Author Note: For this short vignette, I used an Internet source called Color Wheel Pro which gave me a list of traits associated with each color. I also used a free program called Grammarly, which catches most of my grammatical errors. Of course, it can't catch everything, so please don't expect perfection.

I'm not sure, but I feel like there was a movie called Color Me Something. Well, this story was not inspired by it. In fact, I never even watched a movie called Color Me Something. I just chose the title because I feel like it just fits, or at least has a very nice ring to it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. All characters that appear in this story belong to Hasbro and My Little Pony.

Title: Color Me Rainbow

Author: Betty Bear

Chapter: 1

Word Count: 603

Genre: Slice of Life

[Color Me Rainbow]

It wasn't right. It just wasn't right. How could a large, burly stallion fall in love with the color rainbow? It just didn't make any sense. Rainbow was a feminine color. It had the same sense of girlishness as pink, and pink was a very girlie color. Only mares and fillies were supposed to like that color. That was why they had all the fillies wrapped in pink, and all the colts wrapped in blue when they were born. That was why they always said fillies loved the color pink, and colts loved the color blue because it represented their gender well.

But Big Macintosh didn't care, he loved the color rainbow. He had already accepted that it wasn't right, but that didn't stop him. Everypony in town knew that he was as masculine as the toughest bull alive. That was why so many mares lusted after him. He was the sole epitome of a true stallion. However, he had a very strong reason as to why he loved such a feminine color.

Each and every color of the rainbow reminded him of the mare he fell in love with years ago. Each color represented a part of her unique personality.

The red reminded him of her extreme passion and energy.

The orange reminded him of her endless enthusiasm and determination.

The yellow reminded him of her uncontested joy and happiness.

The green reminded him of her constant friendliness and laziness.

The blue reminded him of her undying loyalty and confidence.

The purple reminded him of her demanding power and ambition.

Besides her personality, they also served the purpose of being a memento. They reminded him of her uniqueness, individuality, and rareness.

She was the only pony, that he knew of, with a rainbow mane and tail.

She was the only pony, that he knew of, who left a rainbow trail behind her.

She was the only pony, that he knew of, who could perform the Sonic Rainboom.

She was the only pony, that he knew of, who could create rainbows from water vapor and her stunts.

Rainbow Dash was the only mare who stole his heart.

Rainbow Dash was the only mare who would become his mare.

Rainbow Dash was the only mare who he loved and wanted.

Rainbow Dash was the only mare who made him love the color rainbow.

For her, he would gladly embrace the feminine color.

Author Note: I don't know about you, but I always saw rainbow as a girl's color. So in this story and in future stories, rainbow will always be seen as a feminine color.

Long live MacDash!