Note: This story is based off the stories about characters from the pokemon games hearing the 'voices' in their head telling them what to do. A 'twitch' fanfic.

Red wasn't who everyone thought he was.

Everyone thought he was the amazing Kanto Champion, a mere kid who came from the little town of Pallet and proceeded to take on the Kanto league and turn it on its head. Not only that, he was the citizens of Kanto's savor. He was the one who took down the criminal ring know as Team Rocket and liberated Kanto from their evil. To many he was a hero. He was the epitome of greatness.

Which was why everyone was shocked after his sudden departure.

It happened fast. One moment he was seen traveling (even after becoming the Champion the boy would travel a lot), the next, no one knew where he disappeared to. No one besides for his mother and Professor Oak. And they refused to tell. They remained silent, keeping Red's whereabouts hidden.

Soon, people began to lose interest in Red. A new Champion, Lance, arose and a few new additions to the Elite Four came about. Not only that, but the people of Kanto finally began to have more contact with the people of the neighboring region, Jhoto. Soon, it was found that there were more species of Pokemon then people believed. Not only that, but the Elite Four of Kanto also became the Elite Four of Jhoto. And Viridian City got a new Gym Leader, Blue. The second boy who came from Pallet. The rival of Red and the one who held the post of Champion shortly, before Red took it from him.

And so people forgot about Red.

Red thought of how repetitive the situation was. The people of Kanto weren't the first to forget about him. No, the first to forget about him was the one thing that made him who he was. The reason he beat the Kanto League, the reason he had become the Champion, the reason he worked to complete the poke-dex. And in forgetting him it caused him to go down the route that made him be eventually be forgotten by the people of Kanto.

He had been forgotten by the 'voices'.

It all started on his tenth birthday, the day he went to get his first pokemon. As he woke up he immediately felt different, as if there was someone, or many someones, standing next to him. He didn't hear anything, just sensed their presence. He ignored it, thinking it was all because of nerves. He then went to Professor Oak's lab to get a pokemon.

And that was when things got weird.

As he walked in and saw Blue, he began to hear whispers. Things like 'That jerk' and even the occasional 'I really love that guy'. Red had turned around but saw no one. Before he could freak out, Blue had called him over and the voices were temporarily softened. Professor Oak began to launch into detail about how he was once a young lad that went of on his own adventures but that was drowned out by the voices that had returned.

Suddenly the voices went silent as Professor Oak asked Red to choose his first pokemon. Then suddenly they erupted in a fury, all of them cascading against each other, telling him to pick a certain one. For a moment he didn't move, the voices paralyzing him. Then his body seemed to move on its own accord, coming to rest in front of the pokeball that held Charmander. As he did so the voices reached a fevered pitch, many pleading, begging, commanding him to back away. However, even more voices roared in approval and before he knew it he held Charmander's pokeball in his hands.

After that the voices quieted, either with a satisfied silence or a bitter one. By that point, Red wanted to scream, not understanding what was going on. Before he could, Blue ran forward and chose Squirtle. Immediately Red thought about how typical it was of Blue, always trying to get ahead. However, he wasn't the only one. The voices in his head said the same.

Then Blue challenged him to a battle. Red didn't feel like it but Blue insisted and the two battled. Once the battle began however, something odd happened. Red's brain went into auto-pilot and he just watched as commands that he didn't think of saying were said from his lips. Commands that the voices in his head gave for him.

The battle was won and Red stood in amazement. The knowledge that the voices had in battle was astounding. He had won his first battle with no experience to go by. All thoughts that he may be going crazy left him. The voices were his friends. They'd help him win.

This pattern would continue for all the battles he fought. Not only that, but the voices told him where to go, who to talk to, and which pokemon to capture and train. Because of this, he was able to win many battles, catch many pokemon, train them to their fullest, find TM's, battle Gym-Leaders and even stop Team Rocket.

Yes, even the criminal gang that caused Kanto so much harm was nothing compared to the voices. Not even their leader, Giovanni could stand up to them.

