Title: Moon Resolution

Part 1: Resolution of restoration (part two of three)

Chapter 3: sadness, despair, restoration and Reasons

Small author's note: this is where it starts to change drastically.

Crossovers: This is not really a crossover, but PGSM (Live action Sailor Moon) and Manga Sailor moon are mixed together in this.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon in any form (anime, musicals, live-action, manga or anything else officially sailor Moon) is copyright of Takeuchi Naoko-sensei, TOEI animation, and other companies.

Quote of the day:

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.
Desmond Tutu

In an unspecified time in the future, far beyond the time of Neo Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Cosmos materialised on a dead planet. This planet was formerly the earth. It was also the one thing she failed to protect. It was covered with an ominous, thick, putrid and corrupting blackness, which surrounded it and mocked her. It was chaos.

"You are too late. I have won. I, chaos, I will rule this…" it paused as it saw Sailor Cosmos gathering power to her right hand. "No. You can't. What are you…argh! Argh! No! You can't! You must not destroy me!" Chaos screamed in panic as it realized its imminent destruction. Sailor Cosmos showed no emotion and spoke five words, "I can and I will."

She then resolutely flicked her hand gently and turned chaos into billions of shards. It happened so fast. It would come back again. However, for now, it would remain in pieces. Sailor Cosmos smiled softly. Her new hope had given her fresh strength. For her, it was time to face the results of her trip to the past. Tears sprang to her eyes as she took in the tragic view that had remained untouched.

She was prepared for the worst but nothing had prepared her for this sight. Did her actions in the past change nothing? Were they just desperate, futile actions? She fell to her knees and sobbed in despair. Nothing had changed. Nothing was flying in the air. Nothing lived on the land. There were skeletons, broken sculptures, broken manmade objects, bloodstains and ruins there. In the seas, oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers and etcetera, various life forms were either dead or gone. The ambient energy surrounding the planet was in turmoil. The ley lines were destabilised. She knew that even if she left the earth, all the other locations all over the universe were as dead as the earth. Not even a single microbe existed now. Even the glimmer of all the stars that she could see seemed dimmer than normal.

Then, random thoughts entered her head. She had gone to the past and seen a miracle. Yet, things still had not changed. She was going out of her mind without them around. She recalled their last moments and as the memories felt overwhelming, tears rolled down her cheeks. She grimaced at the memories. She got to her feet then tried one of her powers. She resolutely yelled, "Lambda cosmos rebirth!" Her staff glowed white and a white glow softly encompassed the world. A few people groaned but did not awake. Near Sailor Cosmos, a flower sprouted out of the dead earth. A building rebuilt itself. A car was fixed. However, that was the extent of that power.

A few days of using that power passed. More people were revived and struggling to survive in a desolate wasteland, which had only a few flowers and repaired items to show for her efforts. Sailor Cosmos sighed in exasperation. She knew that her past self had achieved more strength than she had. Why was that so? Had she truly lost her way? Sailor Cosmos clenched her left fist and gripped her sceptre tightly with her right hand. She stared at the lifeless planet and reflected on everything that she had experienced. Could this be the end of everything she loved? Could it be that her end was coming soon? It couldn't be the end, could it? Was she so weak and helpless?

She wondered. If it was, why did she even go to the past? Was her trip to the past for nothing? Was this it? Was this the end of everything? Was she out of touch? Was she out of time? Was she too late? Would she be alone forever, until the end? Was everything futile despite the miracle she had seen at the Cauldron? Was everything to remain dead forever, in a state of eternal and desolate entropy? It was a horrid prospect. How did her powers diminish to such a state of despair? When did things change? When did things come to this?

She clenched her teeth and her knuckles turned white as her grip on her sceptre tightened. Then, it happened as she viewed the desolate planet. A multitude of guilty, horrifying and tragic memories and emotions hit her hard in a turbulent and overwhelming mix. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Afterwards, she sorted through all her memories, trying to understand her emotions.

Above all, one feeling, stood out and she finally understood what she was feeling. It was a catharsis from her feelings of despair and hopelessness. It was a new awakening, a deep understanding and an unavoidable truth. It wasn't despair that she had been feeling. She knew it all know. What she felt now was the truth and utter hope, along with a tiny pang of longing.

