middle High, which was a relief in itself.

Shiro gave a lopsided smile at the boy as he teasingly said, "Well, well, I believe I haven't officially met this little bunny before, what's your name?"

Fuuta giggled as he excitedly introduced himself, "My name is Fuuta!"

The 2nd year tilted his head at the adorableness, "Fuuta aye? My name is-"

"Fubuki Shiro, I know!" The way it was said was oddly disturbingly cheerful as stars practically shot out of his eyes.

Shiro blinked, the strap of his bag falling down from his shoulder as he peered at those shining eyes and turned wordlessly to Tsuna who was rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. The older, not trying to be rude but was, pointed questioningly at the boy, confused at the overly worshipping tone of the child.

"Fuuta ranked me earlier…about my closest friends, and since he's never heard of you, I told him about you. Let's just say that Fuuta took a shine to you when he remembered a really really pretty... battle angel back at Kokuyo…" Tsuna trailed off with a nervous laugh, and Shiro gaped.

"P-pretty?" Shiro turned towards Fuuta who nodded enthusiastically.

"Mhm, you were flying and diving and tumbling with fuwaa's and kaboom's, and it was like watching an angel in action! It was amazing!" Fuuta gushed with cute exaggerated gestures, trying his best to describe what he saw back then.

Shiro quirked his brow at this, dropping his bag on the floor as he settled next to the boy, and proceeded to ruffle his hair. Fuuta giggled, and the older cooed. If Emi was here she would have gotten along with Fuuta splendidly. Tsuna, who was looking on from the sidelines, watched with squinted eyes at the combined fluff that seemed to radiate from the two human beings before him. The sky user turned towards Reborn, only to turn away with his face on his palm when he saw the Acrobaleno leaning back on his beach chair, tilting his funky shades with a satisfied smirk.

Fuuta seemed to remember something as he sat down respectfully, placing his book in front of him as he looked up hopefully at Shiro, hands folded breathed nervously, "Can I rank you?"

"Huh?" Shiro tilted his head at the sudden question, interest growing at the sudden request.

"Yes, I would love to rank you if you would allow me," Fuuta began. "I have an ability that allows me to-"

Shiro patted his head again, "I've heard."

Giving a teasing wink, he grinned, "Rank away~"

Fuuta beamed at this as he practically lunged towards his ranking book, latching onto it as the first pages of his book began to flutter on its own.

"Wait, now?! I don't think I'm read- HIEEE!" Tsuna went flying as they started hovering in the air.

Shiro grinned as he spread his hands out in a starfish, enjoying the ranking's effect to the fullest as he did a couple of flips like the acrobat he was, and giggled. When he floated closer to the wall, he launched off it and using the momentum, Shiro grabbed onto Tsuna who shrieked. The older laughed as they tumbled through the air together and after a while Tsuna seemed to enjoy the experience as well. Good.

It was then the first words of the rankings escaped Fuuta's lips.

"Fubuki Shiro's endurance is ranked 3rd out of 87,000. In terms of strength he's 1245th out of 86,000. He is ranked 6th out of 87,000 for fondness to kids. In beauty he is ranked 5th out of 89,000, movement ranked 8th out of 90,000…" the boy spoke calmly, eyes glazed over with the universe and its stars.

Shiro hummed as he crossed his legs in the air, muttering sullenly to himself, "Only 8th, huh…"

"I don't think that's what you should be worried about, Shiro! You're ranked 5th in terms of beauty you know, how is that not insulting!?" Tsuna questioned incredulously, shooting the pondering upperclassman a disbelieving look.

"Beauty isn't that important, Tsuna." Shiro replied thoughtfully, placing his hands behind his head.

Before Tsuna could reply, Fuuta continued his findings, "...Favorite candy, Taffies. Favorite flavors from least to greatest are orange, blueberry, and strawberry. Favorite hobbies from least to greatest is hanging out with Tsuna and the others, pranking, and finally, teasing Hibari Kyoya. Favorite individuals from least to greatest is Fubuki Manako, Hibari Kyoya, and finally, Emi."

Shiro's heart stopped.

Holy shit.

The ranking book can find information from memories too?

Information on a non-existent person!?

This was turning into something much more dangerous than he thought. Shiro, who was now a panic mess, gestured widely at Fuuta while feigning a blush.

