Title: Moon Resolution (A trilogy)
Part 1: Resolution of restoration (part one of three)
Chapter1: Lonely Justice and Hard Decisions

Small Author's notes: Normally, I do not put author's notes in front, but this is a combination of the first two chapters from Lunar Paths. Also, some parts have been changed.

Crossovers: This is not really a crossover, but PGSM (Live action Sailor Moon) and Manga Sailor moon are mixed together in this.
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon in any form (anime, musicals, live-action, manga or anything else officially sailor Moon) is copyright of Takeuchi Naoko-sensei, TOEI animation, and other companies.

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Usagi is the normal one. One would think that by normal, she is the most energetic, blissful and most underachieving girl around. But then, one would be wrong. She has a cowardly soldier in her and a royal dark side...

The last is the destroyer… the keeper of rebirth. The last holds power and goes to the past to get more. The destroyer is the selfish one. The middle one holds the stars and hope. The coward goes to the past to prevent the future. The first is the eternal, the prism, crystal and crisis. She is the confused, powerful, happy and sad one. She holds the true power to save, to sacrifice and to love.

With the first two fighting for the future... one wants the future to continue, another wants it to end, what will the first do?


Neo Queen Serenity sighed. She felt the energies of time and space. They were in flux.

She knew that things could change. She had to be stoic. She stared at the stars and prayed. She prayed for the safe return of her daughter and her four guardians. She prayed that the future would hold. She prayed for hope.

It had to work. She prayed that her past self would do the right thing.

The eternal part of her is her hold on royalty. She is the queen of Eternity and the stars. She is the eternal agent of love and Justice.


"You are the legendary princess who holds the mystical crystal! You are spoiled and you need to die!" Beryl yelled at an agonized Sailor Moon.

Then, sailor moon looked up. Her eyes had gained a resolute look. Then, it happened. There was the sound of a mystical transformation. Then, Sailor Moon turned into Princess Sailor Moon. They all felt like weeping. Her madness was unstoppable. They had tried. They had attacked her. However, it was all in vain.

It was impossible. This was inevitable. The four inners gasped. They tried to stand but their bodies were fatigued. Their powers were drained. They all felt a horrible emotion. It was despair. They had all failed and died. Endymion was dead.

Their princess had snapped and had summoned monsters to attack them. Now, she wanted to annihilate all life.

The four closed their eyes and wept silently as they knew clearly. Nobody could stop her now.

" Yes. I am spoiled. Nevertheless, my answer is also negative. I am a normal female. I am not a legend. I am a princess. I am ordinary... but I am not myself tonight...I am... the world's doom." Beryl stared in shock as Princess Sailor Moon rose into the air, looking absolutely grim.

Princess Sailor Moon's lips quivered. She murmured ominously.

"You took my Endymion. He died because of you! If only you never existed...For your sin of existing, the world will be destroyed."

Then, there was an explosion of white light. Within the duration of one minute, the world was turned into a wasteland.

It was raining heavily. A silver-haired girl wept. She had beautiful blue-silver eyes and heart-shaped buns in her hair and long twin ponytails. She was kneeling and crying in a bloody, muddied and wrecked battle-scarred area. On her forehead, the symbol of an eight-pointed star glowed dimly. Dead bodies surrounded her.

"No. This means that nothing I did worked." Tears fell as she spoke. She looked broken.

She also felt broken. Her body, mind and soul felt like they were all in despair. Why? Why did she fail? How and why had this end come about? Why did everyone die? She had fought hard. She didn't give up. She had done everything.

The stars, light, justice, love, mystery were embodied in her. They were all parts of her power. She had used all of that. She had used everyone's powers. She gave up her humanity. She gave up a normal life. Didn't she give it her all? Why was chaos still existent? Nevertheless, everything seemed futile.

"I was useless. They died. This is futile. Why am I fighting? There is no hope. All is lost." She whispered.

As she spoke, she sniffed heartrendingly and more tears trickled down her cheeks and fell onto the muddy, bloody ground. Sailor Cosmos whispered as she stared at the many dead bodies and the destruction, carnage and all the desolation.

It was all too much. This could not be. She had to go back. She had to change this. She had to run away. Even if she were truly a coward, she would end all of this. All of this maddeningly agonizing cycle of despair, hatred, death, suffering and sadness would end.

She wanted it. No, she needed to change the past...

Then, she vanished in a burst of light.


All eight solar system Senshi attack her together with "Galactica Planet Attack".the Galaxy Cauldron, Eternal Sailor Moon lay wingless. they were shredded. Feathers were strewn all over on the ground. Her scepter was broken into two. All the bodies of her friends stood before her, mocking and hurting Moon's wings are shredded from her back and her scepter snaps in half. She lays on the ground with vacant eyes. would this be the end?Tuxedo Mask stood over her and laughed.

