This is a short story Requested by vbajor10.

I hope you all enjoy this because I've never written a story before.

I don't own anything so leave me be.

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Date August 21 2005

Tonight was the night.

Tonight was the night Edge finally got rid of that psycho Matt Hardy.

Ever since Lita left Matt's sorry ass, he'd been attacking Edge at every chance given to him.

And Edge has had enough.

So he challenged Matt to a loser leaves the WWE match at SummerSlam.

He couldn't wait to destroy that jealous freak.

"Are you ready?" Lita asked walking into the locker room.

"Yeah, are you nervous?" Edge asked

"A little" Lita confessed.

"Well there's nothing to be nervous about. I'm gonna get rid of Hardy, and when he's finally out of my way, there will be nothing stopping me from becoming the WWE champion".

"The following contest is a loser leaves WWE match!"

oh yeah!

"Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds, from Cameron, North Carolina, Matt Hardy Version 1!"

Matt Hardy walked down the ramp and into the ring completely focused. He was finally going to get rid of Edge.

You think you know me.

"And introducing his opponent, accompanied by Lita, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighting in at 241 pounds, He is the rated R superstar, Edge!"

As soon as the bell rang Edge and Matt Hardy attacked, punching, kicking, and pulling at each others hair went on for awhile until Edge kicked Hardy in the nuts so he could gain the upper hand.

Lita smiled as she watched her boyfriend destroy that piece of trash Matt Hardy.

He had it coming.

"COME ON HARDY!" Edge screamed in Matt's face as he threw him out of the ring.

Matt struggled to make it to his feet and when he finally did Edge hurled him towards the ring post busting him wide open.

"NEVER SAY DIE UH HARDY!" Edge yelled punching Matt's wound.

Lita's smile faded a little. Now that was going a little to far.

Edge sat in the corner of the ring watching as Matt struggled to stand. Matt's blood stained his face and Edge's hands.

But Edge didn't care.

Once Matt finally made it to his feet Edge knocked him down with a devastating spear.

"1..2..3 RING THE BELL!" The referee shouted.

"Here is your winner... Edge!" Lillian Garcia said with a hint of sorrow in her voice.

But Edge wasn't done yet.

Edge went to ringside grabbed a chair and went back to the ring.

"NO LEAVE HIM ALONE!" The referee shouted at Edge, but this plea fell on death ears as Edge hit Matt with the chair multiple times.

More referees and WWE agents had to come out and pull Edge out of the ring.

Lita smirked, oh well at lest he's gone.

Lita and Edge celebrated on the ramp while the referees put Matt's broken and bloodied on the stretcher.

But there was one Hardy that was sitting at home on his couch with a frown on his face.

One Hardy who was about to make a call to Vince McMahon.

One Hardy who was going to destroy Edge next time they were face to face.

And one Hardy who was going to bring her back in the process.

Sorry that it's so short but the chapters will get longer I promise.

And no I will not abandon this story.