Crash My Party

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Chapter 1

It's the 4th of July and Jasper and Octavia are out on the dry dusty dirt road hanging signs for their big bash tonight.

Jasper and Octavia have been together for more than 2 years now living on a parcel of farm land in Virginia. They don't get to see their friends as often as they like anymore since they moved there after Jasper's attack when they were vacationing in Las Vegas. They had gone because being from a small town, The City of Lights seemed like it would be an amazing adventure. It happened on their first night there. Octavia, being Octavia was taking especially long getting ready, so she told an overly excited Jasper to go ahead down to the casino a block down the street and she would be not far behind him and that she would meet him by the slots. Jasper gazed over her not seeing what she could possibly have left to do, because as always she looked stunning, agreed leaving a tender kiss on her newly glossed lips before leaving. Jasper could feel his excitement rising going down the glass elevator looking out over the strip from the 24th floor, all the lights mesmerizing him as he descended. Feeling lucky with a pocket full of cash, which he and Octavia saved for the past year to go on this trip, and a bit anxious he just knew that tonight was a night they would never forget.

The casino they agreed to meet at was 1 block down on the right. The lights just didn't seem as bright from the ground, Jasper headed there with the usual goofy grin he had when he was nervous. Just as he was passing the little alley before the casino, he heard a slight whisper of groans. Jasper being the kind hearted guy he always is, had to see if there was something he could do to help. He moved slowly down the even darker alley to find a silhouette of a body on the ground just beyond a dumpster. Hey, are you ok? He asked in a gentle voice. Do you need me to get some help? He inched closer reaching out to the man's shoulder. Before Jasper knew it, the man reached up grabbing Jasper by the arm and twisting it swiftly, hearing a bong crushing snap and bringing Jasper to his knees. Jasper gasps eyes open wide trying to absorb as much light as he can as he starts to black out from the shock of it all. The stranger doesn't stop there scoffing and repeatedly kicking Jasper while he's down. When he shows no more movement, the guy rifles through his pockets taking everything he had and runs out of the alley practically knocking over Octavia.

Octavia's POV

Watch it asshole! She exclaims as she's about to cross the alley to the casino. She brushes herself off and steps inside. Octavia walks up and down the slots area searching for Jasper. She reaches the last row and nothing. Starting to panic a bit because he is not anywhere in sight. Looking around holding it together, she thought, maybe he made a left when he should have made a right. It is Jasper after all and it wouldn't be out of the question. She giggled to herself.

Octavia proceeded to the door to go and see if her hunch was correct. Upon exiting the casino she seen several police cars and an ambulance around the alley in front of her. The alley where that asshole nearly knocked her over. She stood there for a moment as they began to pull a stretcher from the alley. Feeling bad for the poor soul that was lying lifeless while being wheeled out.

OH MY GOD! She screamed as she seen his face. It was bruised, bloodied and swollen but she knew it was her love, her Jasper. She pushed by the policemen and to his side.

JASPER! JASPER! She tried to get him to open his eyes.

I am sorry Ma'am do you know this man?

Yes, yes he is my boyfriend Jasper. Jasper Jordan.

I am afraid he cannot hear you right now, he is unconscious and has been non responsive. He has taken a horrible beating. Besides for the apparent contusions to his face it appears that he may have a few broken ribs and a broken arm. Would you like to come with us?

Not having to be asked twice, Octavia jumped into the ambulance and grasping Jasper's hand. You're ok baby, I'm here you're ok… Holding back her tears because that is what he needs right then. She has to be strong for both of them.

Bellamy's POV

What the hell, O was supposed to call me when they got there. Why is she always so irresponsible? He decided he couldn't wait any longer and dialed her number.

As soon as they rolled Jasper into the emergency room, Octavia's phone rang. Looking at it she saw the photo of her brother. She needed him so much right now. She answered not even saying Hi and before he could begin to chastise her for not calling him,

BELLAMY! Oh Bellamy she sobbed, which put her over protective brother on the defensive.

O, what's wrong? Are you ok? What's going on?

All she could get out was, it's Jasper… before breaking down into sobs.

That was a little over a month in the hospital and 2 ½ years ago

Authors note: Pass or fail? Should I continue?