It can't be the end. i must help her. Sailor Chibi Moon gasped. She got up and tried to help but Chibi Chibi stopped her from going over. "This is her fight. The future of the galaxy depends on it. You must trust and believe in her," Sailor Chibi Chibi says. Chibi Chibi prays as Sailor Moon gets up slowly and Tuxedo Kamen gives the final call to kill her.

She had no powers. Tears gathered in her eyes. The situation felt hopeless. Then, a memory entered her head. It was one of her friends... her comrades... having a fun day.

Then, she made a resolution. "I am strong. I will not let them make me despair.I will not give up. I will save everyone!" She spoke, clenched a fist, and stood up.

As she stood, many things happened. Her wings grew back. Her scepter fixed itself and became longer. Her power increased dramatically, in response to her willpower and emotions. Then she yelled, "Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!" she calls out. The bracelets on the eight Senshi break and their bodies turn to ash. Their eight sailor crystals float before Sailor Moon. She tries to reach for it was too late. All of them , a huge flash of light was emitted. It was a power filled with her resolution and emotions.

Before her is the large Garden Crystal suspended in the air and Sailor Galaxia underneath it. "I trust my golems gave you a great performance. I am the galaxy's ultimate Senshi of destruction. Welcome to the castle of Sailor Galaxia. Is your beautiful and radiant power full of hatred toward me?" she says. Sailor Moon replies, "My power is not full because of hatred. It is because I believe in the power of Sailor Senshi. They have all continued to give me strength. I believe we will live together again. We will have the future we've made!" Tuxedo Kamen comes from the shadows. He kisses Galaxia's lips, then her Sapphire Crystal, and the ground beneath her feet. Sailor Moon begs him to stop. Galaxia kicks him in the jaw, knocking him away. She steps on his hand. "This man and everything in this galaxy belongs to me. If you want it back, follow me. I will lead you to someone.

"Someone?" Eternal Sailor Moon spoke.

Sailor Galaxia walked away. Eternal Sailor Moon, Chibi Chibi and Chibi Usa followed.


Slightly confused and sad brown eyes opened. She found herself sprawled in an uncomfortable position, in a sailor outfit, which was trimmed with lace and pearls. Her chest ribbon was torn and tattered. It was a light pink, with a large heart-shaped brooch at the center. Her skirt was still blue but had lace petticoats underneath. The red gems on her bun were pearl-trimmed, and between them was a pearl crown with her normal tiara. She wore white boots with red trim at the top in a rising "v" shape and transparent heels. She also wore a ring on her left hand. She was perplexed. She then saw that she was in a place that seemed to be an endless

Her eyes widened as she realized... the cruel truth. She was alive. She was guilty and she was alone on a barren was the only survivor of an apocalypse she had created. Then tears dropped. Memories suddenly became clear. She recalled it all now. She had destroyed the planet. She had killed them all. She had become a cruel, thoughtless and selfish... girl all due to the past. She had done it for love... a selfish love. Even Endymion had died by her hand...

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she realized the truth... the horrible, horrible was a monster. She was a heroine. She was both and more. She was a princess. She was a queen. She was darkness. She was light. She was hate. She was love. She was a paradox.

She had destroyed a world she loved... just to save it. She had not meant to, but it had been done. "I was the evil one. Minna, Gomen nasai..." she whispered sadly. She was alone and she deserved the loneliness. She had to find a way to restore the world she had loved and destroyed. She would find the way. She clenched her fist. She would restore it all.

Even if it meant dying, she would do it. If that happened to be the only solution, she would do it.

"Help me... silver crystal. Make me a time key. Please." she whispered.

She blinked. A tear fell onto the crystal and the silver crystal changed shape. It turned into a key of time. Her eyes widened as she recognized it from her dreams of another past life.

Memories slammed into her mind. She screamed and cried as the emotional impact of all the memories she was regaining hit her.

Then, she fainted.

She had dreamt of a past life where she had been truly blonde and blue-eyed. She dreamt of fights. She dreamt of a daughter and four other sailor senshi. She was wise, kind, compassionate and she had once ruled the world, as a queen. She had been the queen of the had ruled it...

She remembered that as a queen, she died. She became reborn... in a fire of stars and tears. She became cosmic for a long time. She then took the powers of her friends, beloved and daughter to bring an end to her past... but she failed...

But now, she was the destructive force that caused the annihilation of the world.

