Title: Surprise, Mom!
Author: pikachucranstongirl
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT. Nickelodeon solely holds those rights.
Inspired by: Conversations I had with Alia D…Weirdness on my part ensued.
Story Category: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Summary: The journey into parenthood gives Cassie and Donatello an unexpected surprise and the gang gets a new turtle.
Generation: 2003 version (That's the only one I've seen episodes of)
Warning: Original Character, Mature Themes

Chapter 1

If she had to hear another 'What happened, you look fat' from Raphael or her boyfriend Donatello's offers to go running with her, she seriously was going to kick some mutant turtle shell. "For the last time, I'm not fat, Donatello!" She yelled as she rubbed her aching belly. Six months ago, this whole condition started with her eating weird things and ballooning out crazily. She chose to believe that nothing was wrong with her.
"Cassie… something's wrong, you should go to the doctor." Donatello replied. "Six months ago, you were okay and now, I think this is getting out of hand." She stared at Donatello, well, glared at him. When did her boyfriend become her lord and master?
"Donatello, the last time I went to her when this whole thing started, I was made to feel like I was crazy, rather than being helped in that office. Really, I'm okay." At that moment, she screamed. The turtles looked at each other. She knew they disagreed with her, especially Donatello. Usually, Donatello was smart and thoughtful but not today. "I'm not going, Donatello." She grit through her teeth.
"Okay, out." Donatello said to his brothers.
"Donatello!" They all yelled.
"I'm not going to have you see my girlfriend naked. Out!" Donatello yelled. The turtles left the room. Cassie took off her clothes. Donatello looked at her. Her skin had a light green sheen to it. It didn't surprise Donatello because Cassie felt sick. He felt her belly. "You know, you should really see a doctor about this."
"I'm fine." She grunted before another searing pain hit her and she screamed. Leonardo rushed in.
"Is she okay?" He asked.
"What the shell! I asked you to leave." Donatello yelled
Donatello was bickering with Leonardo when suddenly Cassie felt an urge to push so she didn't hear Leonardo saying, "What the shell?" when something started to make its entrance. She wasn't prepared for the turtles' screams to join with her own. They looked panicked as she saw the blood on the floor.
"What?" She asked, gritting her teeth as she prepared to push again.
"Don't take this the wrong way, but uh, we think you are in labor." Leo answered. Did she hear the oldest turtle right? How could she be having a baby? She hadn't had sex with anyone except Donatello and he couldn't get her pregnant.
"Oh my god, I'm going to be a father, what am I going to do now?!" Donatello panicked. "What if the baby's not healthy or..." Leo, Raph and Mikey all rolled their eyes. Cassie would've yelled at her boyfriend but thankfully, Leo did it for her.
"Donatello, there'll be a time to panic about this later. Do something!" Leo yelled. Fortunately, Donatello caught…an egg? He was confused as his girlfriend struggled to breathe.
"I thought humans weren't born from an egg?" Leonardo blurted out.
"I'll explain later." Cassie breathlessly told him, her eyes on the egg she just delivered. The shell was white with brown speckles. She was very sore. The other turtles left, leaving Donatello and Cassie alone with the egg. Donatello grabbed an unused sun lamp, plugged it in where the egg sat, walked up to his girlfriend and hugged her.
"I'm sorry...I should have known..." He started as she pulled away to get dressed.
"Donatello, I don't want to hear it. I am sore from laying, giving birth to your child or whatever terminology you want to call this mess and I'm so mad at you that I could spit. Please...I think it's best if I go back to my house." He started to try and sweep her off her feet so that he could take her home. "Alone." She snapped and walked off, leaving Donatello alone.
Donatello stared at the egg for the longest time. Technically, the mother was supposed to take care of her hatchling. "I'm sorry." He told the egg. "I should have been a bit more careful with your mother."