Red continued his journey and, with the help of the voices, he caught legendary pokemon and defeated the Elite Four and then beat the Champion, his old rival Blue. He had become the ultimate trainer.

Or so he thought.

The voices didn't go away after that. No, they kept him going, striving to catch all the pokemon and complete the pokedex. And he did so, traveling all over the land, finding and catching all pokemon. Even the mighty titan, Mewtwo, couldn't stand up to him and his 'voices'. It was a hard fought battle but he eventually caught it.

However, the voices kept him going, searching for something else. A phantom pokemon, the hundred-fifty-first. A pokemon by the name of Mew. Apparently, even though he got the certificate that said he completed the pokedex, Mew was not known to it. And so he set off to find it.

He never did.

He tried all sorts of things. He looked everywhere. He even tried using Strength on a truck, for some reason only known to the voices, but nothing worked.

And soon he began to lose the voices.

One by one at first, then dozen by dozen till none remained. His head was empty, painfully so.

And that was when Red began to despair. All he was, all he had become, was because of the voices. They told him what to do, where to go, who to battle, what to buy, how to win. And without them, he was nothing.

Oh, he could train. And he did. But the level of expertise he had was gone.

Eventually he came to a decision. In order to reclaim them, he would go into a self-imposed exile. To the one place he could meditate and train in peace. He went to the peak of Mt. Silver. The cold bit at him but he got used to it. There he trained along with his pokemon. He took his most powerful, the ones that made up his true team. Lapras, Snorlax, Venasaur, Blastoise, Charzard, and Pikachu.

There he trained, every now and then going down to a village at the base of the mountain to find out what was going on in the world. He learned about the latest happenings with Jhoto and Kanto, learned about a kid named Gold who had taken the pokemon world by storm much like he did. He even heard that he had taken on both the Kanto and Jhoto leagues and won. This interested him, as it reminded him of himself. However the news that impacted him the most was the news that there were more pokemon then the original hundred-fifty (or hundred-fifty-one). This caused him great distress. There were more pokemon, yet the voices didn't come to him and instruct him to catch them all like they did before.


He had been chosen. He was the Chosen. The voices had once told him that when he had once asked why they came to him. So what happened?

He continued to train, unwilling to travel and resume his journey till the voices came back to him.

And they did.

Just not the way he thought they would.

It was in the middle of one of his meditations when he heard them. However, they were outside of him, no longer inside. He opened his eyes and saw Gold. He knew it was him from the videos of the boy he had seen. However, there was something that the videos couldn't capture. A certain fire that Red recognized. The fire that he had seen in himself so many times and that abruptly left him.

The fire of the voices.

He then understood and that understanding brought a rage so powerful it was impossible to contain. The voices were in that boy. They had left him and found a new host, the boy in front of him.

Furious at the boy that he had usurped him and even more furious at the voices for leaving him, he lashed out and attacked. The boy didn't seemed surprised and fought back.

They battled unlike any had ever battled before. It shook the very mountain they stood on. Indeed, Red's training had made him a formidable oppennet, perhaps the most formidable opponent Gold ever faced. However, the battle had been over before it beagn.

Red lost.

Red fell to his knees as his Pikachu fainted. He returned it and was silent. His rage spent, he could only feel one thing.


Sorrow that he had ever been Chosen.

Sorrow that he thought he was special for being Chosen.

Sorrow that he felt he would always be Chosen.

And sorrow that a new Chosen had arose.

Suddenly he heard a gasp and looked up. Gold had a look of... terror in his eyes. A terror that Red recognized. It was the terror when the voices had first left him. Which could only mean one thing.

Red walked to Gold and sat besides him. He no longer hated the poor boy who had gotten the blessing which was a curse. He now understood.

The voices had sent Gold to him as Gold's final challenge. And in completing it the voices left.

Leaving Gold alone.

Red sat besides the boy and offered as much support as he could. Because he understood what it felt like to be used.

To be made to feel invincible.

To be the best that one could.

And then to have that dashed away.

And so the two Chosen sat together and bemoaned their fate.

And felt sorrow for whatever unlucky soul would get something they never asked for.

To be Chosen.