She awoke and gasped. She remembered. It was sudden, but she remembered everything now. It was like having the knowledge of three lives... suddenly.

She recalled the words of the old Sailor Pluto. "The past and present must never meet, otherwise all will be lost."

She stared at the empty world before her. All she saw was a dead world. "But... but... what now? Pluto? Tell me…what would you do then?what can I do to rectify my foolish mistakes?" she questioned softly as tears brimmed in her eyes.

She saw the old powers, hidden in the crystalline time key her silver crystal had turned into.

"Sailor Pluto, I need you to help me. Please give me some instructions; what should I do? Tell me... please... please... oh please! Tell me!" she whispered.

Another tear fell. This time, it fell onto the crystal key.

"I wish to change this!" She yelled, feeling hope and despair...

All of a sudden, the crystal key in her hand glowed and she vanished from the barren planet.

In the past:

She appeared before Sailor Galaxia.

"Sailor Moon..." Sailor Galaxia muttered.

"You will listen to me Galaxia. Do not listen to Chaos. Follow his instructions but do this, in the end..."

Some time later...

Tuxedo Kamen appeared next to Sailor Galaxia and the large Garden Crystal appears above the Cauldron. The Garden Crystal sinks into the Galaxy Cauldron. Eternal Sailor Moon was shocked and says, "No! You can't! That contains everyone's sailor crystals!" Sailor Galaxia tells her that there is nothing left of the galaxy's sailor crystals and the Cauldron is now the universe's strongest, unmatched star.

Eternal Sailor Moon thinks, "All their sailor crystals are gone?! I always believed that with the sailor crystals I could bring them back...That final hope." Sailor Moon rushes toward Galaxia with her scepter, wanting to stop her. Galaxia says, "Be alone, Sailor Moon. That feeling will awaken the infinite power inside you." and she waves her hand at Tuxedo Kamen, who falls backward into the Cauldron. Sailor Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi reach the cliff at that moment. She continues, "When you've heard the truth from them. When you have heard she and Chaos, your power will explode recklessly and you'll be no more along with him, Chaos. Then, the truth will come to light."

Eternal Sailor Moon wondered. Who were they that Galaxia was talking about? Who or what were she and chaos? What on earth? What in the galaxy? As she wondered this, Tuxedo Kamen plummeted. Eternal Sailor Moon gasped and watched with horror, noticing that his eyes were still vacant. Then, within seconds, he sank into the Cauldron and vanished. Sailor Chibi Moon tried to reach for Sailor Moon but disappeared. Chaos from within the Cauldron moans at the power. Eternal sailor moon watched in shock as her beloved Endymion fell into the Cauldron. Then, she screamed in horror as Chibi Usa vanished. She did rush towards her daughter, but it was too late. The damage was done. Chibi Usa was Sailor Moon heard the groans and chills went down her spine. Those groans were familiar.

"Why did you kill them? This is cruel!They did nothing to you! Why did you have to do this? Why? Why did you have to be so evil?" Eternal Sailor Moon cried and screamed.

"Oh, but you need to know something. I am not the true mastermind of this. Even chaos does not know my true allegiance. I was also not the true master of this evil. You are. Follow me." Sailor Galaxia spoke.

Galaxia entered another opening, which was near the high cliff and entered a room, which was purple. The walls were tiled with lilac tiles and the floor seemed to be created with flattened amethyst crystals. Eternal Sailor Moon was perplexed, shocked and traumatized as she followed Galaxia. Tears still ran down her cheeks. She was the mastermind? But how was that even possible? She did not recall ordering this... this deluded and madwoman to do... to do all of this!

Before Eternal Sailor Moon could say a word, she noticed a blonde (the hair was similar to hers, except darker by a shade or two) sinister and unfriendly woman who sat in a large, garish pink chair with a symbol which resembled the brooch pinned on her sailor uniform, which was behind Sailor Galaxia, spoke up.

"Let me show her my true self." The woman was wearing a silky pink hooded robe over what seemed to be a sailor outfit.

"I am the servant, not of the light, not of the dark, but of the stars. Of everything and nothing." Sailor Galaxia spoke calmly as she beheld Eternal Sailor moon's baffled face.

No. It couldn't be. Was that really an evil version of her? Eternal Sailor Moon gasped and bit her lip in nervousness and wariness. A silent question reigned in Eternal sailor Moon's head. The question was: Why? Then, as if becoming an answer to the silent question, the mysterious woman stood up. she walked closer. Then, she took off her cloak with an overstated and ostentatious tug and throw.

