"Is everyone packed?" asks Kin excitedly.

"All set!" the trio sings.

"Good, now let me just make a few changes to the machine, and then it's off to Hawaii!"

"Phew, for once Trina's not here to rain on our parade, I bet she's swooning over Nick Mallory right now!" Corey exclaims.

"Um, you might wanna rethink that Core" says Laney pointing out towards the street.

Corey, Kin and Kon looked out and saw a lone figure walking with his hands inside his red jacket with a cool, emotionless expression on his face. It was Nick Mallory, secretly trying to see if Mina was around with Trina.

"I wouldn't worry about that fella" Corey says giving Laney a bear hug.

"Yeah, me too" Kon says munching on a cheese cube that appeared out of nowhere.

"Are you sure it's going work?" Mina asks secretly hoping that Trina's plan would backfire.

"Duh Mina, of course it's going to work!" Trina shoots back "As soon as Corey and his band enter that whatever machine, I'll have Mina to wreck it, then I'll never have to plug my earholes form Corey's groaning music again!" laughs Trina.

Is she for real? Mina thought. Suddenly she spots Nick walking on the street.

"Hi, Ni... ahh!" Trina kicks Mina into a bush.

"Hey Hunky Nick Mallory", Trina says flirtiously.

Oh great, it's Trina Riffin, come on Nick act natural. "What's up Trina Riffin, Nick Mallory's just chilling"

"Well… I was about to head to the ice cream shack, you should totes come along"

"No can do, Nick Mallory's heading to the beach, later"

Great, telling her that you're heading to the beach when you're walking down the street. Good idea, Nick Mallory.

"Mina!" Mina appears with leaves and branches stuck in her hair.

"New plan, you will convince Nick Mallory to come with me to Hawaii, then while we're about to be transported you will sabotage the machine."

"But you will be stuck in Hawaii forever with your brother" Mina replies.


"Ok, we're ready to go" Kin says.

The gang hops inside the machine which was surprisingly spacious.

"Five minutes until departure" a computerized voice announces form inside.

A huge ball of bright blue light begins to surround the machine. Suddenly the machine door bursts open and Kate and Allie enter with their backpacks and sunglasses.

"Four minutes until departure"

"Groupies, what are you doing here?" asks a surprised Corey

"We're coming with you" Allie squeals

"But…" Kon begins but didn't finish his sentence because the door bursts open again and this time Trina enters with Mina struggling to drag a huge sack behind her.

"Three minutes until departure"

"Trina, what are you doing?" Corey practically screams out.

"Quiet, you might wake Nick Mallory!"

"Where's Nick Mallory?" Laney asks sarcastically, "In the sack?"

"Yes, he is"


"Two minutes"

"How did he…?"

"One minute"

"Hang on, guys!" Kin yells over all the commotion.

"Wait!" Kon yells, but suddenly the machine starts spinning really fast sending everyone bumping into each other.