Cassandra knew leaving her child and Donatello was the wrong thing to do but honestly, she was shocked. She dialed Donatello's phone but all she got was his answering machine. Desperate, she called Leonardo. "Leonardo, Donatello isn't answering his phone. Is he okay?"
"There's no cell reception in the room where the egg is, so I'll tell him you called." After hanging up, she resolved to get some sleep and go check on Donatello and their child tomorrow. But before she could get comfortable, her phone rang.
"Hello?" She asked.
"Hey, Leo told me you called. I was on egg watch." She smiled. Instinctively, she knew Donatello would be a great father. All the turtles would, though she was very unsure about Raph. Donatello was the kindest and gentlest out of the four.
"Donnie, I'm sorry." She took a deep breath. Cassie should not have left the egg like she did. She knew that the mother tended to care for the hatchlings after she laid the eggs.
"It's okay. We were both shocked today. I've got to go keep watch, though." She hung up the phone, redressed herself and headed back over to the Turtles' home. Leo let her in again although the dirty look from Raph was pissing her off. Fortunately, she ignored it and headed into the room where Donatello was intently watching the egg that housed their child. She put a hand on Donatello's shoulder. He covered it with his large hand as he watched the egg.
"Want to try again in a few years?" Donatello glanced up at her and frowned.
"I imagine that giving birth to that," he murmured as he jabbed a chubby finger at the egg. "Wasn't fun for you. It wasn't fun for me to see you go through that." She winced. It felt as though she were trying to pass a humongous amount of crap through her intestines. "Why would you want to do it again?"
"No, but it was worth it and we'll know what to expect next time." She replied, kissing the top of his head. She noticed the blush forming beneath the green tinge that colored his skin. "I want to do it again because each child is a part of us." She'd love any child that she and Donatello created.
"Wish I could take back the hints that you were fat." Donatello mumbled. Cassie clearly heard the guilt in his voice as he spoke. "Now that I know you carried my child..."
"Donnie, it's okay. We didn't know." She tried to soothe her boyfriend.
"There's just something about you carrying our child that fascinates me. Do human males feel like this?" He asked earnestly, making Cassie chuckle.
'Always the scientist...' She thought. Aloud, she said, "Some do. Oh, we humans are born from smaller eggs than that." Donatello looked excited. "But we don't hatch from them." The confused look on her boyfriend's face made her almost choke with laughter.
"You don't?" Donatello asked, clearly confused. By the time she finished explaining how her reproduction cycle worked, Donatello understood. It took her drawing out the cycle steps but he finally grasped the idea of how humans reproduced.
Cassie watched her egg worriedly. Was her baby similar enough to human babies where it could hear inside its shell? "I should tell you how your daddy and I met." She commented as she watched the egg. That comment made her remember. If she knew that she'd fall in love with Donatello and have his child, she'd make the choices she did all over again just so that this child existed. She felt Donatello rest his hand on hers.
"How do you feel…" He gestured toward the egg as he watched her nervously. She gathered from his expression that he was afraid she might reject the baby.
"Donatello, just because I was shocked when I left does not mean I'd love our child any less. In fact I was so anxious after your call that I came back." She replied. Donatello was just about to lean down and kiss her when Mikey opened the door.
"Master Splinter says that you need to go home." The youngest turtle told her. From the start of their relationship, Master Splinter disapproved of her presence in their home. He only tolerated her spending the day with Donatello and the other turtles.
"Then I go with her Mikey. She's just had a child." Mikey nodded. "Unless Master Splinter forbids it."
"Actually, in light of the child, my son…she can stay. And we need to talk now, Cassandra." Master Splinter corrected, motioning for her to follow him. "Leonardo told me what happened. You must be shocked." He said after he closed the door and motioned for her to follow him.
"I'm a little bit accustomed to it now." The ninja master smiled at her. "Sir, I know you don't approve of Donatello being with me but I love your son. I would do anything for him and our child."
"Cassandra, I wish many of the surface-dwellers shared your and April's views of my sons but they do not. Your relationship with Donatello, if it is to continue, must remain in the shadows. I disapprove of you being with my son because if you were to break up with my son, you could reveal his existence when scorned." Cassie nodded.
"To reveal him would reveal our child and if my son or daughter is anything like him…" She paused.
"Precisely. He or she would be viewed as a monster. I don't think you want that fate for the child you and Donatello created out of love." Cassie shook her head.
"No, I don't, Master Splinter." She answered calmly.
"Good. I am willing for Donatello to be with you up top with your child during the night but during the daytime, they must be down here with me. Don't worry, I will take care of them. Your child will be as if he or she were my actual grandchild."
"Thank you, Master Splinter. I'm sorry that Donatello and I…" The rat master gave her a sharp look.
"Do not be sorry. It is because of you loving Donatello despite his mutation that I have my first grandchild." It was then that Cassie realized Master Splinter truly did see the four turtles as his sons. "I am truly grateful that you can see beyond his mutation. If anyone has to be sorry, Cassandra, it should be me. I tried to prevent your relationship with my son because I was afraid you would reveal our existence. You haven't done anything to cause the surface-dwellers to notice my sons."
"I love Donatello, sir." Cassie hoped the master could feel the sincerity radiating from her declaration. "I hope to provide you with more grandchildren someday." Splinter gave her a toothy rat smile.
"I would like that."