The mystery brown-eyed woman had a sailor outfit, which was lacy and covered with pearls. Her chest ribbon was a light pink, with a large heart-shaped brooch at the center. Her skirt was still blue but had lace petticoats underneath. The red gems on her bun were pearl-trimmed, and between them was a pearl crown with her normal tiara. She wore white boots with red trim at the top in a rising "v" shape and transparent heels. She also wore a ring on her left hand. She did not smile. There was an empty yet sad look in her eyes. Yet, there was something similar about her.

Eternal Sailor Moon gasped. How was this all even possible? The person was her. However, something in her counterpart was more colder, more hostile and less cheery.

"This is... this... it can't be possible... You. You can't be me! You don't even look like me!" Eternal Sailor Moon spluttered in shock. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened and closed repeatedly. She recognized her mirror image instantly.

With the exception of brown eyes and a slightly different hairstyle (the fringe was different), she recognized the stranger as herself. The sailor senshi she beheld shocked and confused her. Why was this happening?

"I am you." The woman spoke.

Her mirror image was in a different sailor outfit that resembled her earliest sailor outfit, but she could recognize her own face anywhere...

"You ...You can't be me!" she yelled in a fierce denial.

"Oh, so you naively think that I am not you? I am. You must accept it. It is a fact that can never be changed."

Eternal Sailor Moon shuddered. Even though her powers had resonated with the powers of her counterpart and she knew it to be the truth, she wanted to be in denial. This was horrible. How could a future version of her own being… her own soul do this? Her counterpart's smile wasn't pleasant.

The woman continued, pressing on with her harsh words."Nevertheless, you will learn to accept. No. You will accept. I am you, Usagi Tsukino. I am you. You must accept that I am a future version of you. I am Princess Sailor Moon. I even destroyed the world in the future." She coldly regarded the girl who was her past self.

Eternal Sailor Moon shook her head in horror, shock and disbelief. Her hands flew to her mouth and she covered it, gasping in shock and denial. This was not true! One thought whirled in her head. She destroyed the world in the future? How? How could it be? Why would she do it?

"What?" Eternal Sailor Moon felt her thoughts whirl madly. She couldn't believe it.

How was this possible? Sailor Galaxia smirked.

"But this... It is… impossible! How… how can you be me?" Eternal Sailor Moon gasped in shock.

"Oh, but I am. I am you. Accept this. It is the truth. Harsh as it is, I am not lying. I am Usagi Tsukino. I am beyond chaos. I am the mistress of stars. I am the lady of the void. I am Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium. I am sailor moon, super sailor moon and eternal Sailor Moon. I am Neo Queen Serenity of Neo Crystal Tokyo. I am Sailor Chibi Chibi and Sailor Cosmos. I am the past. I am the present. I am your future. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am the beginning. I am the end. In the beginning I decided to be you. Also, in the end, I decide. "

Eternal Sailor Moon felt her throat tighten. How was this even true? How was it possible? It was not happening... Her future self had... destroyed the world?

She trembled. She wondered and pondered.

"I need to restore that world and have my Endymion. Now, give me your powers! For my love and that obliterated world... I need your powers!" Princess Sailor Moon spoke coldly.

Eternal Sailor Moon looked at her princess form… and took a tentative step forward. If she was going to restore the world, that was good, right?

Sailor Chibi Chibi was staring at the newcomer with silent wonder and was pondering if she should turn into her normal form. When she saw Eternal Sailor Moon taking a step forward, she decided. She transformed into her true form... Sailor had a cape, but within less than ten seconds, the cape had turned into an angelic pair of wings.

"What?" Eternal Sailor Moon's head whipped towards the newcomer( or was it old…?) and was perplexed.

"Who are you?" Eternal Sailor Moon asked.

"I am Sailor Cosmos. I… I am a coward but please. Please listen to me. Don't listen to her! Destroy the cauldron! Destroy Chaos! Destroy it permanently! Do it now!" Sailor Cosmos yelled at Eternal Sailor Moon.

"Really? Would you destroy the cauldron if it destroys the future?" Princess Sailor Moon spoke snidely.

"Don't listen to her! I told you! Go and destroy the cauldron! She said it! She destroyed the world! Do not listen to a maniac like her!" Sailor Cosmos yelled.

Galaxia then spoke. "So, there is a third party... the second one is waiting for you. Go now, Eternal Sailor Moon. He is at the Cauldron."

Then, Eternal Sailor Moon's eyes widened and she felt doubt. Did she just try to walk toward a maniacal Sailor Moon? Was she about to listen to a future her who wanted the future to end? She also pondered. Just who was at the Cauldron? However, sailor Cosmos wanted to destroy the origin of everything. She stared at the cauldron vacantly. She pondered.