"W-WAIT!" At the sudden shout, Fuuta was startled back as the gravity returned back to normal.

Shiro landed with a 'omph' on the bed and winced sympathetically when Tsuna crashed ungracefully on the floor. The older fumbled through the bed sheets as he threw them off, only to see Fuuta looking at him in confusion, Tsuna laying next to him while rubbing his head with pained groans.

"D-Did I do something wrong, Fubuki?" The small boy said, snapping his head back and forth between the people around him as if he was going to be berated by either one of them.

Shiro shook his head frantically, "N-No! It's not your fault at all, you just revealed something...uh...embarrassing! Yes, embarrassing! Haha…"

Reborn, who somehow still remained in his beach chair unfazed, tilted his glasses suspiciously. "Who's Emi?"

"Eh?" Shiro snapped his head towards the Acrobaleno with cold sweat, feeling like an insect under his glare.

"Now that you mention it," Tsuna cut in with a look of pure curiosity. "I did hear a girl named Emi. Do I know her?"

At their combined stare, adding Fuuta to the mix with worry-filled ones, Shiro gulped nervously before rubbing his head.

"Emi is my…imaginary...friend." Shiro muttered quietly, a real blush this time at his own lie.

Now I've done it, Shiro mentally screamed, what kind of pathetic lie is this? Looking up, he was met with blank stares and Shiro couldn't help but feel defensive, lie or not.

"What? I-I can still have a imaginary friend!" Shiro sputtered, red faced as he gestured at himself. "It just means I have a wide imagination! And besides...she's cute, and fluffy, and little sister...and she's sooooo cute...why wouldn't anyone want her as an imaginary friend?"

"Should I be concerned?" Tsuna asked in genuine distress for his mental health and Shiro couldn't help but put his face in his hands.

"It's shameful." Shiro agreed, feeling ashamed despite the falsehood of this story, and was actually starting to feel depressed.

"I-I'm sorry, Fubuki." Fuuta apologised sadly, looking guilty as he bowed his head.

The kicked puppy look stabbed Shiro's heart right through as he sighed, shuffling towards Fuuta as he rubbed his head in reassurance. "It's not your fault, Fuuta. You didn't know, it's OK." Shiro said gently, a charming smile on his face.

Tsuna raised his brows, "Why are you shoving candy into his arms?"

Shiro was indeed shoving his taffies into the boy's hand, and at the inquiry he looked away with shaking shoulders, and Fuuta continued to stare cluelessly at the candy he was holding at the moment. "His hurt puppy face was to heartbreaking to witness." Shiro revealed, a hand covering his mouth as a he held a look of contempt for himself

"Don't hate yourself over it!" Tsuna panicked, the depressed miasma just flooding the room.

Shiro was still trembling as Tsuna flittered around him, trying in vain to comfort him as Fuuta observed the taffies curiously, and Reborn only huffed in amusement. All in all, the study date ended up in a disaster as Shiro was stuck in self-hate for causing such heartbreak, and proceeded to shove even more of his taffies towards the perplexed boy.

Throwing his katar, Shiro hummed positively when it pinned one of the thugs to the wall, ducking a reckless swing from another as he sent the offender flying across the field. Using this moment, Shiro rushed the pinned thug and grabbed him by the collar and threw him towards the rest as a screen, pulling his weapon from the wall along the way. Flipping over a confused delinquent, Shiro winked as he let go of his katars, twisting with a pull as he smashed his knee into the poor boy's face. The sub-prefect huffed as he landed, grabbing his katars from mid-air and kicked one of them in the family jewels, watching unsympathetically as he shrieked. Four left.

Using his dominate speed, Shiro brushed past them in a flash, katars out in a cross as he glanced to the side. They collapsed one at a time, landing with echoed thumps and Shiro could only turn around with a disappointment stare. Amber eyes drifted with interest when one of them twitched, and he tilted his head to meet the eyes of a conscious thug that flinched at the sight of him, jerking in futile from under his fallen comrades. Shiro crouched in front of him, a bemused expression on his face as he slapped a detention slip on the forehead of the thug, a smack resounding through the field of groaning men.

"Two weeks of detention. Have you not learned anything from last time?" Shiro questioned accusingly.

"No…" The sheepish thug replied, and Shiro sighed.

"You're lucky that Kyoya wasn't the one to descend hell upon you. Don't do this again." Shiro warned.

