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This is in a way a sequel to 'The True Sith' over on Kirallie though that is still unfinished. You should be able to follow this without having read it though.

AU and time travel are involved.

Chapter 1

Obi-Wan kept his eyes shut as he tried to remember what could have possible happened to make his head pound in such a way. He had been…ah yes, he had just finished the first long conversation he had had with Master Yoda since the truth had been revealed all those years ago in Sidious' office. Yes, they had spoken occasionally over the years, especially when the twins had joined the Temple and then Anakin's son had followed them there, but they had never truly spoken about the time between his being sent away until Sidious' death and Padme being elected as the new Chancellor. Yoda had taken the fact that he and Anakin were Sith very hard but had come to accept they were a different type of Sith to Sidious and his various apprentices. Even the Jedi were almost unrecognisable now compared to when Anakin had been turned away. Emotion was no longer denied, though it was monitored, and children were no longer totally cut off from their birth families unless they wished it. Luke and Leia came still came home most weekends to be with their parents. The Republic had flourished under Padme's rule with him always by her side. Slavery had been abolished even in the Outer Rim and commerce was booming.

So what was he doing on a ship? He could feel the thrum of the engines through the pillow beneath his head and was very confused. If Anakin had kidnapped him to escape his wife's wrath again they would be having very strong words. Moira was good for his old apprentice, he just wished they'd leave him out of their arguments. There was a reason little Ben liked living at the Temple most of the time after all. He finally forced his eyes opened and sat up before frowning, something felt very off. The door opened and he turned to berate Anakin only to blink as a familiar, and very dead, Jedi Master entered.

"About time you woke up Padawan. How do you feel?" Qui-Gon Jinn asked and Obi-Wan stared blankly at him, Padawan? "Obi-Wan?" There was more concern in the Jedi's voice now. "Padawan speak to me, do you know who I am?" He moved quickly to the side of the bed and hovered, obviously unsure whether to reach out. Obi-Wan's mind was spinning, Qui-Gon had died of the injuries inflicted by Sidious three months after the Sith had died. Both Obi-Wan and Anakin had been there when it happened, and he looked so much younger. He looked more like he had when Obi-Wan had originally returned to Coruscant! "Padawan Kenobi answer me!" Qui-Gon ordered sternly.

"I…." What in the Force was going on? "Master Jinn." He stared at him in confusion and saw some of the Master's concern fade once he had said his name. The man knelt beside the bed and reached out, pressing a hand to his forehead to check for fever and Obi-Wan jerked back in shock at the touch. "Where?" He shook his head.

"What do you remember Padawan?"

None of this made sense! That was what he remembered. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes to calm down and think. Somehow Qui-Gin Jinn was alive, young and under the impressing he was his Padawan. Also they appeared to be on a ship which meant they were either going somewhere or returning. He reached for the Force and was utterly confused and shocked. He had been using the Dark Side since he was just over thirteen years old and yet the Light Side blazed around him. Focusing deeper he could feel the darkness wrapped around the core of his being but it was like the Light Side was purposely keeping it hidden so that no one else would feel it. And there were memories, not his own and yet appearing to be from his viewpoint that he had access to. Memories of many years as Jinn's Padawan. He would have to go along with it for now until he could work out what was happening. So where were they… "Naboo, we were on Naboo. The ship was hit." He whispered, opening his eyes and Qui-Gon nodded, relaxing more.

"Very good Padawan, we will be landing on Tatooine soon. You were meditating and passed out. You were out for a while, I was getting worried about you. Was it a vision?"

"I don't think so…it's not clear…Master." He quickly added on. He hadn't called anyone Master in decades so that would take some getting used to.

"Very well. You should remain on board to recover and guard the Queen while I go and find us the necessary parts. Perhaps you could help the crew dismantle the parts that need replacing."

"Of course Master." He agreed, it was better to be far away from the man while he tried to sort things out. Hearing the announcement to all strap in for landing they quickly moved out to the main areas to do so. Once the ship was settled on the sand people began moving around to ensure the Queen's safety. Obi-Wan almost froze as he saw the young woman dressed in the simple crimson of a handmaiden, Padme! His beloved wife stood in the room before him, arguing with one of the security officers, Panaka he thought. He drank in the sight of her as she had been when they first met all those years ago, so young and free, untouched by the ugly war to come.

Padme felt eyes on her and looked over to find the younger Jedi staring at her, emotions she couldn't name in his eyes. She felt her heart skip a beat and fought down the blush that was trying to stain her cheeks. He was so serious and calm and yet his eyes…it was like looking into a storm. She could admit that he was very attractive but he was a Jedi. She may not know a lot about them but she did know that relationships were forbidden for them. She took a deep breath to calm herself and then smiled at him. "Good morning Padawan Kenobi, I trust you are feeling better?"

"I am, thank you for your concern. I apologise for interrupting your conversation handmaiden."

"It's Padme and you didn't interrupt." She nodded at Panaka. "The Queen wishes it Captain."

"Very well." He nodded at Obi-Wan and then left.

"Will you be accompanying us sir?" She asked and Obi-Wan shook his head.

"My Master wants me to remain behind to guard the Queen and help begin repairs." He looked at her when he said Queen but she gave no reaction. Even at this age she had excellent control. "Be careful and stay close to Master Jinn, Tatooine is not a safe planet." He warned her gently and she nodded.

"I have defensive training."

"Good, that is not something an attacker would expect." He bowed to her. "Good day milady." He needed to get away from her before he said or did something very un-Jedi. It hurt seeing her but having her not know him. He loved her so much but he could not do anything about it, not yet. He had to find out what was happening to him first.

Obi-Wan watched from the cockpit as the figures of his wife, Jinn, Jar Jar and R2 slowly shrank into the distance. Over the years Anakin and Padme had both told him everything that had happened on Tatooine that first trip. They would be fine, as long as events unfolded in the same manner. He turned from the cockpit and returned to his room, needing to meditate and hoping the Force would give him the answers he needed.