Doranbolt was walking through the council's longs hallways, thinking, as he does every now and then. All of a sudden his mind was swept from his thinking place when two frogs rushed by, breaking the silence. He heard one of them mention Fairy Tail in a frantic tone. He smiled and chuckled to himself. He remembered the days he spent there. All the memories of going through the S-class tournament swept his mind. He stopped walking when he suddenly remembered Wendy. He hadn't seen her in a while, but he could clearly remember her kindness. He picked up his step to catch up in the main signal room, where all the news concerning wizards and magic were sent. He hoped to find out what the crazy guild had done this time.

He snuck in through the big doors to be greeted by the frantic running of messenger frogs and papers flying. He walked over to the guild section and asked a frog in purple robes about the recent events of Fairy Tail. The frog grimaced at the name and replied "I guess they happened to travel in time again." Doranbolt thought back to when they got stuck on the island for seven years without aging. No time had changed for the current world, so he wondered how old they were.

"Who was affected in the guild?" He asked.

"Only 9: Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfillia, Juvia Lockser, Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox, Levy Mcgarden, Happy, and Wendy Marvell." He replied as he read the names of a list.

Doranbolt thanked him and ran off to talk to Lahar.