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The entire week Jeff spent most of this time at the gym. He was constantly training for his big match with Edge at The Royal Rumble. Lita was a little worried about Jeff, he left for the gym at 7:00 AM and didn't come back until 5:00 PM. When he got back he would go straight to the basement and punch and kick the punching bag until 12:00 AM before going to sleep.

It got so bad that Lita had to call Matt to try and calm him down but it didn't work either.

Finally Sunday came around and Jeff was completely focused, he walked straight into the arena and went straight to his locker room with Lita right behind him. Jeff sat his bag on the floor and started to put his wresting gear on.

Lita watched him with a concerned look on her face, Jeff never acted like this. Never.

Before Lita could say anything there was a knock on the door, Lita stood up and opened the door to see Todd Grisham standing at the door.

"I was wondering if we could get a word with Jeff?" Todd asked.

"I'm not so sure that now is a good time" Lita said.

"Let him in Lita!" Jeff shouted.

Lita sighed and let Todd and the cameraman in the locker room.

"Jeff, after everything that happened to both yourself and Lita, what is your plan for tonight's WWE Championship match?"

Jeff looked at Todd and smirked. "My plan? My plan is to destroy Edge tonight. And become the new WWE Champion!"

Jeff turned back around and continued to get ready as Todd looked at Lita. "Do you have anything you wanna add?"

"Yeah, I hope Edge is ready. Because Jeff didn't come all this way to lose. And Edge has no idea what's about to hit him"

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Championship!"

Don't you see the writing on the wall?

Jeff Hardy and Lita ran out to the delight of the crowd. Jeff slid into the ring and posed on the ropes.

You think you know me

The smoke filled the ramp as Edge walked out with the WWE title around his waist.

Edge immediately slid into the ring and attacked Jeff.

Lita quickly got out of the ring as Edge continued to beat Jeff down to the mat.

"COME ON JEFF" Lita yelled at ringside while Edge stomped on Jeff's body.

"Yeah Jeff! Come on! GET UP AND FIGHT ME!" Edge yelled at Jeff who was flat on his stomach.

"This match could be over before it even got started" Jerry Lawler said.

"Jeff, do you do this?" the referee asked.

"Yeah... ring the bell" Jeff answered.

"Are you sure?" the referee asked.


"Alright then...RING THE BELL" the referee yelled.

The bell rang as Jeff got up to his feet but Edge was ready for him and speared him to the mat.

"This match is over" King said.

Edge laughed as he pinned Jeff. "1...2...HE KICKED OUT!" The referee yelled.

Edge was shocked, how could he kick out? Edge had that man beat!

He growled in frustration. "STAY DOWN HARDY!"

He picked him up to deliver another devastating spear, but Jeff moved out of the way and Edge went straight into the ring post.

"Ooh, Edge went straight into the ring post! That's got to hurt" King said.

"But it gives Jeff the perfect opportunity to capitalize and win the championship" JR added.

Jeff ran over flipped Edge over into a small package but Edge kicked out. "Damn it!" Jeff yelled.

"He kicked out, Jeff" The referee said.

"Yeah..." Jeff answered as he picked Edge up and threw him into the corner.

Jeff stomped on Edge's body multiple times until he was siting in the corner. Jeff ran to the other side of the ring before running over and drop kicking Edge in the face.

Jeff pulled Edge to the middle of the ring and pinned him.


"SON OF A BITCH!" Jeff yelled.

"Jeff don't get frustrated!" Lita said from ringside. But Jeff didn't hear her, he went to the outside of the ring and pulled out a steal chair.

"Jeff this isn't a no DQ match!" the referee said.

Jeff sighed and put the chair back down. As soon as he got back in the ring Edge hit him with another spear.

"That has to be it!" King said from the commentary table.


"NO HE DIDN'T! THIS MATCH IS OVER!" Edge yelled at the referee.

"GET UP JEFF!" Lita pleaded as she hit the canvas.

"SHUT UP BITCH" Edge yelled at her.

Lita tried to get in the ring and slap Edge but the referee stopped her. "If you hit him Jeff will be disqualified"

Lita huffed but stepped back down to the floor.


Before he could finish Jeff spun him around and hit him with a twist of fate.

Instead of going for the pin he climbed the ropes and did a perfect Swanton Bomb on Edge.


The bell rang as Lita jumped for joy.

"Here is your winner... and the NEW WWE Champion... Jeff Hardy!"

The crowd chanted his name as the referee handed Jeff the title as Lita slid in the ring.

Jeff held the title high before wrapping his arms around Lita.

Matt ran out from backstage and hugged his brother. "You did it Jeff!

Jeff hugged his brother and kissed Lita's head. "I finally did it"

Jeff, Lita and Matt finally made it back to the hotel after countless WWE superstars and divas congratulated him.

"So what are we gonna do, Jeff? Its your night" Matt asked.

"Lets go out and celebrate tomorrow. I just wanna relax tonight" Jeff answered as he unlocked the hotel door and went in.

"Alright then. How about I go get a movie and some snacks?" Matt asked.

"Sounds great. Thanks Matt" Jeff said

"Want me to go with you?" Lita asked.

"No, you stay here we Jeff. I got this" Matt said as her grabbed the card key and car keys. "I'll be back later" He said as he went out the door.

Jeff laid down on the bed as Lita joined him. "I'm so proud of you"

Jeff smiled. "Thanks Lita. I'm glad you and Matt were there for me just like you were years ago"

"We'll always be there no matter what" Lita said as she leaned forward and kissed him.

Jeff smiled into the kiss. This was all he ever wanted, he has his brother by his side. The girl of this dreams, and the biggest championship in the history of wresting.

Life was definitely good for Jeff Hardy.

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