"Kin, what's happening?!"

"Oh no, Mina's calculations were wrong, we might have less than an hour before the whole island is covered in boiling, hot lava."

"Where's the gang?"

At that very moment, Corey, Laney, Kon, Nick & Mina crashed out of the palm trees covered in dirt and sweat. Kon was carrying Kate on his shoulders and Nick was carrying Allie on his back, both were exhausted from running.

"Guys, you're here!" Kin shouted with relief.

"How are the little angels?" Katrina exclaimed taking Kate from Kon and placing her in the travel machine.

"Is everyone here?" Corey asks. Stress and fear was building up inside of him.

"Here!" came a frightened chorus.


"Kin, get the machine dials on."

"Way ahead of you, Core."

Everyone clambers into the travel machine and a familiar blue light emits. Mina filled the sack they use to kidnap Nick Mallory with the juicy fruits and coconuts that Kate and Allie collected. Laney looking out of the travel machine's tiny glass window could see the red lava burning everything in its path. The computerized voice begins the count down.

"Five minutes until departure."

The volcano starts spitting out rocks.

"Four minutes until departure."

Thick smoke covers the island.

"Three minutes until departure."

Ash covers the sky.

"Two minutes"

"One minute."

The machine spins really fast sending everyone bumping into each other, again.

. . .

A few hours later, Corey wakes up from the headaches and bruises. He stretched out his legs before looking at the sight before him and burst out laughing. Everyone was a mess. The groupies were asleep on Katrina, who was snoring on Kon's right arm. Nick was cuddling Mina close to him; Kin was lying on the corner drooling on Nick's sneaker, and Laney?! Where was she? He looked around the cubicle but she wasn't anywhere in sight!

Just then he felt something tickling his elbow. He looked down and saw Laney's tousled up fiery red hair next to his arm. Laney was asleep right next to him. Part of him wanted to wake her up so she could lie properly and not get tangled with the others and part of him wanted to hug her close without waking her up. After many conflicting thoughts, he was just about to hug Laney close to him but a sudden wailing erupted causing everybody to wake up from their peaceful slumber.

"Dude, what's going on?" Kon yells over the loud wailing.

"Sorry, I didn't dismantle the siren." Kin hollers back.

"What do you need a siren for?" Laney gave a high pitched screech.

"It's for emergencies."

"What kind of emergencies?" Kate and Allie ask.

"Let's say, in case we land in the wrong location."


It was a full five seconds before Kin realized what he had just said. He started to panic. Nick Mallory opened the door, but instead of the usual cheesy smell of Corey's garage they were met with blinding sunshine and searing heat with stinging sand. They were in the Sahara Desert.

How did the gang end up in the Sahara Desert and how are they going to get out? It looks like the Travel Machine still has a few screws loose.

Find out what's going to happen next in a new story "Trapped in the Desert".