Korra slept on As… no on hers and Asami's sofa looking a he fan above her. The young industrialist and the Avatar got married a few weeks ago, only a day after the new Earth Kingdom's newly elected government and Kuvira was sent to prison. But while that was all well and good Korra felt a little empty. When she was young her mother and father told her the joy about children and she wanted that for herself and Asami. But the problem was both of them where women and couldn't conceive naturally.

While she never thought of being a man those thoughts came in, unwelcome as they are. She even began to remember the quotes against her and Asami from marrying. One of them said that they would not be able to have children. She sighed as as thoughts took her to places she didn't want. At that moment Asami walked into the place.

"Ugh trade negotiations suck." she moaned as she fell onto one of the bigger chairs. "The President wants my factories for limited military equipment in case the Earth kingdom decide to attack again. We're at peace!" she called out.

"Yeah…." was all Korra muttered.

Her wife looked at her knowing that kind of voice. "Ok… what's up."

"Whata you think?" she asked.

"Ahh, the lack of the sound of small feet." the firenation girl asked.

"Yeah." Korra huffed.

Asami got up and gently fell on top of her partner. As she did Korra wrapped her arm around her wife.

"Don't be so grumpy, we can adopt."

"I know but, it won't be the same." the Avatar muttered. "I can protect people, groups and nations but I cannot have children. Life isn't fair."

Asami turned Korra to her and kissed her on the cheek leaving a red lipstick mark.

"You know, I heard about a spirit place where a woman can become a futa, at least that's what I heard."

"Futa?" Korra asked. "What's a Futa?"

"Firenation slang for a woman who has both the genitalia of men and women. According to legend two women, warriors of the firenation fell in love but wanted children. A spirit heard about their plight and showed them to a spa where when they both entered dicks grew. And both where able to have each other's children."

"Soooo we both get dicks?" Korra asked with a smile.

"Nope, you do. You've always been the manliest woman around." Asami said as she kissing her lovers neck.

Korra turned and just pressed her lips on Asami's and the two just held each other tightly. As the two kissed each other the Avatar used her fingers to form a wet water tentacle from a nearby glass. Korra then pulled her lovers trousers down and exposed her pussy as the tentacle entered her pussy making her yelp at the coldness of it. She almost slapped Korra but the tentacle found it's way into her making her moan out loud.

The Avatar smiled as she watched her wife squeal in pleasure and moan as tentacle moved around her pussy.

"Ooooo." she moaned as Korra pressed her lips against her wife's nipple and began to suck. "Ahhhh."

Asami cried out as her nipples became erect. She tried to turn but her husband forced her to face her and pressed her lips against hers and slide her tongue inside. Korra's and Asami's saliva began to mixed as their tongues moved around each other. As they made out Korra's hand moved to her wife's ass and slid a finger inside making her brake the kiss and gasp. Not liking the kiss was broken her husband turned her chin and inserted her tongue inside her mouth. Asami moaned in response, their tongues moved around each other saliva moving down their chins.

'Ooo spirits!" her mind cried as Korra moved her finger inside her deeper.

The Avatar smiled evilly as she slid in another finger making the protégée squeal in pleasure. But she wasn't having that, Asami then pulled down Korra's shirt and pressed her lips onto her breast and began to suck and lick her. The Avatar gasped in pleasure as her wife sucked in her and she fingered her. Wanting revenge Asami then slid a free hand down her trousers and slid two fingers in making Korra moan and gasp. The began to finger each other faster and faster forcing them to cry out. Korra and Asami then locked lips again with their tongues moving around each other as their fingers moved faster.

Their pussy's where made their clothing and furniture wet and stained with their juices. Both of them began to moan loudly until both of them came a mear moment later. The two then relaxed in each other's arms.


It took a good long three days before Korra and Asami came up to the Futa pool. They took their packs off and placed it by the pool and just looked at it. It shined in the light of the sun as the two sat down and held each other lovingly. They had to wait until the moon shined on the pool for the water to work otherwise it was just a simple pool. Asami lay back on the grass as her muscles ached from walking for so long. She just wasn't as athletic as her husband but that just the way she was. Korra removed her top showing off her breasts and muscular frame before laying down.

"Ahh that's better." she said as she began cracking her back and arms making her wife wince.

"Why must you do that?" Asami asked.

"I get stiff otherwise." Korra answered.

That satisfied her wife she she took out a can and popped it open before drinking it. "How long until the moon comes up?" she asked.

"A good hour." Asami said while moving hair out of her eyes. "Let's get camp up."

She turned to the packs as did Korra and the two began to remove their tent from their bags and began to set up. Asami wasn't good with this but Korra was as she set up the posts while Asami looked at the instructions. Understanding them she helped with throwing the cover over and setting the guide wires up. Once done Korra then gathers some wood and lit a fire while Asami took out some of her new 'instant noddles'. Using some water they picked up earlier in the hike and poured into a pot with the noodles.

The pot boiled and the two ate before talking.

"So what will happen?" Asami asked.

"From what master Katara told me, I must bathe myself in the water and drink it. Once that happens then the cock will then come out. But the next bit is odd." Korra said.

"Why's that?"

"Because it's the balls bit, apparently not all futa's have a cock and balls. They just have a cock, and with the way you treat me, I want cock and balls."

The two kissed as the moonlight then came though the clouds and shined in the pool.

