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Chapter 1

It was a cloudy, drowsy afternoon at Yale University. A lone figure sat at one of the many tables within the UNI's spacious library. The head of short blonde locks bowed over one of the several books that littered atop of the desk. Quinn Fabray – the owner of said blonde hair – sat up straight, albeit with a bit of struggle, and rubbed the bridge of her nose between two fingers. She's been studying for hours now – no breaks – and it was taking its toll.

The words on the page were beginning to blur in her hazel-eyed sight. Quinn figured it was time for a break, maybe she could get some fresh air with a walk around campus. She stood up and packed the books in her pack and library trolley. Only a few minutes into her walk, Quinn ran into one of her classmates, Tom.

"Hey, Quinn. You finally decided to crawl out of your cave huh?" Tom quipped as he spotted her.

"Tom, I never knew you came to Yale to become a comedian. You should start working on your jokes for a start." Quinn deadpanned jokingly.

"Ouch! You know, you really hit where it hurts Fabray." He said, rubbing his chest in an exaggerated manner.

Quinn shook her head and gave him a small smile. "Anyways, where are you headed? You look like you're in a hurry."

"Oh, I'm not in a hurry. I just heard that there was this talk at one of the history rooms. There's a bunch of people looking for volunteers or something like that. You get paid if you get chosen by them, so I thought 'Why the fuck not?' You wanna come?"

Quinn didn't hesitate and agreed to follow him. When it came to money, college students – especially scholarship students like her – were like thirsty men on a desert, desperate and delusional.


After trudging through the dirty grey snow, they finally arrived. When they entered the room the chairs were already filled out, leaving them to stand at the far back of the room. There was a trademark symbol projected on the whiteboard. It was a symbol well known throughout the country. It belonged to a big corporation named Innotion Co. and they were known for their innovative ideas to furthering the safety and future of humanity.

The talk was short and sweet, with three people taking turns on the podium using phrases like 'great opportunity' and 'once in a life time' to get the students hyped for whatever they were asked to do. When it was certain that the speech was over, people dressed in a white polo and slacks uniform began to give out sheets of surveys and questionnaires to the students in the room.

As soon as Quinn received hers, she immediately studied the sheets of paper. There were three separate sheets of paper. The first one was some sort of disclaimer contract. It didn't contain much except the terms and conditions that she thoroughly read back to front. Quinn ticked the 'over 18 years old' box as well as the agree box on the terms and conditions, and scribbled her signature on the dotted line.

The second paper was a basic information survey. She answered each blank space accordingly.

Name: Lucy Quinn Fabray

DOB: February 1st, 1993

Height: 5'6

Gender: Female

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Hazel

Allergies: None

Blood type: O

Any recent medical/medicinal help? (In the past year): No

Any history of diseases and/or disorders in the family?: No

"Surprisingly enough." She thought bitterly to the last question.

The last paper was a bit odd. There was no direct link to the previous papers. Quinn was rather amused by the randomness of it but answered it seriously as it asked of her.

If you were to be stranded on an island for the rest of your life with no way of escaping, what five items would you want with you?

-A tarp

-A wool blanket

-A box of matches

-A book on how to build shelters in the wilderness

-A hatchet

Quinn checked all the pages twice before stapling them together and putting it through the slot in the box on her way out.


One week later and it's the last month of winter. Unluckily for one Quinn Fabray, she was once again holed up in the library, on her table that she has mentally claimed as hers. Being a full scholarship student was hard work and in order to maintain that status was to have a GPA of 3.8 or higher.

Quinn massaged her temples as she felt another unwanted headache come to the forefront of her brain. She let out a sigh and stared unseeingly at the table. She knew that college was going to be hard, especially with no external support from her so-called parents, but she thought that despite all the classes and lack of money, she'd at least have some fun as well.

"What am I doing? All I do is study now and for what? To continue be undecided about my major? Why am I so… unhappy?" Quinn thought.

"I did it. I got out of Ohio, I'm not suppressing myself and I got into an Ivy League without the help of my homophobic, God-fearing, republican parents. I done everything I wanted. So… how come it's not enough?"

Quinn shook her head to dispel her thoughts before she fell into self-pity. She looked at her watch and saw that she had just missed the start of lunch. Not wasting any more time, she got up from her chair, packed her books and made her way out of the library.

When Quinn got to her dorm, she dumped her bag at the corner of her bed, boiled some instant noodles and settled down on her bed with her laptop. As she gets past checking through all her social media, Quinn received an email notification. She opened the email only to see that the people who gave the talk a week ago had contacted her. She calmed herself down before she got too excited.

"This could be a 'Thank you for participating, but no' email. No need to work yourself up."

Quinn settled down, grabbed her cup noodles and slowly scrolled down to read the message.

To, Miss Lucy Quinn Fabray

We, Imation Co. would like to thank you for participating in our survey/experiment. We would like to congratulate you on being one of the few people chosen to further continue this opportunity to start something new.

If you decline this chance, then please take no action, as the lack of response will indicate that you have refused. If you have accepted, please read the terms and conditions link below and press agree, and send us a reply email saying that you have accepted with an attached portrait photo of you.

If you have doubts of the authenticity of this email, then please click on the link down below for further information.

We look forward to your reply.

Sincerely, Dr May Fields, Administrator of Imation Co.

Quinn sat back in astonishment. She had never thought that there was even a possibility of her being chosen. But here it is. A legitimate (after a thorough read of the company link, she was inclined to agree) email that gave her a new opportunity to possibly find the missing thing in her life. After reading the terms and conditions and finding nothing out of the ordinary, Quinn did all the things required of her. It wasn't until an hour later, when she received another email from them saying that they placed $2500 into her bank account that she could truly believe that it was real.