Standing up, Shiro shot a terrifying glare at the thug that paled at the sight, "If you aren't at school tomorrow, I'll personally make sure that your visit to the hospital won't be painless one."

The thug nodded frantically, "Y-Yes, sir!"

With a satisfied nod, Shiro made his way towards the school, leaving the area with a civilian screaming 'murder?!' The acrobat chuckled, amused at the confused yell as he swiped his katars away, a skip-like dance to his walk. Making his way towards the street, he noticed the amount of people walking down the same path, and remembered something. Maybe he should visit the candy store along the way, if he wasn't wrong, there's supposed to be a 50% sale at the market today. It wouldn't hurt considering the need to replenish his stash after the Fuuta Incidence. Speaking of incidence, Shiro looked towards the sky thoughtfully, maybe he'll buy steak too. God knows Kyoya never stops to shop for groceries.

While Shiro continued down the sidewalk, he widened his eyes at the sudden elderly woman that waddled in front of him, and tried his best to twist around her. Instead, Shiro yelped when he collided with someone else instead and cursed himself for his carelessness.

Turning towards the stranger, Shiro bowed apologetically, "I'm sorry for the incon-"

He froze mid-sentence as he stared at the stranger in front of him. It was a man, much taller than Shiro himself by twice the head, light blue hair framing a rather pale face. The man was handsome, wearing a rather vintage looking coat as his light blue eyes stared into his own, and Shiro shivered at the cold look.

What's a foreigner doing here?

"Watch it." Was the cold reply and Shiro crossed his arms.

"Rude." Shiro snapped back just as cold, glaring at the older with burning intensity.

The stranger narrowed his eyes, clearly annoyed at the look, and Shiro out of instinct grabbed onto the hand that suddenly snapped out to crush his throat. Shiro widened his eyes, danger bells ringing as he threw the hand away, leaping back despite the crowded street. A cold smile reached the man's face, and Shiro curled into himself warily, white hair shadowing his face.

"You dodged that? Not bad." The man voiced, and Shiro stepped back when the man took a step forwards.

Shiro glanced around him, noticing the uncomfortable crowd surrounding him, and clicked his tongue for the first time in frustration. He had to run. As if the man read his mind, he tilted his head with glinting eyes and closed in faster, and Shiro feeling unnerved, bolted. His heart was beating fast as he heard the man keeping close, and he couldn't help but swallow painfully as he rounded a corner. Looking back, Shiro remained thin-lipped at the pleased expression on the foreigner's face, and continued on. Scrambling to turn another corner, Shiro was more than relieved at the crowd free playground and promptly stepped to the side. Using this motion, he threw one of his katars at the stranger who only tilted his head, his weapon soaring to meet the background tree with a thunk.

Shiro watched quietly as the man thumbed the thin line of blood on his cheek, blue eyes watching fascinated by the blood that was shed, and the man smirked.

"I guess I'll play fair too." At those ominous words, Shiro found himself reeling backwards when a rapier was suddenly jabbed into his face, frightened eyes watching the blade that hovered over him from his bended state.

Dark eyes stared down at him as the stranger smiled, "Flexible."

Shiro hitched his breath, twisting his body to knock the rapier away with his current katar, and flipped away from the now armed stranger. Who the hell is this person and where the fuck did that rapier come from? He never got to dwell on those thoughts as he soon had to block a flurry of the strangers attacks, metal meeting metal as red sparks flew between them, and Shiro grunted at the force of the blows despite the thin blade. With each swing, the man seemed to smirk broader and Shiro couldn't help but flinch when the blade nicked him on the cheek, mirroring the one on the attacker. The man smiled sardonically as he raised his blade, "An eye for an eye, no?"

With that, the man skipped backwards, an elegant flow to his steps as he placed his free hand on his back, rapier pointed at Shiro with a poised posture. The man flicked his rapier in challenge, chin tilted upwards in a mocking gesture and Shiro couldn't help but bristle. Remain cool, Shiro thought with a cold stare, and think carefully. After a moment of silence, Shiro charged him, and the man's smile broadened at the gesture. The stranger crouched, ready to attack at Shiro who continued his run without hesitation, and stabbed forwards. The acrobat ignored it, jumping as he pushed ruthlessly onto the shoulder of the rapier-user as he flipped over him, landing on his feet to grab at his other weapon. Spinning around, Shiro round-house kicked the man on the back, making the other to stumble forwards at the unexpected move. It wasn't long before the dangerous outsider regained his balance, turning slowly with dark shaded eyes, a fake smile on his lips.

