Mutated New York 3.

Author notes:

I don't own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is owned by Nickelodeon.

Spider-man is owned by Marvel and/or Sony.

Billy Conner's son is still alive in this story, he not in it but he is not dead.

I will have most of the normal Marvel heroes to be out of the New York, so it won't be so crowded, and Spidey is not part of any possible team.

Which continuity I used is Frankenstein monster of the two continuities where I used whatever I like.

Summary: Spiderman goes in the sewers to find the lizard, he finds another reptile or four. Will they be a hazardous enemy or a loyal allies, either way…booyakasha.

Peter Parker apartment:

Peter needed to know who his savors were could those articles of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' be true? If so he needed to know if they were friends, or foe. Since most of the super hero teams move out of the City of New York because it meant far less super villains but more regular crimes for more problem for Spidey.

He manage to find all the sightings of the turtles, noticing that they seem to be close to a reporter of a rival new company to the Daily Planet. One April O'Neil was the person who appear most when they are around weather being save or the turtles having a mysterious female companion, it could be her.

He needed to find out about these turtles so as a last resort she would do, but until that point just having someone who he can used to find those turtles. He wrote down the address of where she woke incase he would ever get to used it, "Maybe their hiring." He joked to himself, wanting to have some more money than Jameson.

April noticed him and since she have some free time figure she would talk with him, "Hey you, can I help you?" She asked Peter. She wanted to meet this newcomer she was always curious type why else would she want to be a reporter.

"Hello I am Peter, Peter Parker." He said to the red head reporter. "I am here considering whether I should go from here for a new job or keep my job that the Daily Bugle." He said.

"The place is not that good, the boss is unreasonable bias, and the pay is not very good." She said to him, he didn't seem to have any major problem.

"It can't be any better than Jameson." He said giving a chuckle.

"I heard about his management skills, how do you put up with him?" April asked him.

"A desperate man must do what he could." The brunette said to the red head.

"Tell me about that." She said, knowing that her boss was not much better than his but what are you going to do.

"I could see if I want to join your place new newspaper, why are you having one?" He asked.

"On or off the record?" She asked.

"As part of news shouldn't we learn both of them to find out the truth?" Peter asked.

"Good point mister Parker, well on the record it is that we're exploring new sources of media outlets." April said.

"And off the record?" He asked.

"My boss is trying to up your current boss at every opportunity to have a head butting contest with J.J. Jameson." She said giving a giggle thinking the two could get along if they ever got around from hating each other.

"Great two Jameson running around and I took it was bad beforehand." Peter said to the red headed reporter.

"You know I think they would be good friends if they ever got around hating each other." April said.

"Actually I think he and the rest of the world have a deal he doesn't befriend any of them and they in return read his newspaper." Peter said.

She gave a chuckle at the joke knowing that he wasn't wrong, "Well I guess I can help you, show you around a little more."

Peter smile he could figure a bit more about these reptiles while he doesn't judge others but by the same time he had his far share of enemies so was on the side of caution. "Thank you, I would like it."

April turn around and Peter followed her, he knew he could get some information from her maybe even get a good job while he at it, nothing amazing paid he might be able to get some quality lab equipment.

"So what your thoughts on those turtles guys?" He asked, he wanted to know what their sides are on maybe thank them.

"I think they are misunderstood but then again they did save me a total of 592 times so there a miniature chance I might have a bias but don't tell my boss he wouldn't understand." April said.

"I won't, so do you think have any clue what their origins are?" He asked, maybe he could get them to team up with himself or maybe the x men.

"That a story that the world isn't ready for." She said.

"You can trust me?" He said.

"Can I really?" April asked.

"Why wouldn't you?" Peter said.

"What is your goal?" April asked, figuring out something was up, "What are you after?"

To be continue...


eternal mistchapter 2 . Aug 1

I like the idea of them meeting. Your fight scenes are well written as well and your grammer has really improved

Yeah the two do fix together, glad you like my fight scenes and I been working on grammar. It means the world coming from you.

WOLFWATCHER12 chapter 2 . 4h ago

This is amazing so far.
Please, I beg of thee, keep going.

It would be so awesome if April O'Neill was there to see the Wall-Crawler and the Ninja Turtles fighting side by side.

I glad someone like it, I am going to get back to work on it but I have both work and school but it will be the main focus of my stories, I am doing now. I might give him a cameo.