A/N: A Poem I wrote about Slendy :) Hope you all enjoy!

Disclaimer: No I don't own the Slenderman, and I don't think that I'd want too!

He's Always Watching

He's always watching. No eyes, no face.

Like paper, blank and pale as the moon.

He's always watching. Standing there.

Long twisted arms hang by his sides.

Hands kiss at the forest floor.

He's always watching.

He'll make sure you know it,

by notes.

Yes, notes.

The more you collect, the closer he gets

to you, the more he obsesses over you,

the more he wants you dead.

He's always watching.

Until you're gone.

He's always watching.

Everywhere you are,don't look back.

Don't get close to him.

What's the difference?

He'll get you anyway.

In months, weeks, days...

You can't stop him.

No one can save you.

They won't believe you.

He's always watching. He waits.

Slowly he waits for his targets.

To loose themselves mentally and physically.
And that's when he steps in.

To finish what he's started.

He's always watching.