I DO NOT IN ANYWAY CONDONE THIS COUPLE/PAIRING! I CAN ONLY ASSUME THAT THIS IS ANOTHER DIMENSION! written for round 5 of pro-bending comp. read, review and don't enjoy. crack pairing

Prompts: (colour) purple, "I said I was sorry, okay!", "How was I supposed to know you're favourite colour was 'mauve'?", (restriction) No use of the word 'and'. Also, earthbending is used.

Word count:1,122

Wu clutched onto Lin as she swung them through the air at a high speed. "Slow down! I think I'm gonna puke! You're holding me too tight! Stop!"

Lin growled as she swung up to the top of her apartment building, landing with a thud. As she moved towards the entrance of the stairwell, something kept her grounded. Looking down, she found Wu still holding her around the waist. "Let go."

"Are we safe?"

"Yes, we are safe. Now let go!"

Wu reluctantly let go, only to clutch his side in pain. "You hurt me!"


"I wasn't hurt before we took off, now here I am, hurt. You probably held me too tight with those muscly arms."

"Look, I'm sorry I hurt you, but I need to get you inside where it is safe."

"Carry me?"

Lin was about to yell at him, when she heard earthbending in the faint distance. Picking up Wu bridal style, she earthbended a hole in the roof, jumped in it, then sealed it up. "Hey! That was really co-" Lin slammed a hand over his mouth, as the sounds of heavy footsteps were heard above them. Within a few minutes, they subsided, allowing Lin to release the annoying prince. "You should get some moisturiser on your hands. They're really rough."

Lin fought back the urge to slap him, instead deciding to pick him up, she place him on her luxurious couch. "Chiefy, my stomach hurts. Like a lot. Maybe a seaweed wrap will make it feel better." Lin let out a sigh as she sat down next to him. She went to lift up his shirt when he began to laugh. "Not going to buy me dinner first?"

"Can you stop trying to come onto me for just a second so I can at least try to make sure there is no internal bleeding?"

"Well you are no fun."

I can't believe Mako has to put up with this daily. Lifting up the shirt, Lin found heavy bruising on Wu's ribs. She pressed lightly on one of the ribs, causing Wu to hiss in pain. "I think I cracked one of them or at least bruised them. You lay here, I'm going to get an ice pack to prevent swelling."

When Lin entered her kitchen, she bent off her uniform, happy to shed the heavy weight. She moved towards the phone, debating weather she should call the one person that could save her. It wasn't until she heard Wu call out to her, "Chiefy! Can you get me a mauve blanket!? Thank you," She dialed the number.

Within three rings, a groggy voice came through from the other end. "Hello?"

"Mako, I can't handle him much longer. He keeps hitting on me, criticising my skin. Do not get me started on how much of a wuss he is."

"Chief, I know. I've had to put up with it for the last month. I should be free to pick him up in an hour if that's okay."

"Fine, but if you can make it here sooner, I will make sure someone else looks after him. We're at my apartment."

"Bye Chief."



Lin grabbed an ice pack from the icebox, then the spare blanket she kept in one of the cupboards. She entered the lounge room to find Wu poking his wound, as though he were seeing if it was real or not. "If you keep poking it like that, it won't get better."

"What is that?!"

"It's an ice pack." She placed it on his ribs, causing him to moan in pain.

"Not that."

"It's a blanket, people use it to keep warm."

"I know that! But it's purple. My favourite colour is mauve."

"How was I supposed to know you're favourite colour was 'mauve'?"

Wu let his head fall back onto the armrest, letting out a groan in annoyance, "I told you this morning when we went shopping. It's the least you could do since you're the one that hurt me with those big muscles of yours!"

"I said I was sorry, okay! What colour is mauve anyway?"

"It's purple, but a different shade of purple."

"I'm going to kill you."

Wu shot her a smile as he sat up, keeping the ice pack in place as he did so. "You wouldn't do that to me. You love me too much."

Lin finally had enough of this, she will no longer be hit on by this weakling. "Well, you are handsome."

Wu's eyes went wide. "Well, I am royalty. You don't look so bad yourself. I know your strength nearly killed me but I find it totally sexy. Why don't you stand up baby, flex for me?"

Play along Beifong, then we'll crush his spirit. "Like this?" Lin held up her arms, tensed, then turned around so she could flex the muscles in her back.

"That's it. Though I prefer abs."

Without a second though, Lin threw off her shirt, abs glistening in the sunlight. "Like what you see?"

"Yes I do."

"Good." Lin picked him up, causing him to whimper in fear, then slammed his back against the wall. "Now you listen closely, everything I just showed you, you will never have." She leaned down, until he leaned in, then kissed him. Pulling back, she laughed. "Yeah, you definitely don't have a chance at this. Now stop hitting on women who could easily tear you limb from limb. Focus your energy one getting ready to rule your country. Being a 'playboy' won't get you anywhere."

Wu narrowed his eyes at her. To Lin's surprise, Wu flipped them around so that she now had her back to the wall. "You want a bet?" Lin's mouth hung slightly open, allowing for Wu to push his tongue into her mouth. He pulled back, smiled up at the surprised Chief before leaning in to whisper in her ear. "I hope your bedspread is mauve, Chiefy"

Mako stood outside the Chief's apartment door. He had knocked five minutes ago, but no one answered. "Come on Mako, man up." He grabbed the doorknob, surprised at finding it unlocked, he entered the premises. "Come on, I'm fifteen minutes early, I want my time off damnit." He was about to leave when he heard a loud bang from down the hall. "What the?"

Wondering down the hall, he came to a stop outside the room that the noise was coming from. His face went white at a certain prince's voice. "I'm in Lin! I'm in Lin!"

Followed by a very loud Chief. "Wu down! Wu down!"

Mako stood up straight as a nail. Pivoting on his foot, he walked out of the apartment, ready to forget about what happened.