Ok done hope you enjoy it.

Korra also known as Avatar Korra or Korra of the Water tribe flung herself on to the couch with a grunt. The day was killing her, the opening of the new school and police department to the meeting with the president about negotiations with the Earth republic. Ugh it was just so tiring. But then again she didn't ask to become the Avatar. As she followed that train of though her mid turned towards Asami her... partner for lack of a better word. But as she thought of her a phallic object between her legs became hard.

Her body had become so sexy, so desirable to many people even the clothing she wore. In their relationship Asami had always been the dominate one while Korra was the submissive. It worked out well and made the sex even kinkier. The thoughts of what Asami would do to her made Korra's hand move underneath her trousers. Her 6 inch cock was hard and warm as she began to stroke herself. Through her panties her cock gradually became harder and harder with each stroke of it. She moaned to the sky as she did.

Unknown to her Asami was in her office looking through a spyglass watching her partner while her own hand was down her trousers. Her fingers rubbed her lower lips making her moan and giggle as she did. Sparks of electric pleasure flowed through her as the two played with themselves. Not wanting fabric to be in the way Korra stood up and threw all her clothing off fast unintentionally giving Asami a good view of her D cup breasts and her tanned ass. Her clothing fell to the floor in a heap.

Once that was done Korra sat on the couch again with her legs spread showing Asami her fully erect dick and shiny pussy lips. Unlike other people Korra was born like this. A woman with both the genitalia of both men and women allowing her to experience both the pleasure of a man and a woman at the same time. If only Asami could experience the same. Looking at her hard cock Korra smiled and took the phallic object in hand. But as she touch it a surge of electricity spread through her making her lips wetter.

The Avatar cried out in pleasure as she began to furiously stroke her cock with her bare hands. Asami couldn't help herself now as she discarded her trousers and placed one of her feet on he desk and the other on the floor so that she could clearly see her pussy. Her fingers dived into her pussy making her yelp and moan in pleasure. Her fingers moved with an urgency to pleasure herself as she imagined them as Korra's 6ich long dick.

"Ahh... yes... Korra come on pound me ah." she cried in pleasure arching her back as her pussy leaked her juices.

"Ahhh yes more!"

Asami's fingers moved in and out of her hole with her moaning louder and louder in pleasure. Korra's other hand moved down to her own pussy and two of her fingers slid into her slick pussy. She moaned louder and louder as sparks of pleasure filled her and her cock began to twitch. Telling her that she was reaching her limit. After a long cry of pleasure from the two of them they came with Asami licking her fingers loving the taste of her juices.

Korra on the other hand ejaculated a long steam of cum on the carpet. Her energy depleted from her cum she collapsed into the chair she was in. after a few moments she hear footsteps and realised the mark on the carpet she had made. She sweated majority and got up fast and began movements to bend the sperm out of the carpet. In a ball of liquid she moved it to her mouth and drank her sweet tasty cum. But she didn't notice the mess she left on he sofa behind her.

Asami came down in a red stockings and corset. But unlike a normal corset due to the fact that it had no cups for her breasts. She also had a lack of panties showing her glistening her wet pussy. On seeing her Korra's cock hardened almost instantly also making her aware of her nakedness. Korra's face reddened and look away from Asami while trying to hide her cock and nipples making the Sito smile evilly.

Asami walked up to Korra and took her chin in hand forcing her to look into her eyes. A moment passed before Asami locked lips with Korra who returned the kiss while dropping her arms allowing her nakedness to be seen. Korra's had found their place on Asami's hips as the two made out. Asmai soon broke the kiss and turned Korra around making her look at he sofa she was sitting on which the cushion she was sitting on was covered in her pussy juices and cum.

"Now then how are you going to make it up to me for this?" Asami asked in a soft and sexy voice.

"I... errr I... I'll earn some more money from the Pro-bending game new week." Korra said blushing and trying to think of something fast.

"No need to be done now... say I have an idea."

Asami then took Korra up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Once inside Asami picked up Korra and threw her on the bed before jumping on top of her pining the Avatar down. Korra as kind of scared due to the fact that when Asami wanted something there was no stopping her. After pinning her down Asami took a hold of one of Korra's wrists and fasted a leather cuff around it before doing the same to other one.

Korra pulled on her now chained wrists as her lover began to lick her neck making her moan. Asami moved down Korra's muscular body with her tongue making the Avatar squeal in pleasure due to Asami's soft tongue. Sparks of electrical pleasure flowed through her body making Korra give out soft moans that made the mechanic wet even more. When Asami reached Korra's 6 pack she moved around each pack twice loving the feel of Korra's soft but firm well toned muscles.

Asami loved making Korra squeal, she rarely saw this girl side of the tomboy Avatar but it's something that she would only see. And that was all that she needed from the Avatar. Stooping her licking of the 6 pack Asami sat up and moved down the bed a bit. Her stocking covered feet then touched Korra's rock hard cock. Smiling her feet moved up and down Korra's cock making her moan out loud as electric sparks of pleasure through her cock to her making her moan louder and louder.

Asami moved her feet up and down Korra's 2ich wide prick with ease thanks to her working it earlier. The movements of Asami's feet where soft and flowed with ease from one movement to the other making Korra' moan as her foreskin moved with her feet. Moving up to her cock-head Asami smiled as she slid her Korra's cock between her big toe and the others before moving it down her cock. Korra cried out in pleasure as sparks of pleasure filled her making her pussy moisten even more.

Korra's cock bean to twitch with anticipation of her about to release her load. Knowing this Asami knew this and continued but moved faster and faster. Korra's crys of pleasure made Asami smile even more. Then Korra's cock erupted into a fountain of sperm covering Asami's feet in white sperm. Korra looked away in shame as Asmai took off her stockings one at a time she then slid her sperm covered part of them into her mouth. Korra's flaccid prick hardened again as she watched Asami drinking her cum.

