Mutated New York

I don't own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is owned by Nickelodeon.

Spiderman is owned by Marvel and/or Sony.

Yes this is base on that internet meme.

Which Spiderman is this it the Spiderman which have pieces of the continuity I like and avoid the stuff I don't, some of the movies, cartoon, and comic.

PS. Lizard isn't going to join the sinister six; I roll my eyes at lizard working with humans in any continuity.

The same goes for the TMNT, but it mostly going with my favorite parts of whatever version I think of but most of the elements come from the 2012 version.


Spiderman goes in the sewers to find the lizard, he finds another reptile or four. Will they be a hazardous enemy or a loyal ally, either way…booyakasha.

The Daily Bugle no one POV:

Peter Parker (a.k.a. the friendly neighborhood Spiderman) was in his bosses office listening to him rant about how Spiderman is a menace, how Spiderman is the reason for the country's poor educational system, how Spiderman slept with his ex-wife, blah blah blah. He then said something that wasn't ranting on Spiderman.


"Yes, sir." He said sarcastically.


Peter decided to leave before he got fired again for the 3rd time this month.

He left the building going to an empty alleyway; he decided to change into his Spiderman costume. If Curt Connors was becoming The Lizard again, Peter needed his help.

He found a manhole cover; he had decided to go in the sewers system.

"Why oh why am I the only hero that has to spend my free time in the sewers?" he muttered to himself.

Once he was into the sewers, he changed into his Spiderman suit. He didn't know what to expect, but he knew his opponent. Connors may be a crazy monster when he is The Lizard, but when he's a man, he's rational, calm, and he listened to other people, not just his own feral instincts.

And that was what Peter had to contend with. As The Lizard, Connors was a monster in every sense. And he could beat Spiderman. He was stronger, tougher, could heal faster, and what was worse is that he knew who Spiderman was. Connors didn't know, but Lizard did, and that was what made him so dangerous. He could use it to his advantage against Peter.

This is why Spiderman needs to have a plan.

He continued crawling through the smell and muck and grim of the sewers. All the time wondering, if he hadn't been here before. He probably had, but the sewers were the sewers. Probably had the same designer and construction crew.

Suddenly, his Spider-Sense went off.

"RAAAAHHHHH!" the creature snarled as he jumped out of the sewer water and slashed at the web-slinger.

"AWW!" Spiderman shouted as the beast clawed and tackled him, taking the brunt on the impact to the chest. "Should have seen that coming!"

"Yes, you should have." Lizard hissed as he pulled Spiderman back into the sewage.

Spidey web Connor eyes trying to temporarily blind the giant humanoid retile. "Agh." The lizard said starting to cut the web with his claws, "I will get you Peter Parker."

Peter tries to web up the Lizard legs, he need to knock him out painlessly, and get him to the cure.

The lizard fell down, this greatly anger the giant reptile. Peter always carried around a vile of a chemical that can KO a giant reptile incase of Dr. Curt had a problem from Reed Richards. He was about to put the needle in the Lizard neck, when his neck started to tingle and a tail attack his him from behind. This greatly surprise Spidey he should have used his spider sense he was so stupid, a life on the line and he was so careless. Spider man land on his face he got up while the Lizard got the web off him.

"Doc, I don't want to hurt you, but I need to cure you so you can go back to your family." Peter tries to talk to Connors but the Lizard was fully in control, and it was clear when they were hit with a tail.

Peter spider sense allows him to dodge the claw he needs to focus more on the fight before he could be useful to Connor if he is dead.

"We both know you can't keep this up forever Parker, your only human while I'm not." The lizard said.

Peter knew what he said had a good point the Lizard always was stronger than him so he had to be careful.

The lizard tried to use his tail on Peter, which the super hero easily dodges. "You are a major pest Peter, but then again dying earlier does run in your family." The lizard said.

This greatly anger Peter who web the Lizard up and slam him into the wall. He knew that he had the reflexes to fight him but he wouldn't fail Dr. Connor.

"Come on Peter hit me with your best shot, I'll finish you off." The giant reptile said.

He tried to web down the Lizard mouth, he then try to have him slam into the wall. This only anger the mutant doctor more knowing he has to knock him out, but he was starting to get tired by this. He knew his endurance couldn't last forever but he still had several more blows in him to give and take.

He knew he had to protect the chemical that without he couldn't use to cure Doctor Connors from his form. Tackle the Lizard head on, only to be knocked through a wall to land on something very hard and…scaly.

To be continued…