Chapter 1

Kidoumaru swung silently down through the branches, landing inches from the his team. He held a finger to his lips, then gestured with his hands. Kai and Sousuke rushed to their positions. A few seconds later they struck, catching the other team completely unaware, within seconds they had them bound and gagged. Kidoumaru threw a few more gestures their way, and they carried their captives behind a thick bush, then lept into the treetops. Kai made a quick, urgent gesture, and the trio jumped back into the safety of the foliage as Konohamaru sent a Rasengan their way. Kai retaliated by sending a colorful burst of Chakra, temporarily blinding Moegi, who wasn't able to turn away in time. Konohamaru grabbed Moegi and the trio moved to jump, only to be caught in strong earthen hands formed by Sousuke's Earth Style Jutsu; Hands of The Earth, and were pulled back down and firmly captured. Hiro pushed out of a nearby tree and shot green tendrils at the final trio, only to be pushed back. He vanished into the tree without a sound, and emerged beneath Kidoumaru, grasping his arms in thick vines, only to be literally spat out of the ground by one of Sousuke's Jutsu He recovered in midair and landed on his feet, sending a stream of pollen at the group, which was promptly blown away by three separate wind. Jutsu Hiro's eyes narrowed as Kidoumaru's web struck him, pinning him to a tree, but the boy vanished easily into the tree's trunk. He emerged from an opposite tree, only to be hit by a flash of bright white light. Hiro sunk into the ground once more, holding his eyes.

Kidoumaru's team scanned the area, feeling the terrain around them for the next attack.

"That was... Impressive." Hiro sat on a nearby rock, rubbing his eyes.

"You weren't so bad yourself." Kai added.

"Alright?" Kidoumaru asked, Hiro had weak eyesight to begin with.

"Yes. You guys are the only team left standing."

"So, we're the winners?" Sousuke asked, "Cool."

Kidoumaru nodded, "You guys are great characters," He walked over to the bushes and released the captured Genin, while Sousuke released his grip on Team Konohamaru, "Great game."

Sousuke nodded, "Yeah, but imagine if we run into several characters with Hiro's tricks? We barely took him."

Hiro looked at them tiredly, "Leech-All-Creation is almost as rare as Sharingan. Still, it never hurts to prepare, does it?"

"No, no it doesn't." Iruka, Daizu, Kakashi and Kurenai stepped from the shadows. "With the exams so close, we have to be prepared for anything." Kakashi spoke without even raising his eyes from his Icha Icha book, "I still remember the ugly surprises we had when Gaara entered the exams, not to mention the Oto-Nin, Dosu alone caused incredible damage..."

Kidoumaru's mind went back to the invasion, the abduction of Sasuke, his own death, the deaths of his friends and teammates. Jirobou, Tayuya, Sakon, Ukon, Kimimaro, Kin, Dosu, Zaku... Kin and Zaku were murdered by their own hateful master, the rest were fortunate enough to die in battle. My team... The Oto-Five... We left Jirobou, and he was killed, and then... Then I died... And the others...


The teams reassembled back at the Academy and, after a quick head-check, everyone went off into their own teams for instructions, praise or criticism from their teachers. Kidoumaru looked around at his team.

Tanaka Sousuke, thin, red-headed, freckled earth style user, Fujimori Kai, tall, green-haired green-eyed lightning style user. When they'd first met, the pair had been his worst students, barely even worthy of the title Genin, but now they were ranking with Hiro at the high end of the class, in part due to Daizu, their clever, sometimes cunning Sensei. He looked at Daizu, his Sensei was medium height, well-muscled, black hair, unremarkable features save for his red eyes. He was, surprisingly enough, a snow ninja, not a native of Konoha. His icy powers could be most unpleasant, especially to those from relatively warm areas, like Otogakure. Kidoumaru's own Jutsu tended to be an often confusing blend of earth, wind and water. Daizu was going over what to expect, generally, in the Chuunin exams: it was a challenging, and terrible contest, outright barbaric at times...

The first portion was the written exam, the second, a free-for all search for hidden scrolls in the Forest of Death, during which anything was allowed, including murdering your opponents, the third, one on one combat with another Chuunin hopeful. Even Lazy Shikamaru hadn't been able to whine his way out of the physical portions of the exams, fighting and defeating Kin and simply walking away half-way through his battle with Temari.

Kidoumaru smirked to himself, Has Shikamaru ever really fought a male opponent?

Daizu dismissed his students, and Kidoumaru hurried home to shower and change before meeting up with his fellow Oto-refugees as well as Sakura and Shikamaru at the Barbecue restaurant, to eat and just hang out and enjoy things before the madness started. He looked around at the people in the streets, and noted the many foreign ninja who'd begun to arrive, Suna, Kiri, Oto, Iwa, Kusa, Taki, even Snow and Cloud.

A lot of competition, this is going to be a hell of a challenging game...

To Be Continued . . .

This was originally chapter 59 of Kidoumaru Does Konoha! At 185 chapters, I had to shorten it.

I don't know what Kidoumaru's actual 'base' power is, the cards list it as 'Wind' because he's a Sound Ninja, but I think he's more 'Earth'