Asami cleaned her stockings of cum before sliding them back on and turned her attention to Korra's dick.

"I want more." she moaned as she lay on her belly and edged closer to Korra's cock.

"No wait I already came twice please let me rest." Korra cried in mercy.

"No you need to pay me back for messing up my sofa." Asami said with an evil glint in her eyes as her tongue met Korra's dick.

Korra cried as an explosion of pleasure senses hit her hard hardening her cock even more. Asami's red lips then moved over Korra's cock-head with a loud slurp as she moved down the Avatar's phallic shaft. As she did this Korra cried in pleasure as she pulled on her chain that restricted her movement. She tossed and turned wanting to get out of her bondage and force Asami's head down her shaft. The pleasure she was experiencing was so good and she wanted more.

Asami's sucking of Korra's cock was slow soft and rhythmic that Korra couldn't take much more without cumming soon and her lover knew it. Now wanting her to do it Asami's hands moved over with one taking a hold of the bottom of Korra's cock squeezing it enough to prevent her from cumming while her other hand began to massage her balls. This made Korra throw herself around the bed even more as the pleasure she was feeling was amazing as the pleasure built up inside her faster and faster.

With Korra's cock inside her mouth she moved her tongue around the phallic object making it wet as she moved up and down it. The taste of the freshly cummed cock had a sweet treasure to it. As she sucked on it she had to wonder how many female Avatar's had a cock? How many of them like girls and did any of them taste like this? But right know she didn't care as she impaled herself on her lover's cock planing to milk it for all the cum it had.

"Asami please let me cum I cannot take it any more." Korra moaned as she couldn't cum due to what Asami was doing with her hand.

The Avatar whimpered in a pleasurable pain by not being allowed to cum thanks to Asami's sadism in bed. She cried even more as Asami slid her cock down even more her throat. Asami deep throated Korra's cock ignoring her cries to let her cum. She wasn't going to listen to her as she was having too much fun. But even she was reaching her limit. For this once she decided to let her lover have her way as she let go the part of Korra's cock making the Avatar yell and cum directly into her throat sending her sperm into her stomach. The taste was divine that she couldn't wait to have more tomorrow.

She slid Korra's cock out of her mouth and smiled at the Avatar evilly making her worry. Moving up so that Korra's cock was underneath her slick wet pussy the phallic shaft hardened almost instantly but it wasn't welcomed by the Avatar as she began to think of non erotic stuff. But this failed as Asami's body was glistening in sweat and lips covered in cum. Asami the lowered herself gently onto Korra's rock hard cock making the two of them moan loudly as she did. Korra cried in pleasure as Asami's tight hole slid with ease on her cock. Her silky folds felt so good that her hips began moving against her will.

Asami cried out in pleasure as Korra's hips made her cock go deep inside her. Leaning over and looking at Korra in the eyes the two locked lips with their tongues struggling for domination in their mouth's the two of them moaned in pleasure as they fucked each other on their bed. The mechanic wrapped her arms around the Avatar before braking the kiss and moved down to her nipple and began sucking on it making Korra yelp in pleasure. The two of them moved their hips getting as much pleasure from each other as they can.

Asami's tongue on Korra's nipple was soft making her yelp in pleasure as she loved the feel of it. Not waning her lover to feel left out Asami reach over with a free hands and slid two fingers into Korra's mouth. Her fingers move around her mouth and allowed for Korra to lick then as well. She was being dominated and she loved it. Her lover's fingers felt soft as they moved around her mouth.

Asami smiled as she continued licking Korra's nipple. The two of them moaned in pleasure due to Korra's cock becoming harder and Asami's folds becoming tighter. Asami then switched over to Korra's other nipple and began to give it some love as well. As she did that Asami then switched hands as well but before her hand could enter Korra's mouth a hand grabbed onto her. Asami looked to see a tanned hand holding onto hers. Another hand then took a hold of her shoulder. A moment latter Asami found herself on her back with Korra thusting her dick inside her with a feral speed.

Asami cried out like a bitch in heat as did Korra who was pounding her lover mercilessly with her balls slapping against the mechanic's plump ass.

"Ahh yeas more please more." Asami cried.

"Here it comes..." Korra said before grunting and came filling Asami's womb with sperm.

Her balls where now empty and she collapsed onto of her lover before the two locked lips.

OOOOO a week later

"Asami are you sure about this I mean come on it's not time time of the month for you... is it?" Korra asked as Asami held a pregnancy test in hand.

"Yeah well I've been feeling sick and nauseous for the passed week. I just want to be sure." Asami answered as she looked at the pregnancy test.

A few moments passed while Asami's face turned red and sweat flowed down her body. She turned to Korra with a nervous smile.

"Eerrr Korra take a look." she said showing the test to the Avatar.

On looking at it Korra fainted with a loud thud.

OOOOO several years later

As the sun rose on Republic city and into the Sito mansion. As it did a young tanned black haired girl with green eyes moaned as she woke she moaned as she got up with a clearly phallic object between her legs. She walked down stairs not caring that she was naked. As she reached to ground floor the mounds of moaning could be heard from the kitchen. As she walked in another teen girl but light skinned with brown hair and blue eyes sat at the table eating something while their parents where fucking behind her.

"Ah gezz mom dad could you not do that in the kitchen we eat here." the tanned girl maoned.

"Ahh come on Kisa lighten up." Korra said. "Suki doesn't mind it."

"That's because I can here you from my room, so I've grown pretty used to it. But you guys may want to stop Mako and Bolin said that they were coming."

"Ok honey hurry up and fuck me." Asami said.