After years of fighting Yona had finally taken Hiryuu Castle back; she was now the first queen to rule the kouka empire with the four dragons and Hak by her side. With the political power that Yona possessed it was no surprise that people were out for her as precaution Hak would usually sit outside her door while she slept.

Tonight was no different except for the fact that Yona had seemed odd all day. Every time she looked over at Hak her face would get all red and she would just mumble some jibberish before running away. It wasn't like he could read minds or anything so if she had something to tell him she should just come out and say it.

Letting out a sigh Hak rested his head on the walls and casted a glance at Yona's door. He saw that she was still up and decided to go check on what she was doing.

Opening the door he saw that she was frantically writing at her small desk. The small candle lit up her hair making it look even more vibrant than usual.

Finishing his scan around the room he also noticed that crumpled up paper was littered around the room. Was Yona planning an attack? His body tensed up.

"If you stay up all night you'll get bags under your eyes and turn ugly, plus if you stay on your knees they will bruise and pretty soon your legs will fall off." Hak teased, as a reward for opening his mouth he received a glare and a pillow to his head.

"Shut up! I'm teaching myself how to draw." Yona protested, her cheeks flaring a shade of red as bright as her hair. She grabbed the paper she was drawing on, crumbled it up, and tossed it to the side. Hak shoulders relaxed, as long as she didn't want to start a war he was okay.

Hak was about to leave when one simple question popped into his head.

"What were you drawing that caused your cheeks to turn so red?" Hak edged closer, reaching behind her to grab the drawing.

Yona would have stopped him but she was frozen in place as she felt his breath on her neck. Their bodies almost pressed up against each other, she was in a daze. Her daze soon ended when she heard laughter coming from Hak.

To avoid embarrassment she tried to make a dash for her futon but a strong hand stopped her. Looking up at Hak he smiled down to her. This was an expression Yona had never seen on Hak's face before, she had to grip the table tightly to resist the urge to touch his lips.

"I love the fact that I'm your muse but honestly, the nose is way off." Hak held the drawing up to his face, wiggling his nose to prove his point.

"I know! I know! I said I was working on it!" Yona's face flared up once again and this time she was able to hide under the covers of her futon. When she didn't hear Hak leave she peeked out from under her blanket only to find him staring at her intently, almost like he was thinking something over. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

"We need to talk." With those words Yona's heart started to pound against her rib cage.

"What about?" Her voice was barely a whisper

Instead of answering Hak just climbed into the futon with her. Yona's head whipped around, her chaotic eyes staring at Hak's calm ones.

"H-Ha-" but before she could finish she was cut off by his line of questioning.

"Every time you talk to me you end up turning red and running away. Has something happened between us? Did I do something wrong?" Hak's face was serious, Yona was hoping he hadn't noticed her star he behavior. But knowing Hak, he was bound to notice sometime. Yona inwardly cursed and looked down at the futon suddenly becoming interested in the stitching.

"At least look me in the eyes." Hak pleaded, he took her chin in his fingertips and lifted her gaze to him.

"You haven't suddenly fallen for me have you?" He eyes became playful as a smirk played at his lips.

Yona looked at the ceiling, nibbling on her lip she tried to calm her nerves. He was just so damn close!

"D-don't be ridiculous, I would fall for Ao before I fall for you!" She stuttered as she continued to stare at the ceiling refusing to meet Hak's stare.

"Then look at me" Hak demanded

"But I can't" Yona let out a frustrated groan

"Well if it helps..." Hak paused, this had gained Yona's attention as she looked at him with burning curiosity.

Hak took in a deep breath to calm his nerves. Years of bottling it all in and it all came down to this.

"I'm in love with you" Hak's voice was barely audible, it was as if admitting his feelings would cause her to disappear.

He slowly reached for her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze to try to get his feelings through.

"W-what" Yona's eyes grew wide, she could feel her cheeks starting to flare up. She didn't know how to respond and she was certain he was able to hear her heart hammering against her chest. Not only did she love Hak but he loved her back.

Taking her silence as an acceptance Hak started to gradually lean in closer and if almost on instinct Yona was inching in closer too.

They only stopped when they were centimeters apart, bodies pushed closely together.

Hak could feel the warmth of her breath on his chest. In a sudden burst of confidence Yona laced her arms around him, grabbing a fistful of his clothes. Out of all the experiences she's been through this one was the most nerve wracking, it was too much for her to even think straight. Her mind was going crazy.

"Yon-" Hak's word were cut off by a pair of lips on his. They tasted sweet and warm, just like he had expected them to. Hak quickly responded not wanting the moment to pass. He was in utter bliss.

Yona brought her hand up to Hak's cheek, when she opened her eyes she knew she was blushing. This was completely out of her character.

"To answer your question...the reason why I would always run away when you started to talk to me was because I realized I was in love with you." She moved her hand down to Hak's and intertwined their fingers together.

Hak's mouth twisted into a smirk, " So you wouldn't mind if I did this?" Hak brought his lips down to hers. Kissing her brought on a whole new set of emotions. He could get used to this.

Hak snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her as close as he possibly could. Yona nuzzled her head into his chest, closing her eyes to drift to sleep. But, before she could fall asleep she heard Hak mumble something under his breath.

"Did you say something Hak?" Hak rolled into his back and gazed at the ceiling. Yona, missing his warmth placed herself over his arm with her hands on his chest.

"It's nothing, I'm just thinking about how the white snake would react to this." He let out a giggle thinking of the ruckus the white snake would make when he would come to wake up Yona in the morning and find Hak in her bed with her.

"Hakuyruu will do no such thing," Yona whacked Hak in the head, she sighed and continued as Hak casted a curious glance her way.

"Mainly because I may have already said to not be woken up in the morning because I would want to sleep in." She explained

"Oh so you predicted this would happen." Hak was surprised that Yona could see so clearly through Hak's emotions and even take it as far as to know how the nights events would play out.

"No but... a certain hobby of mine would have kept me up all night, this was just a bonus." Yona snuggled closer to Hak before drifting quickly to sleep.

When he made sure Yona was asleep Hak took out the picture that Yona was drawing earlier.

"A certain hobby huh"Hak muttered under his breath before wrapping both arms around Yona and falling asleep.