Author Note: I used a free program called Grammarly, which catches most of my grammatical errors. Of course, it can't catch everything, so please don't expect perfection.

This is a little drabble I wrote on Derpibooru as Background Pony #C4B6. "New Cutie Mark" was inspired by "Birthday Gift!" a picture made by Karma Dash. For all you MacDash supporters, I suggest you check out her artwork on DeviantArt and Derpibooru; it's very good.

Disclaimer: I do not own the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. All characters that appear in this story belong to Hasbro and My Little Pony.

Title: New Cutie Mark

Author: Betty Bear

Chapter: 4

Word Count: 617

Genre: Slice of Life

[New Cutie Mark]

Big Macintosh spent all day working on his "new cutie mark". He wanted it to look completely perfect. It had to be perfect. He was going to impress a certain mare after all. And just like her, it needed to be perfect. And awesome. And worthy. And cool. It needed to represent his love for her.

So when Applejack had invited her over, he knew he had a chance to finally let her know. He was never good with words. But actions. Actions spoke louder than words. They were more powerful. And meant more. At least that's what he thought.

Big Mac quickly grabbed some tape from a nearby tape dispenser and carefully placed it on one of the sheets of paper that was his new cutie mark. He carefully picked it up and pressed it onto his cutie mark. He smiled at his handiwork before doing the same process with the other new cutie mark. He approached his mirror and smiled as he looked at himself. He looked good. With a nod of his large head, he turned to his right side and smiled as he looked at his new cutie mark. Before he could move to his left side, he heard the doorbell for the front door buzz. He gulped and steeled himself for this. He was going to impress her.

He moved out of his room and started to descend down the stairs. The closer he got, the louder the noises got. He could tell one of them was his sister. The other one was unmistakable as it was Rainbow Dash. She was currently laughing at whatever Applejack was saying. Of course their conversation stopped as Big Mac finally got off the stairs and stepped a little too hard on the floor tile. It made a squeaking sound which attracted the mares' attention. They both turned towards Big Mac and blinked in surprise. There was Big Macintosh with a piece of paper taped to his cutie mark. And that piece of paper had a cutie mark on it.

After Rainbow read it, she blushed intensely as Applejack eyes widened a bit.

Applejack: "Big Macintosh! Why do ya have a piece o' paper on yer flank? N' why does it say Ah love RD?""

Rainbow's blush intensified as she stared up into his soft, green eyes. Big Mac, on the other hoof, smiled gently down towards her.

This was a good day.

Author Note: This was written 4 months before my writing improved. It was written in a very short period of time, I'd say around 10 minutes, and it was actually just intended for the artist to read. A fun little story on my interpretation of her drawing.

This isn't as good as I would normally would write, but I added it because it's about MacDash.

This is the prequel to Key to My Love, the next chapter of The Red and Blue Corpus.

Long live MacDash!