Chapter 4

Clarke is standing in front of the mirror after changing into every outfit she owns for the past hour. Finally she settles on her favorite jeans that fit perfectly in all the right places , a small checkered blue and white top that ties at the waist (to set off the blue in her eyes), and her nicest pair of boots. She has less than a half hour before Bellamy is due to arrive.

Damn is she nervous. Not only because she has been really looking forward to seeing him outside of work, but because they are going to Octavia's and Jasper's for dinner.

Bellamy turns onto Maple Drive. It has been years. The street hasn't changed much except for the trees that have grown now shading the asphalt. He drives by the houses that all his friends used to live at. Monty and Jasper lived next door to each other, across the street was Miller, a bit further down lived Finn and also Raven when his family took her in after her mom just skipped town with some trucker, and then the very last house on the left next to the woods, his childhood home.

Bellamy felt a little queasy pulling up out front. The house, his house, looked almost the same. Except for a fresh coat of paint, still white with blue shutters, and there still hung a swing on the porch. The only difference was the roses. All around the front and sides were rare blue roses. His mother's favorite but unfortunately she was never able to afford something so frivolous, her children came first. It kind of made him smile about how much she would have loved this.

Bellamy jumped out of his pickup and approached her door wearing black cargos and a dark blur Henley tee, trying to smooth down some of his unruly curls (unsuccessfully) that had been tosseled by the wind on the drive over. He gave a few knocks.

Clarke jumped, trying to shake off her nerves down her arms and out her hands. Talking to herself,

Well, this is it.

She opens the door to find Bellamy standing there with his hands jammed in his pockets, and his head slightly tilted down with a half-smile on his face looking through his long lashes at her. This was not his usual confident self. But it was very endearing.

Hi Clarke, I hope I am not too early.

Hi yourself, she beamed back at him, not at all, come on in I just have to grab the lemon meringue pie I made to take with us to Octavia's. I hope she'll like it.

Bellamy steps in and looks around. The furniture and decor is different but it doesn't stop him from vividly seeing all of the memories in every corner of the house.

He follows her to the kitchen, Bellamy stops in the doorway. Gently rubbing his hand on the frame.

You didn't paint over it. He states slowly.

Clarke walks over to him looking at the frame.

I couldn't, it just didn't seem right. It looks like a boy and a girl lived here and judging by the lines for quite a long time. It felt the house needed to keep a part of its past and I could think of no better way than to honor it than with something from the family that had lived here before.

Clarke noticed a wetness in Bellamy's eyes.

Bellamy? She laid her hand on his arm. Is everything ok?

Thank you. He said looking deep into her eyes. The boy and girl that used to live here, well… they were Octavia and I. You don't know how much this means to me.

Thinking that the first time that they would embrace would be completely awkward, on the contrary it was actually the opposite. Clarke could feel the emotions flowing through Bellamy as he gently snaking his arms around her waist hugging her close in gratitude. Clarke held him as he composed himself.

A few minutes pass and he slightly pulled back. We better get going or we will have to suffer Octavia's wrath if we are late, he smirks.

Clarke grabs the pie from the fridge and they exit the house.

Bellamy opens the passenger side of the pickup for her and holds out his hand to help her into the cab. Looking up at her he notices that this was the first time he had ever seen her with her hair down.

Clarke… You look beautiful tonight.

A rush of warmth runs through her body forcing he cheeks into shades of pink.

Thank you Bellamy, she says softly.

He gazes at her a moment longer before closing her door and getting in the truck.

As they leave the town, there is silence. Bellamy looks over out of the corner of his eyes and sees Clark's hand fidgeting with the bottom of the pie tin.

I'm sure she'll love it…

Clarke looks down at the pie and back to Bellamy and just smiles.