"I'm surprised." He drawled, "I'm disappointed that you're not as foolish as I thought you were."

Shiro narrowed his eyes as he held his katars out, more comfortable with both his weapons in hand, and proceeded to appear in front of the foreigner with a swipe. The man blocked with his rapier, and before Shiro knew it, the man did the despicable. A slap echoed across the area, leaving Shiro's head whipped to the side, wide-eyed with shock as the unmarred cheek of his face was red with a stinging pain. The stranger's hand was out, held high in the air after the backhand slap, eyes full of derision.

"Wha-" A hand seized his throat, and Shiro choked at the brutal grip around his windpipe, katars landing with pathetic thumps as he gripped at the hand around his throat.

The man pulled him close, light blue eyes shrouded with darkness as he whispered in a teasing mockery, "But I guess, I wasn't wrong either."

Shiro gasped brokenly as the grip tightened, feeling his chest burning from the lack of oxygen as his vision was disturbed by the spots of blackness, fingers clawing at the hand. The man continued to smile, unfazed by the futile clawing as he continued to tighten his grip, making sure to not break his windpipes just yet. Shiro attempted to kick, each swing growing weaker and weaker as his mind grew hazy, fingers barely holding on at the grip. It was as if he swallowed fire from the way his chest burned excruciatingly, suffocating him as each wheeze sounded pathetic to his ears. His eyes grew glassy as they burned with unshed tears, body numbing weakly as he rasped, sagging painfully as the stranger held on. He can't breath.

"Oh, it looks like it's already started." The man chimed naturally, staring at the distant with disheartened blue eyes, ignoring the choking acrobat.

Shiro raised his eyes weakly towards the sky, seeing through splotched view at the smoke billowing from a nearby building, and he wondered what exactly started. Cold eyes met his again, smile gone like a fading poker face, and Shiro continued to stare back with a look of weak malice.

"I would have wished to play with you some more, but that's not what I came here for today. A shame, really." The man leaned close again with a growing smile.

"I promise we'll play again next time." He spoke, and Shiro could only let his eyes drift as the lack of oxygen finally played his hand.

Shiro could only remember the last sight of light blue eyes glaring right through his own, similar hair moving with the wind as he walked away with a last taunting smile, dirt digging into his skin from where he was dropped. Fighting against the familiar darkness was pointless as Shiro could only lower his lashes as his gaze wavered, pulling into himself as he welcomed it like a pitiful servant to it's master.





















"Shiro." The voice calling him was soothing, full of warmth compared to the earlier cold, and fluttering his eyes slowly he met passive grey.

Amber eyes softened at the familiar raven hair, drifting in a way that Shiro liked the best as the sunset behind him made him glow, warming those normally cold cheeks. Grey eyes that usually stayed stoic melted to a look of relief that was rarely seen on the older, and it was than Shiro noticed a hand was wrapped around his back, pulling him close to his chest in a protective embrace. His other hand brushed the side of his face, thumbing the gash with a slow brush before trailing tenderly down Shiro's throat, tracing the bruises that surfaced from the earlier brawl. Shiro nuzzled into the warmth, a feeling of nostalgia hitting him as he remembered a time of old, lying cold and numb in a pile of shattered glass, all cold before a warm embrace surrounded him.

"Kyoya…" Shiro whispered weak and hoarse, and a distracted hum came out in reply.

A small precious smile reached his lips, "Take me home."

A heartfelt moment passed, and as gently as he's ever been treated, strong arms picked him up in a gentle hold. Shiro buried himself closer to the older's chest, savoring the lulling heartbeats as the other walked in a steady pace like waves, and he felt the exhaustion hitting him once more. It was quiet between them save for their measured breaths, and Shiro wondered why these hands trembled, and placing a reassuring hand on shaking ones, they stopped.

It's all so warm.

Though the most noticeable change was that he was alive this time and in the hands of loved ones.

At the darkness of his room, a small open box was placed delicately on his mahogany table, a silvery band of promise shining from the flowing curtains. Wandering sunlight doing nothing to warm the halved snowflake that was lonely without it's other half, waiting with the utmost patience for his rightful bearer to come home.

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