Donatello held Cassie in his arms as she slept. When she told the egg that she should tell it how Mommy and Daddy met, it stirred his memory of their first meeting after months of online communication. Master Splinter as well as Leonardo had been against his going to the surface to meet Cassie. Back then, they were sure of the chilly reception he was to receive from the woman he now held in his arms.
Donatello still heard Master Splinter and Leonardo's protests about going to the surface to meet his online sweetheart in his ears as he stood at Cassie's door. They said it was safer for Donatello to hide behind his screen name but Donatello insisted. He argued about how he wanted to meet her and finally Master Splinter gave his consent. Now, he stood at her apartment door, wondering if he made the right choice as he rapped on the door. "Donatello?" She asked. "Come on in. Can I get you anything to drink?"
"Water, please." He managed.
"Please, make yourself at home. Take off the jacket and hat." She invited as she poured him a glass of ice-cold water.
"I'll be okay." He told her, truly uncomfortable with taking off his disguise.
"I would really like to see your face, Donatello." Sighing, Donatello removed his hat and revealed his face, waiting for her to freak out.
"Well, you look different from your profile picture. What are you?" She asked.
"An anthropomorphic turtle." He turned to leave.
"Don't leave." Her voice begged him to stay. "Please, Donatello." He turned around, not believing the complete honesty in her words.
He smiled at the memory. Even then, Cassie hadn't been judgmental of him. "What?" She asked. He hadn't realized that she was awake. Her eyes darted to the egg and Donatello wondered if she could carry his child again.
"Just thinking on how we met." He said truthfully. "In the morning, I would like to do blood tests."
She snuggled up to him and murmured, "Okay."

'Oh shell! This is not good.' Donatello thought as he studied his girlfriend's blood. When his egg was inside her, it started altering her. This meant they couldn't have any more children unless she wanted to be a mutant. He could offer the chance to be with him permanently but she might refuse.
"Donatello, my son, you have been staring at Cassandra's blood for a half hour. What's wrong?" Tears came to Donatello's eyes.
"She can't have any more of my children unless she wants to be like me." Donatello sobbed.
"Hmm. I believe you should offer her that choice, Donatello. When we spoke, she was hopeful about more children with you." Donatello marched into the room they'd made into a nursery for their baby to find Cassie sitting with the egg, talking to it.
"I fell in love with your papa on first sight. It didn't matter that he was a turtle." She said as Donatello cleared his throat. "Donnie, what's wrong?" Donatello gulped. No matter how much he wanted her to go through with the transformation, she needed to do what was ultimately best for her.
"We can't have sex ever again." Donatello blurted out. She blinked.
"Donatello, if this is about me having your children...I want to. I don't care if..."
"It will turn you into a mutant turtle, Cassie. You won't see your friends and family again. You will be like me, always hiding in the shadows with us." He took a deep breath, his crystal green eyes fixed on her.
"When can we start?" She asked. Donatello's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe she was asking to be transformed into a permanent addition to the lair. "I mean it, Donatello, I want to be with you. My parents are dead and I don't have any friends. In fact, the only family I have is you and our baby. So, I ask you again, when can we start?" In response, Donatello groaned, feeling his body getting excited at the idea of Cassie being like him and surrounded by their children.
"Let me run simulations..." He started.
"Donatello, if I let you do that, you'll find a way to not make this," she gestured to the both of them, "permanent. I want another baby...yours. In fact, I want to start it now." Donatello backed her gently up against the wall.
"If I do this, there is no turning back later. You must be sure that being with me and the children permanently is what you want, Cass."
"How's this for being sure?" She deeply kissed Donatello. Donatello groaned again.

She snuggled up to Donatello. "How did I ever deserve a human like you?" Donatello asked, carefully letting her hear his admiration for her.
"Soon to be a turtle, like you." She reminded. They heard a high and sharp crack and looked toward the egg. She got up and headed towards the egg. There was another audible crack that rent the shell in two. A baby turtle looked up at them. "A girl." She pronounced as she picked up their child. Donatello looked at her, a big grin on his face.
"We have a beautiful little girl." Cassie noticed the love, glee and pride in Donatello's voice. "What should we name her?"
"Kameko. It's Japanese for 'turtle child'. Appropriate, given her heritage." Cassie decided.
"Very appropriate." Donatello agreed. "Can I hold her?" Cassie settled their daughter into his arms. Kameko opened her eyes, the irises an identical color twin to Donatello's. "She is definitely your daughter."
"What, because she feels comfortable around her Otou-san?" Cassie asked. Donatello gave Cassie a confused glance. "Otou-san means father, Donatello."
"I know what it means. I was just confused on what you wanted her to call me. " Cassie thought about it.
"Otou-san." She replied.
"You are as beautiful as your okaa-san, Kameko." Donatello murmured, delighted that he had a daughter.

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