Eternal Sailor Moon bit her lip and yelled, "What… But why must I do it? I can't! Everyone died! If I destroyed it, then, there will be no more hope! And also, why should I trust someone who destroyed a planet?"

Princess Sailor Moon was pitiless.

"I do not care. Give me your powers, now."

"But this is not right!" Eternal Sailor Moon spoke resolutely. Then, holding her tier tightly, she turned to Sailor Cosmos.

"Sailor Cosmos or Chibi Chibi, who are you?"

Sailor Cosmos looked at her with sad, distant eyes.

"I am from the future. I am you. Reborn into a body of eleven powers... eleven powers of a horrible future. I come from a future which... Chaos has subjugated. Dead. Everyone was dead there. It was a future in which... I am the only one left."

A tear slipped from a silvery-blue eye and fell onto the floor.

Eternal Sailor Moon gasped. She couldn't imagine it. How could it be? Could there really be a future with nobody friendly? Could there be a future without sailor senshi? How could a future exist in which all were destroyed, dead and gone? A chill went down her spine.

Princess Sailor Moon smiled coldly. "But... don't forget me. I come from a future beyond the time of Sailor Cosmos..."

Eternal Sailor moon looked at her. If everything was true, then why was there a need for all of this? A silent thought hovered in her head.

"Stop wasting time! Give me your power! I will save my world, the world I destroyed!" Princess Sailor Moon yelled.

"Don't listen to her! Destroy the cauldron and destroy my future! Destroy my detestable future!" Sailor Cosmos yelled.

Eternal Sailor Moon pondered. She was utterly puzzled. Who was she really? What was all of this? What was real and what was false? Was everything the damned truth? She gripped her scepter tightly. Who was right? Who was wrong? Were they both being true? She had to save everyone. She had to. It was her duty. However, what was she supposed to do now? What decision could she make?

She silently begged the silver moon crystal to give her an answer...

"Silver Moon Crystal... help me. Why are there two different versions of me?" She whispered.

Sailor Galaxia was enjoying this... this drama, this identity crisis, this decision... confusion. She taunted Eternal Sailor Moon.

"Oh, so you are indecisive! The beloved and legendary Sailor Moon can't make up her mind! You are a foolish princess. Well, isn't this like an exceedingly distorted, sad and shattered fairytale? Have fun arguing with your other selves. Ha-ha. This is funny. The fate of everything is in your hands. I am looking forward to your decision. Either way, you will have to face him."

Meanwhile, Eternal Sailor Moon was frustrated, pondering and thinking hard. Also, who was he? Who was chaos? There had to be a way. "There can't just be only destruction and being forced to give my powers. Surely, they were not the only two ways!" she yelled. Then, she rubbed her forehead as she felt a headache form. Urgh. To make a decision was so headache inducing.

Galaxia laughed again.

Eternal Sailor Moon had enough. She slammed the tier onto the ground and yelled, "Shut up! Galaxia. Just be silent! Shut up!"

Then, she looked at her other two selves. She glared at them and yelled resolutely, "I am not foolish. I have made a decision. I will not destroy the cauldron and I will not give you my power! There has to be a third way! Even if I have to face whoever you are talking about, I will make sure everyone is saved!"

Sailor Cosmos and the other two became that happened, a member of the amazon quartet stirred slightly. However, nobody noticed. Not even Galaxia.

Eternal Sailor Moon took a step backwards and gazed at her scepter, trying to think of something that she could do to save all. What was she to do then? Was she to destroy the future, save it or… what? Would she need to become like Sailor Saturn and bring down the glaive of destruction? What could the third way be? There had to be one. She refused to believe that she had to give up her power or destroy the future. She needed her power and the future.

She wanted and needed peace. She needed her beloved, friends, family and a resolution. She also wanted to save everything. However, she would not be unwise as to give her powers to someone who was a potential threat to everything. She was also not planning on destroying all that existed.

Was she going to be one who created? Was she one who would restore all? Or was she, in the end, to be a destroyer? Would she be trapped in an eternal battle? Was there hope at all?

There had to be. She hoped that there was.

Author's notes:

Minna, Gomen nasai..." means everyone, I am sorry

I am aware that there are many theories as to who or what sailor cosmos is. However to me, she is simply a future Usagi Tsukino.

This came to me in an extremely strange Sailor Moon dream.

I am just writing stuff I saw from the dream and well... it's very strange dream.

This is based on the sailor moon manga and PGSM (live action Sailor Moon). I will try and keep it as canon as possible.

I am sorry if this was not written well. I apologize if the grammar is wrong.
But I need to write this out or I will go mad over that strange dream...