"Ahh it's time." Asami said as the two smiled.

Korra stood and removed her fur boots then her trousers and panties. She then walked into the pool slowly before walking until her head was under the water. She could feel power vibrate trough her body she gasped and drank the water making the vibrations of power increase in her body. Her crotch became warm, too warm. She cried out in pleasure as the energy flowed into her and changed her body. Her crotch burned like there was no tomorrow and a large 6 in cock and 2 inches wide was now attached to her crotch with a ball sac underneath.

The Avatar smiled as it finally happened, she was a futa! Finally, she turned and walked up out of the pool but she only managed to get a look at her wife before collapsing due to the drainage of energy. What seemed like a moment she awoke in the master bedroom of the Sato Mansion. She moaned as she sat up she could feel something against her leg. Lifting up her sheets she smiled as she could see her flaccid cock and balls. Just then the doors to the room opened and Asami walked I wearing thigh high stockings, red panties and a red night dress.

"Awake now?" she asked as she closed and looked the door. "Katara said that you would be awake soon."

Korra smiled as she discard the sheets showing off her muscular futa body. At the sight of this Asami was wet, so much so that her panties where stained. She blushed as she walked up to the bed and climbed on it. She then crawled up to Korra and took the cock in her hand.

"So big." she said before taking it into her mouth making the Avatar throw her head back in pleasure as she moaned as well.

Asami's mouth felt like a wet vice, as she moved up and down the length of her cock. Her tongue moved around her cock making her moan even more. The firenaion industrialist looked up at her husband and smiled with the cock in her mouth loving the taste of it.

"Ahhh Asami where did you learn this?" Korra asked.

Asami slid the cock out of her mouth and began to stroke it as she looked up at Korra. "I learned from several magazines and Mako." as she said that the Avatar looked daggers at her. "Oh yes I sucked Mako and he fucked me."

"Oh did he now?" Korra asked evilly as she took hold of both sides of her head.

Asami didn't have time to react as Korra impaled her onto her cock. She gagged as her husband began to throat fuck her making her eyes roll back. Korra moaned as she felt the velvet wet vice encase her cock. She gasped in pleasure as Asami gagged on her thick member as her husband forced her gag reflex to be removed. She loved this feeling, she loved having her throat fucked like a cock sleeve. She moaned as she gagged while the big cock invaded her mouth and throat. Korra cock began to twitch as her limit was coming.

"I'm gonna cum!" Korra cried out. "I'm gonna cum in your mouth, I'm cuming with my cock for the first time!"

She cried out in pleasure as her cock then release a flood of white liquid gold into her wife's mouth. Asami swallowed as much of the cum as she could. It tastes delicious, like a 5 star meal, she drank all of it but some drops of cum fell from her lips before the cock was withdrew from her mouth and she was pushed onto her back. She looked into Korra's brown eyes as their mouths connected. The two moaned as they swapped cum in their mouths. As the cum moved from one to the other Korra lifted Asami's legs until they where on her shoulders.

Braking the kiss Korra withdrew and looked at her wife's pale but well toned body. She smiled as her wife looked at her with a seductive smile. Her free hand then took ahold of her husband's cock and guided it to her pussy lips.

"Push it in me." she said. "Make me pregnant."

Smiling the Avatar obliged and slid her cock into her wife's pussy with her crying out in pleasure. It was bigger then Mako's cock spreading her out more so that that man's cock. It also reached to her womb with one thrust. Korra began to thrust into her wife making the both in pleasure. Korra got a good look at the firenation industrialist as her cock thrust into her. With each thrust her body shuddered as electricity of pleasure flowed through her body making her moan and cry in erotic pleasure.

As for Asami, she had a good view of her husband's sweaty muscular body. She was being fucked and with each thrust Korra invaded her womb making her moan in pleasure. The sweat made her body glow like she was an oiled warrior, her muscles shined in the light making her more and more turned on. She smiled wondering what her body would look like in oil, but a powerful thrust pushed that thought out of her mind. At least for now, with each thrust Asami could only feel pleasure with each thrust. As Korra thrust into her she could feel something enter her womb, an egg. She was going to become pregnant!

Korra then moved in and locked lips with her wife and began to make out with her as she fucked her like a machine. With each thrust her cock began to excrete pre-cum into her womb. It felt good for both of them. Korra picked up speed and moved faster and faster like a machine and thrusting into the firenation babe. She wanted more and grinded her hips against her husbands' cock getting more pleasure out of her moaning as she did. Moving like a piston Korra broke the kiss and came while grunting while Asami cried out in pleasure as a flood of hot cum made her cum twice in a row.

Korra withdrew from her wife and was still leaking cum. She sighed as Asami picked up a condom and slid it over Korra's cock. She looked up at Korra.

"I did a little research, apparently since the spirits have given you a cock of this size, the fist time you cum you'll slowly be leaking cum. So, from now on when we are not fucking you must always use a condom." she said with a sultry smile.

OOOOO 19 years later.

Hikari looked into the fridge and sighed as her mother worked on a small drone on the table.

"Mom, one of your cum bags is leaking again." she said.

"What?" Asami came and looked into the fridge and pulled out a condom full of cum.

It had a hole in it, so she placed her lips to the hole and drank the cum moaning as she did.

Hikari shook her head, hopefully her sister and father where having fun in the north.