She understood now. It was herself. She had been holding her own powers back. It was a terrible psychological constraint that made her despair and try and destroy everything. She now knew that her former actions were a huge mistake. It was her previous temperament, her doubts and misery, that made her almost commit a heinous error. It was her sin and crime.

Perhaps, the recent trip back in time was telling her that she had to do something, instead of waiting for something miraculous to occur. If her younger self could do it, why wasn't she doing it? Aside from trying that one weak attack, surely she could put her all into the effort? She sighed. She was sceptical of her own power. That was her weakness. She knew that now. She shouldn't have doubted herself. The doubt had to go away. She needed a lesson from the past. She knew it. She just needed to concentrate on what the aim of the lesson was. She closed her eyes and focused. What would her young self decide? That would be the meaning of that lesson.

She then remembered the will, heart and strength she had when she was younger. Maybe, just maybe, that was all that was needed. Then, she was filled with a new resolution. She would bring them back. She smiled softly. The sacrifice and bravery of her younger self snapped her out of her cowardice. She finally had hope. It was a huge possibility that she could do it. The flower next to her grew taller by a few inches, as if responding to her hope.

She noticed that occurrence. She also recalled something. She could bring them, no. That would be a lie. Everything could be revived. She was ready for her destined role of being a saviour. She would use all the powers of the cosmos in order to bring back everything she and all others held dear. She would use the powers of her heart, mind and will.

However, doing such a deed would require a high degree of control. It also meant that a large amount of emotions would be needed and used. She closed her eyes and focused her power into her crystal, the Cosmos crystal. It was also the cosmos seed. It was her reason for existence, the source of her power and her only hope. She decided to do it. She had to try. She couldn't bear to be lonely anymore. Even if this meant her death, then so be it.

She had to do something. This state of despair could not go on forever. That was her resolution. Then, with her focus, she made her desire known. Her sadness and despair would vanish. It was also her will, her wish and her greatest need. She focused on reviving all life on the planet known as the Earth. She took a deep breath. As she did so, the crystal glowed brightly and an ethereal luminescent glow surrounded her. She was turning her belief in love to that power.

Her power was a manifestation of love, will and hope, but mostly love. It was a life-threatening and significant surge of energy. It was pure and raw. The energy was flowing around and within her. A resolute thought entered her head: Destroy the last vestiges of hesitation. She opened her eyes, revealing pure resolution in her eyes. Then, the sphere of her powers gradually became bigger and wider. It then encompassed the earth within a minute. Then, it happened. She released an incredible amount of power. It was a most extraordinary event. It was a mighty display of power. It was a miracle being made manifest by one individual's desire, will and need.

First, birds and insects appeared and started to fly in the air. Soon, confused humans, grasses, trees, flowers, bushes, other plants, fungi, and creatures started to appear on the land. Then, the skeletons, bloodstains and ruins all vanished. Buildings reappeared. Sculptures appeared. Every manmade object returned to their original forms. In the seas, oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers and etcetera, various life forms reappeared and started to thrive. It was no longer a wasteland. The amount of ambient energy stabilised. The ley lines stabilised.

Then, in various other locations in the universe, all other living things were brought back to life. Stars glimmered brighter than ever. After a second, Sailor Cosmos stopped and fell to her knees. She opened her eyes and gave a loud gasp of relief and shock. It took a lot out of her, but she was still alive. She was stunned. She had brought the planet back to life! No, she had brought all life in the universe back. This was her miracle, right after the one she had seen in the past.

She saw them all and gasped in happiness. She couldn't believe it. She had done it. They were back and they were all healthy and happy. She gasped and smiled in pure relief. Tears gathered in her eyes and she slowly got up and turned to face them. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight. Immense happiness and relief shone in her eyes. Then, she saw him and she exclaimed, "Endymion? My love…you are back… You are back as well! I missed you so much!"

Her voice was filled a mix of joy and relief. Then, there was a tearful reunion as there were many hugs, tears and relieved smiles. Despite the reunion, there were a few displeased faces. Sailor Cosmos sighed. She would have to give explanations.

Inspired by:


Out of Touch by Hall and Oates