Stuck on the island (Grojband fan fiction)

It was during a hot summer's day and Corey, Laney and Kon were just lazing about in the garage. Suddenly Kin bursts in the door, "Hey guys, check out my new invention that I just finished building"

Corey looks at the strange contraption that's about three meters tall and looked strangely like a broken down time machine. "Um, what is this thing exactly?"

"It's a travel machine" replies Kin.

"You mean a time travel machine" yawns Laney and Kon.


"How does it work then?" asks a frustrated Laney.

"Simple, you just enter the name of the location you want to go to, hop in and let the machine do all the other work" says an impatient Kin.

"Oooohhh" echoes Kon in the background.

"Great work, Kin" Corey comments "But where exactly would we all want to go during the summer?"

"Hawaii!" everyone screams.

"What do we wear? When do we leave? Should I get sunscreen...?"

While the band was busy planning for their secret trip in Kin's handy new invention, they didn't notice that there were two different pairs secretly eavesdropping, Mina and Trina on the balcony and Kate and Allie behind the bushes.

"Grojband's going on vacation?" asks Kate Persky one of the band's adorable groupies.

"Looks like it" replies Allie Day her best friend.

"Wait a minute" says Kate slowly

"Let's go with them!" they both squeal excitedly.

"Ugh, what is it with groupies and garbageband?" Trina exclaims in disgust.

"They're Corey's biggest fans" squeaks Mina.

"Fans Mina, ugh, that is unbelievable. Corey's music is soooo lame, and don't even get me started on his so called band members".

"What should we do?"


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